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  1. Darn missed it! That was lightning fast! 😂
  2. BUMP! Happy for anyone to pick up any one of these and enjoy and a cuppa in sunny Lincoln 😎 They've not got much time left - they won't make our next house move in a couple of months!
  3. These both look ace! Clearly I haven't been paying attention! What's the idea behind the three split pickups? It's got a humbucker in the neck too?
  4. Has this gone unnoticed somehow? Quite an interesting design! Short-scale semi-hollow PJ with blades and the J in the neck position. Would love to try it out!
  5. 😂Yep! I don't think I can offer any more wisdom than the 3,769,657 posts already on this site before this one! Maybe I should just flip a coin?
  6. That's an awesome colour! Enjoy the bass! Aaaand now I'm looking on Andertons too 😂
  7. That's the thing yep, I can't invest much in gear at the moment - maybe a little - but selling the pedals is the only real way of getting the capital. I'm just trying to figure out if it's worth holding onto these things if I haven't used them in years and I think a second bass would be handy - or whether I've just got GAS and will regret selling stuff!
  8. This is completely a first world problem. I have a nice little pedalboard, but I never use it! I bought individual pieces back when I was doing originals/gigging some covers and needed a specific sound - but I haven't used any of them in at least a couple of years. Some of them have already been sold off/given away but I'm holding onto the rest "in-case I ever need them" - but I really don't think I will! I'm finding I'm getting more mileage out of working with my playing technique to get the sounds I'm after than relying on pedals that drastically alter the tone - and are a hassle to lug around/setup/power/chase tones with. ANYWAY At the moment I'm gigging one bass (5-string USA G&L L2500) which covers a lot of ground and I'm super happy with it. But it'd be nice to pick up an affordable passive four-string that I can put flats on more variety. Maybe fretless too? With roundwounds on the G&L, a flatwound tone and fretless sound are the only big gaps in the tone palette I feel I'm lacking. And the gigs I'm doing could benefit from some of those sounds on a song or two. I'm also DI'ing straight nowadays with all my gigs and it's working great for me and sound engineers - not having a pedalboard is definitely a relief for the sound engineers too! SO Is it worth selling up the pedals and putting some cash towards a complimentary bass? Or should I hold on to pedals I specifically bought to get sounds I like, but just don't use at the moment? Thanks for any help in this life-changing decision! P.S. I don't want to name the pedals in-case this starts sounding like a for-sales ad by proxy, but they basically are: A nice compressor with plenty of controls A nice bass fuzz with plenty of controls A nice filter/wah with WAY too many controls So it's a nice setup to have in the cupboard for when/if the time comes to use them again.
  9. I've also used the MBrace after I did my back in and had to do a weekend of shows. Worked great - supported my bass well (and it's a heavy five-string). Like fretmeister says you just need a sturdy mic stand. Actually found it really easy to play as you can move left/right relative to the bass body to make different neck positions work easier - something you can't do with a strap! 😎
  10. Another G&L fan here! I've had the USA L2500 for a good few years and love it. I guess compared to Fender / EBMM and other brands they don't do that much in terms of marketing. I mean their website's (relatively-speaking) a bit amateur and their multiple Instagram accounts probably isn't too helpful - but there's something endearing about that as you can see that they care more about the instruments and their legacy. But it doesn't help their resale value as unless you're a Basschatter - or stumbled across Andertons' recent videos - or some of Ed Friedland's old Bass Whisperer reviews, you probably haven't heard of them. Really glad Andertons have picked them up though and hopefully continue to get more publicity. Theyy did a great Factory tour blog a few months ago where they looked through Leo's old stuff and put together one of his final designs:
  11. I've had my L2500 for several years now - and despite it being pretty heavy and the neck being a bit too much of a baseball bat for my liking - the pick-ups and the pre-amp are the reason I've kept hold of it! I love the sound of it. I accept that I am also a bit of a G&L fanboy. 😎
  12. Anyone know why PJ might be more common than PP? I guess PJ is more aesthetically pleasing. As someone who knows absolutely nothing about electronics, surely matching the output of two P's is easier than a PJ?
  13. I think it's their trad. G&L shape. I see it as a happy middle ground between a Precision and a BB! Tastefully voluptuous.
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