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    Hey all. I sent the photo onto Fender Consumer Relations who have responded swiftly and advised (in writing) that it has been a "mis-build" - a rare occurrence but the second time they've seen it on a 70's spec Jazz. GuitarGuitar Edinburgh have also been fab (as usual) and offered me a straight swap to a replacement - they currently have these in stock and have spot checked a couple to confirm correct spec. With this written confirmation from Fender, I'm comfortable keeping this f*ckup. In fact we're becoming quite inseparable. Here it is with all the bling removed (much as I love the look, it does get in the way)...
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    They’re great strings, I’ve used them for years. I’m really surprised you’ve got a dead one, but that’s more likely to be because the bass was strung months ago and has been sitting in a shipping container at sea between Indonesia and here, suffering all sorts of extremes of temperature and humidity. One of the main reasons I’ve stuck with the EXLs for over 15 years is their consistency - all that time I’ve never had a dud. In 40 years of playing I’ve been through most brands, and some major makes (naming no names) have truly appalling quality control.
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    I've played a two set gig with no drummer when he fell ill and the replacement was my right foot on the wooden stage floor. I reckon I could do a gig as a bass player on anything with at least one string. It wouldn't be perfect, but it would be better than cancelling. The less you've got, the simpler the music, but I reckon that at least 90% of the audience won't notice.
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    @Ashdown Engineering you might want to follow this thread
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    Better start going through all my Pink Floyd albums too and binning anything with imposter David Gilmour playing.
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    I attended a 'Zappa plays Zappa' concert a few years ago, with Terry Bozzio as guest. Just as he was starting his 'routine', his bass drum batter head split. After a couple of minutes 'kerfuffle', he moved over to the 'house' kit whilst a drum tech changed the head, after which he came back down to his own kit. Apart from extensive use of a whole raft of china crashes around his kit, there was no difference whatever in his playing. I reckon the bloke could have finished his spot with cardboard boxes (or even a Squier bass..! ) if he had to. He's good, is that there Terry Bozzio; very good indeed.
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    The UV light on my Trace Elliott gives me a ridiculous amount of pleasure and more than makes up for it weighing the same as a small military vehicle.
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    Through neck, J pickups (instead of single P pickup)
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    After the recent North West bass bash, lurksalot commented that I should start a build thread for my small battery powered amplifier in case anyone was contemplating a similar folly. Some of this has already been posted on another forum, but since photobucket has blanked out all the images, it seemed to make sense to start at the beginning with a new thread. I play a lot with acoustic guitarists, either busking, or at open mic nights, and my existing combo, a Hartke Kickback 10, was adequate, but rather heavy, and limiting because I had to sit by the power socket so as not to trail cables across the floor. My initial specification was based on the Hartke, with a bit of Phil Jones Briefcase thrown in - about 100W, one 10 inch speaker, one 7 AHr 12 volt battery and 2-3 hours of use per charge. I had already built a couple of Jack 10s. so I had a 10 inch speaker to hand - an Eminence basslite S2010, and for a small box, WinISD suggests a volume of 0.9 cu ft (25.5L)and a port tuned to 58Hz. Eminence offer similar figures on their website. The Mk I was a simple reflex box with the preamp, amp and battery mounted on a plywood plate that could be carried separately, or bolted onto the back of the cab. The amp is a Kenwood car stereo module, containing a switch-mode power supply to give positive and negative voltage rails, and a 60W @ 2ohms pair of class AB amplifiers, so it gives a genuine 120 W into 4 ohms bridged. It was unwieldy and cumbersome to carry when bolted together, and a pain to work with in a crowded room when loaded in in bits. Also, the battery life was OK for an acoustic evening, but for a day of busking I needed more power, so I had another think. The MkII had the same volume and porting, but incorporated the amp in a recess in the back, space for three 7 AHr batteries in the base, and a space for the preamp in the front. The woodwork suddenly became a bit more complicated - And the final result. This one was easier to carry, but the amp, which normally runs cool to the touch, now runs too hot due the lack of circulating air. At this point I started wondering whether I could find a class D amplifier module, and redesign the cab around that. The Mk III used a class D stereo amplifier chip on a ready made pcb - readily available from ebay. Just for a change, I made the cab smaller to accomodate the amp and speaker in the same volume as the Mk I speaker. Having recently aquired an Ashdown MyBass 550 in a trade, I was keen to be able to use it with this pair of speakers, so I added extra speakons and switches to the back of the cab so I could connect either