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  1. You can't do deals with individual EU countries - that's why it's a trade bloc. Norway, Iceland, and Lichtenstein are all signatories to the EEA but not EU members. We won't have any deals with any EU countries until all 27 members can agree on terms. Also I've played gigs bigger than Liechtenstein. Norway was nice though and Iceland means at least Airwaves might be doable.
  2. Lat flow tests are irritating but they're free and it's half an hour out of your morning (well, five minutes plus a bit of waiting while you do something else) so hardly the most onerous requirement. Luckily I have been taking them for work every Monday/Thursday anyway but most large industry setups seem to be doing them as standard these days.
  3. I mean Brokencyde were going off the Crunk trend anyway but 100 GECS are absolutely taking that ball and running with it. They're pretty good if you don't mind your music being the aural equivalent of deep-fried memes. https://youtu.be/z97qLNXeAMQ
  4. That tune is old enough to be hitting puberty. The average 2007 Brokencyde enjoyer is more likely to be working in IT than heading down the yoof club these days.
  5. We've had to push back a tour twice now - currently got late April/May but who knows. Unfortunately most venues are booking so far in advance now we can probably write off next year entirely if we have to reschedule again. Ho hum!
  6. Somebody jump on this bargain! Wish I had the cash/lived a bit closer. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Squier-classic-vibe-precision-bass-Fiesta-Red-/303770263870?
  7. Our tour has been rescheduled again, this time to 2021, but the Industry is sounding pretty damn worried overall. Not many festivals going to be able to survive two years off and even fewer venues. My concern is that most of the older town centre venues are plagued with noise complaints at the best of times and only survive thanks to being grandfathered in before the surrounding luxury flats; if they disappear then that real estate will quickly turn into more flats or office space and it's going to be incredibly tough to find suitable new spaces to restart any kind of live club scene.
  8. We've played with them a few times now, mostly via Tramlines. Shaun is a nice lad and I vaguely knew Pete McKee from him coming to catch my other band so was nice to meet them properly. Got cancelled by the Miley but I believe they were proudly 'going electric' at some point this year.
  9. Pre-2018 they were made in China and are pretty universally excellent. Since they moved production to Indonesia they've moved into the "try a few before committing" level. I've got a CIC 60's Jazz in Inca Silver and it's a beaut but wish they did a maple neck P without the blocks - the only model they did like that was the Matt Freeman sig and they're tough to get hold of. They typically like to reuse the spare parts or put signatures out as standard models later on so disappointing they never did it with the MF.
  10. Is it based off the ABM preamp? I really like my EVO IV and could be persuaded to change out my Sansamp for fly dates (assuming there are any more again...). Shame they left the compressor off - I know it's not the most well regarded comp but if you set up the input staging right it's nice to have in a pinch.
  11. You wouldn't marry someone after the first shag would you? Need to get them both back in the room again to see what develops. First one might have overcome his nerves and the second one might have stopped taking his tramadol scrip and be a bag of loose fingers. Seriously though, I really think second auditions are the way to go. If guy one can't at least partially overcome his nerves by the rematch then he's always going to struggle. Plus if they want the gig they'll put the time in learning the new material. We once got a session guitarist in for a massive touring opportunity; we'd seen him play his own stuff and he was great and a solid improviser, if a bit flashy for what we needed. First run through went okay even though he was a bit nervous but unfortunately by the fourth practice he was still busking through what should be solid arrangements and not doing too well with it. Around the same timeframe a friend of mine stepped in on bass for a show I couldn't do and put him to shame learning the entire set by the first practice for a single gig with no guarantee of anything else. In the end I ceded the bass chair for the tour to my lad and took on the guitar work myself. Felt terrible for the other kid but he admitted he was out of his depth playing arrangements rather than just jamming.
  12. Sounds like a fairly raw track with a lot of compression emphasising the attack and string noise to me. Depending on how they got the isolated track the EQ might not be exactly what you're hearing on the recording. That said, I've never noticed him going for it like that in the last half and it's impressive!
  13. It's not actually the colour - I prefer the CV style poly necks for some reason and they don't gloss the unfinished ones unfortunately. Think it's just familiarity from starting learning on an old Jazz with a gloss neck.
  14. Really like it in white but the pale maple necks aren't doing it for me. Would be nice with a vintage tint though.
  15. They don't care and nobody will check. It's just covering their back for when somebody inevitably gets ill and I doubt it will hold up five minutes past the first local health inspector looking at their procedures.
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