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  1. My G&L's getting on a bit and needs a bit of TLC in the electronics area: The barrel jack input is worn out so if I'm not careful with my cable I get awful pops The series/parallel switch sometimes creates loud pops when used The pots are slightly scratchy All in all, in my amateur guesstimation, I think it needs the barrel jack replacing and some cleaning. After taking a look inside though I realised pretty quickly that I'm not qualified to do this work. It's not a P-bass. There's a lot going on in there. However I have no idea who I can rely on to sort this out relatively locally! Can anyone recommend someone in the Lincoln / midlands area?
  2. Looks like a mix of G&L! Even got passive bass and treble controls! SB-2 body shape (G&L photos)
  3. I'm pretty certain that Iron Lung is a live recording with overdubbed vocals - so probably the MusicMan in the live music video Sounds very much like a MM should sound IMO - at least something with a bridge pick-up, being plucked near the bridge! The low-end and saturation will be from whatever pre-amp / compressor is used. It's pretty squished.
  4. Just to clarify I'm happy to split but if you can take them all that would be great!
  5. For a £2000 budget for a MusicMan - a shiny new G&L USA L2000 wouldn't go amiss 😁
  6. Hey guys, Sorry I haven't logged back on sooner - I wasn't expecting a response for a while! Yep I'm in Lincoln (UK) I'd prefer to get rid of the lot as I just need them gone but I realise that's not necessarily desirable!
  7. I have recently moved in a nice cosy house with my new wife lady! 😊 Everything is brilliant - but I no longer have room for the three old guitars that I had planned to fix up but have actually just gathered dust in the corner of my room for about 5 years. I just need all three collected - I'll even pay with a cup of tea / beverage of your choice! They all need work but they have the potential to be decent guitars - or at the very least good practise for fixing things up! First up is a BM Jumbo 155 (which I think is by Yasuma / Japanese?). It's a Martin D28 clone apparently. It could do with some love and a setup but everything's there for a decent acoustic! There's also an Aria XL-DLX Excel Series (guessing either Japanese or Korean?) which needs some more work! It's got a space for a Floyd bridge and needs new tuners etc but it could be a solid rocker. And finally there's a BM Clasico made in Spain. It's pretty rough and needs some new strings - but it comes with it's own case. Thanks for looking! Have some mobile phone photos!
  8. I have a US L2500 in Lincoln you're welcome to try
  9. I've had my Barefaced Compact for 6 years and it's been well used! It still sounds amazing but due to being stuffed in with flightcases many, many times and thrown around in games of catch (they literally weigh nothing), the tuff-cab paint finish is pretty worn, it's missing one of it's feet and it's missing a few small chunks of wood. I changed the handle a few years ago with the Barefaced replacement and did a OKish job of it. Anyway it deserves some TLC. I'm thinking off sanding off the paint, covering it in a nice tolex, putting a new grill on and seeing if I can do a better job on the handle. I'd say I'm moderate at DIY. Is this something I should attempt or pay for an expert to do? Worth asking Barefaced if they'd consider taking it in? I'm thinking of making it a bit snazzy with seafoam green and a cane grill? Maybe seeing if I can get a leather handle? https://www.allparts.uk.com/products/tolex-fender-style-seafoam-green-54-inch-width-per-yard https://www.allparts.uk.com/products/grill-cloth-marshall-style-cane-58-inch-wide-per-yard Any thoughts/advice appreciated!
  10. I'm still loving my Sue Ryder P-bass! I'm taking it into the studio this weekend. Original pick-guard and proud.
  11. Beta 91A in and Beta 52A out in our venue! Are the subkicks any good in your opinion @EBS_freak? I've never tried one but there's a lot of hype!
  12. BUMP! Now £675 This is a genuine early '80s G&L. Probably had Leo's hands on it!* *possibly.
  13. If you got on with MusicMan then check out G&L! L2500 and M2500 are awesome basses. Depending on how big your gigs are, you don't need to spend loads to get a good high-end setup. A Barefaced Super Compact with a decent head is more than enough for most situations before you go into the PA anyway. I'd concentrate on getting an amp that sounds great rather than having a big power output. I very rarely gig nowadays without going into a PA - but when I do the odd pub gig then my Aguilar Tone Hammer and BF Compact is more than enough.
  14. If you're looking for a compact PA that's reliable and quick to setup - check out HK Audio Elements. Probably the closest you'll get to a mini line-array (that functions properly at that size)! We have two E835 tops and two E110 AS subs with the adjustable pole connectors and they work great. The dispersion from the E835 is just amazing. We have a bigger rig where we double up on the subs and it sounds massive.
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