the internal amp or the external amp to the speaker, or connect the internal amp to an external speaker. Almost inevitably, while setting up in a hurry on a dark stage, I managed to connect the output of the MyBass to the output of the battery amp - the MyBass won. At that point I decided that I should go modular, and have separate heads that clipped onto the top of the cab. No more switching options to get wrong, just clip the head on before you leave home and you're good to go. This is the Mk IV - the current version. The Mk III cab was butchered to convert it into a MK I style cab, and kitchen-cupboard kick-plate fasteners were fitted to anchor the clip-on amplifier modules The battery combo: The mains combo: This is the battery powered amp and battery with an earlier version of the preamp. I need to take some more photos before I post the next installment. David
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    Suitable to use as a travel bass or for practicing at home, at work, in the car either with headphones or through an amp. Right-handed, 4-string, fretted. Light & easy/comfortable to play. Bass is in excellent condition. Price reduced to £150. New, the AS-691B is currently for sale for £479 so grab yourself a bargain. No trades, thanks. It was previously sold but the buyer returned it to me due to it making a humming noise. When tested again at home, it does not hum. I would, therefore, prefer the buyer to come and test it out first to satisfy themselves it is OK. I am based in the West Midlands near Coventry/Leamington/Warwick. Happy to arrange mutually convenient place to meet/exchange. Alternatively, I can ship it at an additional cost of £16. Spec Body: Mahogany Neck: Maple Fretboard: Rosewood Scale Length: 860mm (34 inches) Number of Frets: 24 Total Length: 104 cm (41 inches) w/o strap button. Width of body: 13 cm Width @ nut / 12 Fret: 39mm / 54mm String spacing: 17mm (at bridge) Weight: 2.0kg Frame: Aluminum covered in soft rubber tubing. Detachable for travelling/storage. Pickups: Stereo condenser microphone / piezo pickup with active electronics. Controls: Volume, Tone x 2 (treble, bass) Bridge: Original SoloEtte round type, Rosewood Hardware: Black Accessories: Soft, padded carry bag (small split 14 cm where material has come away from zip, caused by me using too much bubble wrap as extra padding). Headphones (fold down, not great but do the job). Any questions, please ask.
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    The 12th South East Bass Bash will be on Saturday 29 September 2018 At Jubilee High School, Surrey, School Lane, Addlestone, Surrey KT15 1TE The first planning meeting has already taken place! (in a pub) Get the date in your diaries!
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    I've just ordered a Harley Benton PB50 which I'm going to repaint straight away as a bit of a project. I've never painted a guitar before but have worked for donkeys years as a car painter so no problems there. I'd like any suggestions on what type of paint I should use in case anyone has experience. I'm thinking 2K solid colour could work but would also be happy to try 2K basecoat and clear. I'm assuming the factory finish is stable enough to paint over without re-priming. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated. Also have just read through kodiakblair's PB50 thread and have all the info I need for a headstock reshape. Great stuff.
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    Hello Bass community UK PRICE DROP £3800 - ON HOLD FOR ONE OF OUR FINE BASS PLAYING COUSINS IN ITALY FREE SHIPPING UK. DUE TO LARGE QUOTES TO EU WHICH ARE DRIVEN UP BY SHIPPING INSURANCE I CAN NO LONGER OFFER FREE SHIPPING TO EUROPE. I WILL ENDEAVOUR TO FIND THE CHEAPEST CARRIER POSSIBLE. THANK YOU. Recently moved from Australia to the North East for a minor career change to the wind industry. Looking to offload my all original 66/67 J Bass to help finance the course fees. It's in a word, killer. 8 lbs alder body, A code neck, all nitro factory finish, original paddle tuners, block inlays, original neck shim in neck pocket, still got original chrome pickup covers, not one single solder joint has been touched, still with all original pots from the mid 66 fender bulk-buy from CTS and Stackpole (tone pot is Stackpole, original 0.02 ceramic capacitor with yellow sleeve on one leg, vol pots CTS) pickups hand dated to 10-1-67 and 19-1-67 respectively, original pickguard and thumbrest. It sounds, well you know, stunning. Original mid-late 60's no tail fender logo case, all latches intact and functioning, lining perfect. Must have been an Australian delivery - it has a winner's medallion from the 1970 NSW Battle of the bands competition set into the back of the body just below the neckplate. I'll hand deliver it anywhere between Newcastle and London - any further and it'll probably be around £50 give or take...
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    As they've come off a Jazz Bass, I'd say 4 a side/
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    Absolutely. All of them apart from his new one, I'd say. Incidentally, the reason I'm on this thread in the first place is because having willfully managed to resist Yes for the best part of 35 years, I've finally succumbed. I've got a bit of catching up to do.
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    With all these products you've been sharing here and with me privately, you seriously have a great business proposition. I'm seriously impressed. These feet, the screen protector and 'the other stuff' ;o) . Insanely good. Take my money!
