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  1. And yet others have said how much they liked them and thought there was plenty of power on hand! (I've not tried one but do have the BH250 which I'm happy with).
  2. grandad

    Small lightweight combo?

    I went with the BG250-208 because of the lightweight, small footprint, built in tuner, spectracomp & ext spkr out. Great little amp and loud with an extension speaker. I then acquired a BF One10 and paired that with a BH250. That gives me 3 rigs - BG250 alone, BG250 + One10 or BH250 + One10. For my needs they fit the bill perfectly so to answer your question the BG250 is a great little practice amp, the spectracomp gives the sound a bit more body at just 9 o'clock and an 8 ohm ext spkr will increase the loudness and bottom end. To my mind good value for money.
  3. There are 2 things going on: 1. objective and quantifiable measurements under agreed conditions resulting in a quantity/units & 2. what each individual person's ears will hear under a variety of conditions.
  4. Watt I want to know is watt have all those foreign bass equipment manufacturers ever done for us?
  5. Spoilsport! What are we going to moan about then?
  6. I'm using a BH250 into a One10. Both fit neatly into a Tiger cajon bag. I chose the head for convenience with the built in tuner and spectracomp loaded. I paid £222 but they're now down to £181. Alternatives - the Elf and MB-200 seem popular and also the Peavey Minimax.
  7. grandad

    NAD - Elf

    That's looks one cool mini-rig.
  8. grandad

    Xmas songs

    4/4 GOOD NEWS by Chris Russell 2017 chorus C C I want good news (good news) C C I want good news (good news) F F I want good news (good news) C C I want good news (good news) G F Good news (good news) C C I want good news (good news) v.1 I want a tangerine (a tangerine) And a sixpenny bit (a sixpenny bit) I want chocolate chip (chocolate chip) And a shopping trip (shopping trip) Sleigh bells and church bells I want family I want you and me v.2 I want good luck (good luck) I want thumbs up (thumbs up) I want a smiley face (a smiley face) And heaven’s grace (heaven’s grace) A Star bright to wish I might Have the wish I wish tonight chorus - maybe instrumental? v.3 I want ice skates (ice skates) I want snowflakes (snowflakes) I want mistletoe (mistletoe) And a fire-side glow (a fire-side glow) Holly on a log and a Xmas tree Peace and love and harmony chorus (p) Good news (good news) Good news (good news) I want good news (good news) I said good news (good news) Good news good news I want good news I want good-good news final chorus (f) I want good news (good news) I want good news (good news) I want good news (good news) I want good news (good news) I want you and me and family Peace and love and harmony (adagio) You and me and family Peace and love and harmony fin
  9. grandad

    Xmas songs

    I suppose I've been a of jack many trades throughout much of my life and had a go at this that and the other just to see if I could do it. Bass playing being something I had a go at and kept up. I've always enjoyed music whether playing, listening, reading about - Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, some Folk. And I wondered how you'd go about composing a song/tune. Now, a painting, a sketch, a print, any visual artwork I am at ease with when it comes to creating or criticising. But with music, and no proper tuition, I remain an enthusiastic amateur. Having actually got to the level of performing in a band is one of the best personal achievements in my life. If someone had said to me that from the age of 50+ you will take up bass playing, love it, join a band and perform and often get paid doing it I'd have said you have to be joking. Now to many BC'ers it may not seem such a big deal but to me it is and to those with a 'natural talent' or a musical brain I do envy you. So I wondered and pondered for some time - how do you start to compose music or a song? Do you start with words or music? Do you have to know how to read music proper? And worst of all, the best phrases have been used up by Chuck Berry and Roy Orbison and Lennon and McCartney. So what's left to sing about? Every time I thought I'd have a go I'd end up with a tune/song in my head that I all ready knew. I think Pete Seeger said 'all music is folk music'. It's for people and about people, our lives and our feelings. And what I got from those words was the idea to write a song about something personnel to me, keep it simple, it doesn't have to be anything grand. When Carl Perkins overheard a chance rebuke he wrote 'Blue Suede Shoes'. A memory I cherish is buying my daughter her first pair of proper shoes. She was maybe 6 months old or so. I remember it as if yesterday, and the delight on her face. They were red Jumping Jacks. So I wrote a song called NEW SHOES, a simple 3 chord bash. About this time there seemed to be a lot of bad news, in the papers, on TV, and then the terrible tragedy in Manchester occurred at the concert by Ariana Grande. So I rewrote the song with new lyrics. It's called GOOD NEWS and answers the question of children - what would you like for Xmas? My daughter showed the song to the music teacher at the junior school she works at and the choir sang it in their annual Xmas concert given at a local old folks home. A video was made but was lost when the school's computer went into meltdown. I'm hoping they use it again this year. I'll post it in this thread. See what you think of my effort!
  10. grandad

    I'm never gonna do a gig ... but

    Don't kid yourself, that's what I did, started out in my early fifties. It was just for a bit of fun with my elder brother and an old chum. Got a singer and drummer. We did the whole weekend warrior thing recapturing our teens, pubs and clubs and then weddings and functions. After about 15 years we got old and tired. We now run a music club at Quarry Bank community centre and do a couple of charity gigs a year. I also play with an amateur Jazz quartet practicing weekly and gigging maybe once a month. So you never know what's around the corner. Just have a great time and beware the GAS.
  11. grandad

    Midlands bass (and guitar) bash 4/5/19

    I hope to be there.
  12. grandad

    Does it really matter what gear you have??

    Maybe it depends on how old you are as to how much you appreciate having the things you want. Growing up in the 50's, teenager in the 60's. I think all my clothes were hand-me-downs until my teens. I can remember jeans coming into fashion and wanting a pair of shoes that weren't for school. I envied the kids who had a new bike, mine was a bitsa. The guitar shop in Brum had 1 Stratocaster on the wall that you were allowed to stare at. Bass cabs were all self built monstrosities. Bass guitars were mostly cheap European models. So now I really do appreciate having decent gear. I look after it and enjoy it daily.
  13. grandad


    Yes, I like the 10"s but I think the ports on the 12"s should be covered by the grill if you know what I mean. Just my preference. The SL112s do look smart.
  14. grandad

    got a job in porn!!!!

    Ravel's Bolero springs to mind.