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  1. Line 6 Helix.

    Prototype full LT cover on test at band rehearsal. Will have the Floor model done shortly.
  2. Gator Rack Screw Replacement

    I've used stainless steel M5x0.8, 20 long button head socket screws in all my Gator racks for years. The thread size and profile is almost identical to 10-32 UNC especially over the short thread depth of the gator threaded rails and they are a lot easier to get hold of in the UK.
  3. Feedback for FDC484950

    Met up with Mat today and bought his Warwick LX Streamer Jazzman - top bloke to deal with and bass was exactly as described. Deal in confidence ! Cheers, Nick
  4. Yup, it was me ! I'm making a few whilst I sort something out with Chris @ Smoothound - if you'd like to send me a message, I can sort one out for you. Cheers, Nick
  5. SOLD: Warwick Streamer LX Jazzman 5 Custom Shop

  6. Yet another ruined gig due to the mix.

    Not wanting to sound (ahem) controversial but can we stop calling them sound ‘engineers’ ? They are not Engineers, they are technicians (at best) unless they have a recognised and accredited qualification in that subject (and, given the comments on here, it would seem not). It’s the same as people saying ‘heating engineer’, ‘washing machine engineer’, ‘insert random occupation here....engineer’ etc etc etc etc. The watering down of the name seems to be such a common thing nowadays that it’s become acceptable to all but the qualified engineers - rant over - carry on
  7. Feedback for JohnPaulJones

    Dave bought my Shuker jazz. Great to deal with, easy transaction and came to pick it up - thank you very much. Highly recommended
  8. Interesting FRFR story..

    as a slight aside to the above - I use a Yamaha DBR15 as a backline cab (not for me as i'm on Helix/IEMs/PA but for the two guitarists who shun such things ) All this talk of RCF cabs has got me thinking - does anyone have any experience with how a DBR15 compares to a RCF 735 or 745 when used as a backline cab ? For the record, I also have a BF Super Twin / Crown XLS1500 power amp setup that is great but in our current band setup, is rather unnecessary .
  9. Line 6 Helix.

    oh dear - it appears to have rather caused a bit of a stir and i didn't even post anything
  10. The majority of problems I’ve found when working with bands who use a lot of wireless guitar gear, especially digital 2.4Ghz stuff, is generally not a lack of how their individual kit works but more how the whole system interacts and the limitations of the technology they’re using in the environment they’re playing in. Small pub gigs with everything crammed together with multiple wireless systems, routers for the digital mixer, WiFi hotspots, mobiles etc etc make for a veritable RF sh1tstorm. It can be managed up to a point of course, and the advice from @SmoothHoundChris is spot on. My own personal experience having used guitar wireless systems from very early single channel VHF stuff through the line 6 G30 to G90 products and now the Smoothound is that I have had minimal issues compared to all the other systems in crowded RF environments most of which would have previously wiped out the signal. I find the frequency agile tech in the Smoothound to be far more reliable than scanning and then picking a free channel which may or may not become crowded after you start playing. All systems have limitations of course, but I haven’t found one yet with the Smoothound in the environments we play in. I use a strap mount for the transmitter with a short patch lead to my basses as the transmitter doesn’t fit in the recessed jack socket on my Vigier Passion IV (it fits all the others - the Vigier is a bit of an oddity but it’s a great bass)
  11. yeah, clearly a lack of product knowledge and misunderstood posts on a forum are no barrier to harsh comments - that almost never happens on forums.....at all.....ever....
  12. No problems with mine and we run a lot of wireless gear including an XR18 mixer with a separate router but one question - I assume are you running the X32 with a router ? If so, is it running dual band or 5GHz only ?
  13. Line 6 Helix.

    look, no bass amp - i was feeling sorry for the two guitarists having to lug all their amps, cabs and mega pedalboards etc (but only for a bit)....IEMs and Helix for the win !
  14. Line 6 Helix.

    ah - i see - i've just had a look at some pics of the Helix Floor and it is completely different to the LT underneath. It looks like it only has 4 feet instead of 6 on the LT (difficult to tell from the pics i found) and they are much more recessed from the edges as you say. I can design some feet to fit but will need some dimensions of their position on the base of the unit.
  15. Line 6 Helix.

    @BigRedX - I could do a set of 6 feet for £6.50 posted in the UK - a few different colours available. They can have a countersunk screw hole as pictured or plain depending on which screws you want to fix them to the pedalboard with. The height is the same as the std. rubber feet so the same screws can be used to fix them to the Helix. PM me if your're interested