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  1. intime-nick

    Small wireless guitar system

    Ha, maybe. Everyone is different I suppose and some may be more susceptible to latency (although I do agree that more attention should be focussed on that aspect). I do think the Smoothound system is great value for money and, in my own personal experience, works well with a standard backline but no so much with IEMs & singing.
  2. intime-nick

    Small wireless guitar system

    This is very true. I have a Smoothound wireless and used it with my Helix LT into a digital mixer into a Sennheiser IEM system (I don’t use any backline). The latency was noticeable to the point of it being a distraction (I sing as well). Kept the same setup but used my Line6 XD-V75 wireless and the perceived latency issue disappeared. Tried the other options on the Smoothound to reduce the latency but that rendered it very susceptible to dropouts. In short, the Smoothound system is great if you use a conventional backline setup - my own experience with digital mixers and effects in the chain (each adding to the latency to be fair) meant that system didn’t work for me. As an aside, I’ve now ditched the Helix and play directly from the line6 wireless XLR out straight into the mixer with IEMs and haven’t noticed any difference in latency from when I had the LT in the chain. Curious to try the Boss WL20 if only to reduce the amount of gear I take to gigs even further.
  3. He will - I'm making some for him at the moment - they will hopefully be available in a few days
  4. intime-nick

    Bass drum mic creating havoc with my sound

    As a part-time bass player but full-time drum designer (for the best part of 25 or so years), and as mentioned a few times already, get a Porter & Davies drum throne system (the new BCX is great) and ditch the rather bizarre bass drum only amplification. Whether you need / want to put the BD through the PA is up to you but the P&D system will give him all he needs to feel the BD (and anything else you want to feed into it - we run a small amount of my bass guitar into it as well) Pretty much all the drummers I know, having tried one, do not want to play a gig without it afterwards. Combined with IEMs and you’ve got the best setup for any gig irrespective of venue size.
  5. intime-nick

    Shuker J Basses.

    There’s always two sides to every story I suppose, I sold my Shuker jazz as although it sounded OK, it weighed as much as a small planet (and I have a Sandberg PM5 which is lighter and that’s saying something), the pots and jack were of a poor quality (I swapped from a vol/balance/tone to a vol/vol/tone setup from KiOgon as the volume drop either side of the balance control centre was really noticeable), the body matching headstock paint was roughly done at the edges in a couple of places, some paint fell off in front of the bridge after a couple of years with no provocation etc Nothing major in the grand scheme of things I suppose - maybe I just got a duff one. It’s a pity because all the others look amazing.
  6. intime-nick

    obbm's feedback

    Dave supplied an adaptor cable to enable me to run stereo IEMs into one XLR cable for my Behringer P2 - product, service and delivery, as usual, top notch
  7. intime-nick

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    First try of the UE6 Pros at band practice tonight. First impressions are very good indeed - gig on Saturday for a full test.
  8. intime-nick

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    UE6 Pros coming tomorrow - will be an interesting comparison to my LUGS quads. Also got a Behringer P2 today as a backup for my EW300G3 (and for when I’m stood right next to the mixer) plus a stereo cable adaptor from OBBM to use a single XLR to the P2. we had a gig last week and because our mixer and IEM kit is racked up and I have no backline, I realised I was set up after having taken the front & rear covers off the rack case and plugged it in - downside is I ended up bringing in a lot of the guitarists amps/cabs/pedalboards as I had very little else to do until soundcheck 😀😀
  9. intime-nick

    Behringer X32?

    We’ve used an XR18 for about two years now and have always used an external router (a pretty basic dual band TP-LINK model). Run it only on 5GHz, hide the SSID and all should be well. We’ve had no issues with dropouts/slow connections even in pretty heavy RF environments.
  10. intime-nick

    The Art of Drumming - Sky Arts

    I may be a bass player (of sorts) but my day job, for as long as I care to remember, is designing drums in all forms (kits, snares, marching, hardware etc etc). I know Steve White pretty well (we worked together at Premier where I designed a range of kits and snares with him as a consultant) and, as with all programs of this type, you can’t please everyone and not everyone’s favourite will be included. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good effort and most importantly didn’t fall into the ‘lowest common denominator’ style to pander to the masses which would have been just awful. I thought the last episode was a bit poor as lists are pretty pointless and the time would have been better spent interviewing some of the other great drummers mentioned in the previous comments on here.
  11. intime-nick

    Pickup / Preamp choice

    I’ll start by saying that I really like the overall sound of my Warwick Jazzman LX5 so my question may be a little odd. The only thing I don’t like is the noise from the single coil neck pickup - it's really noticeable in certain environments (LED dimmer switches, dodgy pub wiring, slot machines etc, I’m looking at you...). It’s not a shielding issue as when it’s fully panned to the bridge MM pickup in humbucking mode, it’s very quiet. I know single coils have this issue so was thinking of swapping the J neck PU for a stacked humbucking type (and possibly the MM PU as I’d like a visually matching pair ‘cos I’m vain like that) swapping PUs is something I've never done in my 30+ years of playing so could do with some advice. I realise everyone’s idea of that ‘perfect tone’ is different and I’d rather not lose the core sound of the Warwick if that’s possible. I’d also like to keep the 3 way switch for the MM PU if the preamp was swapped. The current preamp is a 3 band MEC with stacked volume / pan and pull for passive plus 3 band EQ any advice on pickups or pre’s or should I leave it alone and put up with the noise ? (you can’t hear it when playing to be fair but it is a touch annoying nonetheless)
  12. intime-nick

    Which multi FX?

    I would say the Zoom B9.1ut . It’s got all the stuff you’re after and a bit more (I’ve got one in mint condition that I got in a trade and don’t use...hint, hint 😉 ). You could go down the helix route (again, I’ve got an LT languishing in its flightcase doing nowt) but that might be a bit of overkill based on your stated requirements. The B3 with an external expression pedal would also be a good option (yes, I have that combo too that’s also doing nothing)...I think I have a multi-effects problem....hello, my name is Nick and I’m a multi-effectaholic...
  13. intime-nick

    Mini Helix - HX Stomp...

    From a Helix LT and MS-60B / B3 / B9.1UT etc etc owner - my own opinion is that if you’re happy with your existing sound, the new L6 stomp (or ‘latest shiny thing’) won’t make a jot of difference to you or the punters down the dog n duck. It’s down to how many new things and flashing lights you like 😀. I should add, I now DI straight into our XR18 and use the onboard EQ, compression and Sansamp guitar effect on my channels (one for IEMs and one for FOH) and am happy with the tone and lack of faffing around but that’s just me.
  14. intime-nick

    Mini Helix - HX Stomp...

    Where’s the XLR out ? More pedal-specific annoying PSUs to carry around. Having said that, I can see why this may be popular as it has a lot of the stuff people want without the badly engineered expression pedal of the LT 😆
  15. intime-nick

    In Ear Monitors - help needed...

    Ahem, I seem to have started down the slippery slope of IEMs, well, when I say started, I mean I’m already on the slope but seem to be accelerating. Just ordered some UE6 Pros at the UK Drum Show - the universals sounded great (thanks for taking the time to let me try them in a quieter environment EBS_freak) and, all being well, I’ll have them in time for our next gig. I do have a pair of LUGS custom quads which I really like but I always prefer to take backups of the important bits of kit to gigs and, as I’m now playing sans-backline, it seems to me that it’s no different to taking a backup amp albeit a lot easier to carry 😀😀