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    To be fair, as great a live band Floyd were post-Roger, the albums have been pretty weak.
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    @BigRedX - I could do a set of 6 feet for £6.50 posted in the UK - a few different colours available. They can have a countersunk screw hole as pictured or plain depending on which screws you want to fix them to the pedalboard with. The height is the same as the std. rubber feet so the same screws can be used to fix them to the Helix. PM me if your're interested
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    A couple of points to add to the above - a preamp is usually a good idea but some pickups / amps work well together without one (I have a GK MB150 combo and I haven't needed to use my preamp). So it might be worth waiting until after you get an amp before investing in a preamp. Another point is that you say that you need the amp for using around the house - if you have a DB (as opposed to an EUB) then there's probably no need for an amp at all to be honest. You'll get a much better feel for your sound / intonation etc playing acoustically. Unlike with bass guitars, the 'real' sound of a DB is the acoustic sound - most DB players are looking for the elusive "my bass, only louder" tone when they start amplifying so until you start playing gigs you might be better off avoiding the hassle.
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    I'd say the limitations between a Chinese motorbike and a Ducati are far greater than between a Squier bass and whatever coffee table bedroom bass you want to compare it to. Put Valentino Rossi on the Zongshen and me on the Ducati and Rossi would still beat me.
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    Hardly trading a boat anchor for a featherweight though... my SB700 weighs pretty much the same as my Wal! PS Keep the Wal!
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    as someone who spends a lot of his life looking at and interpreting contracts, the point about the legal language used for insurance policies is definitely deliberate, but it's not there to try and confuse you (well...possibly it is, if the insurer is taking advantage of the real reason that it needs to be used). It has to be used to make certain that there is no dispute over what the exact terms are. If something can be interpreted in more than one way then it will be, and that way madness lies. If in any doubt, speak to the insurer or your broker and ask them to explain it to you - it's exactly what they are there for
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    Or.... you have a genuine Fender custom one off. I prefer the glass half full point of view!
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    FWIW, some people seem to have cracked driving this pedal with a bass:
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    A Chinese bike (other Chinese bikes exist...)...
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    The presumption that a bog standard Fender P or J, or the Squier version thereof can be used to perform absolutely every style of music is wrong. Take Level 42 - Mark King used a Jazz - indeed had a signature version - for a short while - then stopped apparently very soon after because it didn't allow him to sound like Mark King (and Level 42 like Level 42) on quite a proportion of what he played - thus it was inadequate for the job. The Fender basses and derivatives are fine for a whole range of music - excellent for some - but the idea they may be fine for absolutely everything is really delusional!! If they were none of the other more recent bass types and the styles and sounds of music developed using them would have happened - that is also presumably why Marcus Miller modified his main bass so long ago. Tell most Wal players to play a Fender and you'll probably get a rude answer from most. For some of us, it's like asking us to take a backward step for no good reason - those who drive Ferraris are not going to willingly going to change to a Ford Popular even though both will no doubt get you from A to B. I often wonder if musicians were in charge of the motor industry whether it would have regressed as far back as solid tyres - after all they support a vehicle perfectly adequately.
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    Does that include double bass or EUB, then..? I just found the 'talking poop' comment to be just a touch emphatic. I suppose that a bassoon player could play his/her lines on a Squier bass, and even a triangle percussionist could get a 'Ting..!' from one, somehow, but that wasn't really the spirit of the OP, I think. Never mind; it's only hypothetical anyway.
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    Are you sure about the overspray? I only say that because the colouring of the body/headstock is fairly typical for basses of this era. One of mine looks as though it's had cigarette smoke blown at it continually for all its life! We tend to be fixated on weight too, so an idea of that would probably help. GLWTS
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    asking to downtune instruments, never so far, but asking to do songs in other keys it's pretty normal. Up to you whether you need/want to downtune or whether it works better in standard tuning.
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    If the weight is the main downside of the Wal, have you thought about having a lighter chambered body made for it?
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    We are a little strapped for choice down there eh... https://classicandcoolguitars.co.uk/basses-for-sale/ This guy is happy for visits when I spoke to him last, and you could do worse than getting a Limelight. I was seriously considering one for a while, but went cheap in the end. Otherwise... London Is yours the red one on MM by the way...? Edit - Sorry, and in response to your question...! If you are only using a neck pickup with medium Tone, it sounds like you want a Precision.
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    It is tempting but having two the would be madness. This is the bass that stuck with me and stopped me flipping basses. Very versitile with loads of sounds. Ibanez's answer to the G&L L2500. What I particulary like is that switch. I use the EQ flat and just flip that switch to get a more agressive sound when I want with no volume increase whatsoever. It can do a great P bass sound, Stringray whatever, is well built. You should keep it buddy. My band love mine so I'm under instructions to keep it.
