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  1. intime-nick

    Is volume killing smaller gigs?

    Is that St George’s in Bradford ? If so, I saw a few bands there including Yngwie Malmsteen and it sounded like shite (and he had a few 4x12s 😉) - waaay too loud, and I’m sure it was the start of my hearing loss adventure. As for being ‘pretty loud to be authentic’ - I’ve been in many bands with that attitude and most of them sounded like crap in the usual pub environments due to the reasons mentioned earlier in this thread. There is a massive difference between loud and quality and in a lot of places, with a lot of bands, the first replaces the second due to some bizarre insistence that you have to be loud to be any good.
  2. intime-nick

    Since when did Sandbergs jump in price?!

    I guess it’s a good time to sell my PM5 hardcore aged one then !
  3. intime-nick

    Taking care of Cables

    As mentioned above, learn how to coil them correctly (not in a figure 8 please), use a Velcro cable tie, store them without crushing, try not to step on them if possible, don’t kink them in use or storage etc etc etc i have some Klotz cables that are over 20 years old and still going strong. OBBM stuff is great - I have a few of his cables and they are top quality. As with all things, abuse them and they will eventually break irrespective of brand or price. One of the guitarists in our band insists on buying Fender branded cables for some reason - he stores them badly, mistreats them and can’t understand why a branded cable fails on a regular basis.....not saying there is anything particularly wrong with them (apart from possibly the over-inflated price associated with the brand name) - but it shows that just because it has a recognised name associated with it doesn’t mean it’s more immune to failure through misuse the best way is to teach yourself how to make your own - it’s a skill most musicians who use cables should have in my opinion but I’m an old fart like that.
  4. intime-nick

    Win A Free Set of NYXL!

    My Warwicks and Vigier have Elixirs because they sound great & last a long time. I’ve still got a NYXL sticker on my rack case from a set I got at a Midlands Bass Bash years ago - liked them on my Shuker (since sold), good sound and tension but really like the long life of the Elixirs. Can’t remember how long the NYXLs lasted as I normally struggle to remember what day of the week it is but would be interested to try a set of 5 string 45-130s on my Streamer to compare them to the Elixirs.
  5. intime-nick

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    You’d have to check with Rob but I’m sure his standard quads are 1x low, 2x mid, 1x high. I ordered mine with 2x low.
  6. intime-nick

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    From their FB page :
  7. intime-nick

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Rob is very accommodating and helpful so it’s definitely worth an enquiry (tell him I mentioned LUGS on BC as I told him there may be some more enquiries coming from this forum - I’ve no affiliation with them, but it’s always nice to support a small business that’s doing good work)
  8. intime-nick

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Good, second gig with them this Friday and I’ve used them at a few band rehearsals. Sound-wise, I have only my UE900s to compare them to (I have some SE215s and KZ ZS10s and, whilst OK, aren’t really in the same sort of league) and they compete favourably. Of course, it’s not a direct comparison with a custom fit vs. universals and the extra isolation provided by the customs is probably the most important upgrade. Sound is a very personal thing but, for me, they work very well - better stereo separation and I can run them a lot quieter than the universals. The whole band mix sounds so much better than before and my bass (the most important thing obviously 😉) sounds well defined and has plenty of low end extension and headroom. Overall, they sound very well balanced Rob @ LUGS did make me a slightly different driver setup than his standard quad offering with 2x low, a stronger mid driver and a high. Overall, for the money, cannot complain. As with all these things, you can always spend more money but with exponentially decreasing gains - same as all gear I suppose. I will run them for the next few gigs and then see what the longer term impression of them is - I feel I may be turning into an IEM-a-holic though.... As for the other multi-driver IEMs they are now offering - the 8 / side option sounds tempting or maybe some UE6s or something else - this is now getting worse than picking amps and cabs ! (although at least they take up less room in my house)
  9. intime-nick

    PA recommendations

    Thanks for the info Tom, I’d be interested in hearing your band with the 745s - let me know when you’re playing next with that band and I’ll try and get over to have a listen (as you’re not that far away from me). We get (in my VERY humble opinion) a pretty good sound with our current setup but I know we can do better with no extra hassle from a transportation & setup point of view. As with all these things, I’d need to hear them used in a band context to get a better idea of what we’re potentially missing. It’s not my PA that we use with the band so I’m working on the drummer to move away from his beloved Yamaha setup. I need more real-world info to be able to convince him !
  10. intime-nick

    PA recommendations

    Thanks Russ - I'll have a look at the x-over settings. We don't have spare aux to run the sub independently but I will speak to the drummer re. the bass drum out - at the moment he's running L&R from the module straight into the mixer. We don't struggle to get a good sound but I'm always looking for ways to improve things given the transportation constraints we have.
  11. intime-nick

    PA recommendations

    Thanks Pete - we set our tops to unity gain and very rarely touch them - output on the mixer main outs is generally also at unity. I'll give that a try at our next gig on Friday along with changing the x-over setting. The tops are typically at around 6ft off the ground (to the centre of the main driver) so plenty high enough i reckon for most places we play.
  12. intime-nick

    PA recommendations

    i'd be very interested to hear how you get on with 2x 745s and no subs - that, to me, sounds like an ideal setup for our band
  13. intime-nick

    PA recommendations

    I’m posting this as the bass player / inadvertent sound guy for our band (EL34, rock covers band). We have a pretty nice Yamaha PA setup - 2xDXR12 tops and 1x DXS12 sub with various DBR monitors (for those not on IEMs) all controlled by an XR18 mixer. The band comprises 2x guitarists, drummer with a nice Drum-Tec e-kit and me on bass. The drummer and I are on IEMs and the two guitarists have the monitors. Both guitarists and I sing (lead or backing depending on the song) The whole band goes through the PA - drummer is direct to mixer, bass is direct to mixer (I use the onboard compression/EQ/effects) and the two guitarists cabs are mic’d. Our FOH sound is pretty good (although I’m a rank amateur at the whole band mixing thing) but we get by ! Because my bass GAS is pretty low at the moment, I’m looking at how we could gain a bit more headroom in the FOH sound without having to cart around any more gear. I had thought to just add another DXS12 sub but I’m not sure that it’ll help as it means another heavy box to lug around (and we’re short on space in the 4 cars we take to each gig). What I’d really like is a little more ‘throw’ into the back of the various pubs and clubs we usually play - it is noticeable that the low end of the FOH sound isn’t carrying as well as it possibly could. I have no real complaints about the overall sound - it just could do with being a bit ‘bigger’ (if that makes ANY sense whatsoever !!!) No real idea of budget at the moment - the sale of the Yamaha PA would need to fund some of any future purchases and I’d like to think we can make gains in the overall headroom and projection. Any hints, tips, ideas, discussions welcome.
  14. intime-nick

    The FireDragon Triplets

    If it were me, I’d cut a strip of thin, flexible wood or plastic and drill a series of holes with which to attach the strap button in different positions. Bend and affix the strip to the curve of the base of the body and then try the strap button in the various hole positions to see which balances as you’d like it. Fix the strip with some thin pins as you’ve already suggested or use a strong acrylic double-sided tape that won’t leave a residue if you don’t leave it on for too long. Or, use the cutout you’ve already routed for the bridge to attach it to as that’d hide any holes.
  15. intime-nick

    Bespoke ramps

    That’s all given me an idea - I will design & 3D print one for my Warwick Streamer Jazzman - the angled J pickup doesn’t lend itself to a normal ramp shape.