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    Play your set, play it hard and get off. Energy levels up to 10, ‘bantz’ down to 0. An ethos my new band live with. Can’t stand a local band who think they’ve got something funny or interesting to say. 10 hours till pub time, can’t wait!
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    I concur. Make me an offer - I might say yes!
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    I know people who do nothing but play bass, but I probably know as many people who have a diverse skill set and do bits and pieces of different things to keep themselves busy/earning. I definitely fall in to the latter. I do plenty of work as a bassist (and occasionally a guitarist), and fix a few function bands from time to time, but I also tour manage bands, sound engineer and backline tech for various artists, operate a splitter van, run a small production/hire company providing sound, lighting etc for events, and do some freelance work for other production companies too. I often wonder if I'd have been better off specialising more, but I enjoy all of what I do, and if one thing has a quiet patch I've got other things to fall back on. I actually feel like it frees me up more too, because a couple of weeks touring work takes the financial pressure off for the rest of the month so I can spend some of my weekends at home with the kids, and sending stuff out through the production company means I've got the option of sending another tech on the gig instead of being obligated to constantly be out all hours. Nice to have choices. Make no mistake, I'm still doing the majority of it myself, but if I was focused solely on bass I'd likely be gigging every single Friday and Saturday with a few midweeks thrown in, and probably be divorced by now! Cultivating some sort of income that doesn't strictly depend on me physically being on every gig means I can do what I love but try and keep some work/life balance, and have one eye on how I wind down as I get older.
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    The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, 1968. Double headline acts: The Doors and Jefferson Airplane. 8 in the evening until 8 the next morning, two nights in a row. The Doors, then JA, then JA, followed by The Doors. Reverse order the second evening. Interludes from Terry Reid and Blossom Toes. I spent most of the evening with a French girl on my lap, but didn't even think to get her name. I walked home from there to Bedfont (twenty-odd miles or so...). My feet didn't touch the ground. Brilliant show; lights 'n all. Happy Daze.
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    Don't think you are going to be dissapointed
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    Cheers! I do believe they are Kent Armstrong pickups.
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    This HAS to be worth looking at: OK, you could be wanting a brand new axe, but this is a good deal. I know he says pick up from East London, but I can oblige with packing materials and a courier can be sorted. If it comes to it, I'll pick it up and pack it and send it if you were to sort the money out.
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    Yes, no problem. I enjoy using my Fenders, they aren't preventing us from keeping a roof over our head or depriving my children of food ( at nearly 30 years old, they can afford their own food!), but if things changed, I could play what I play on a Squier just as easily.
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    Rock n Roll killer
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    I'd be extremly cautious to sell a bass that has been owned for so long and fits so well. As said above, try as many basses as you can. Or, if finances permit, keep the Wal and set aside a grand or two and go through a couple of used basses one after another. If you buy and sell wisely it may no cost you much in losses but lets you have a lot deeper experience with a number of basses than a casual music store visit can reveal. If you choose to stay with the Wal after all, this above is merely a cash flow question (if, again, finances permit) If you find another holy grail in the process, you can sell the Wal and free up funds in the end.
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    My Ian Hill signature and my Doug Wimbish
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    I hope this is allowed outside of the buy/sell forums (if not, please let me know) but following a bit of interest I'm putting an order together for a batch of Helix floor/LT protector screen assemblies. If anyone wants one, they are £20 incl. UK postage - either PM me or email : [email protected]
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    I'm on a selling group where the guy who runs it tried to have a £1 member fee and it all kicked off - I thought charging for groups was against FBs t&cs?
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    If you turn up the mids, then they are always turned up, it may not be the tone you want, it will probably mask the guitarist's low end, or worse still the vocals low end. They will subsequently feel the need to turn themselves up because they can't hear themselves now. Result = volume war, utterly dross mix, discomfort all round. A well set up transparent compressor wont do that, it will lift your volume later in the note duration, or lower your volume at the transient (if its limiting, ie very fast attack high ratio), depending on the scenario either of these may be what is required for you and the punters to discern the bass as being the correct volume for the overall mix. Did you need gobs of eq to do it? Nope. Did you need to turn up your instrument to achieve this? No. Well yes but not the entire signal, just a part of it. And that's the magic! Imagine turning up every note 50ms after you hit the string by 3dB, then turning it back down in between each note so that the initial transient wasn't so loud. Your drummer will love you, you wont be masking his kick and snare transient, but he will be able to hear you better because you are louder once his instrument is dying away....

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