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  1. I ave too many straps myself but the Leathercraft straps I've had have been good quality.
  2. Bump. I used these for years with SX300 tops. Excellent subs. Any 12"/10" tops will match with these. At £80 these are a gift.
  3. Just seen this on ebay so it looks like they are string through. I fitted the Labella custom to both my Mustangs.
  4. Anyone not tried a violin bass this is a snip at near 1/2 price with a hard case too. Great for someone looking for a lighter weight. Great to learn on with smaller hands. If I hadn't got one I'd jump at this. Lovely wood.
  5. Is it strung through-body? I thought not on this model.
  6. A bit of revision on compression for me reminds me why I prefer my BH250 with it's 1 control knob. https://music.tutsplus.com/tutorials/the-beginners-guide-to-compression--audio-953
  7. https://www.labella.com/strings/category/short-scale/
  8. I've used Rotosound on Beatle bass copies & liked them, £30. Not suitable for Hofners, too thick for the tuners. When I eventually got a Hofner HCT I looked at Labella and fitted these, £42. Another option is, £48. I would be interested to hear any opinions about the 2 Labella gauges. You will only need to buy flats once so I'd say spend the cash. I've never used Pyramid.
  9. £90 final offer before it goes on the dreaded fleabay.
  10. Old age and/or health is what's all about. In my 50's, my weekend warrior days, I would carry my Peavey head and Ampeg cab + the PA and that was OK. Now I struggle to open a pickle jar but do still gig occasionally and am grateful that my bass gear and PA are now less than 10.5 kg or 24 lb any item, and most much less. It's great to have all this range of gear available, something to suit everybody.
  11. Hello Walshy. How old are you, and are you in good health? "Honestly don't get the complaining about weight of stuff. Its not like you arrive at the gig and no one will help you ship gear in! I have never thought Oh I won't buy that because its heavier than 5 kg. Unless you live in a top floor flat, who cares 🙄 "
  12. Some years back I was forever buying and selling amps and basses, trying out pedals, and as I ran the PA always up-grading something or other. Recently I've gone the other way and down-sized and simplified everything. Sold most of my studio stuff and the only pedal I have is a Beatbuddy. I think it's old age and getting lazy, can't be bothered fiddling around to much or having to learn to navigate my way through a multi-layered set of instructions on a tiny LED screen. I often record on cassette or just fiddle around on Audacity. Whatever you enjoy doing go for it. It's no good thinking I wish I'd tried this or that - find out if you do. There's no one size fits all. By the by, I have driven an automatic for some years now.
  13. There is a nice Fender Bronco 40 for sale here, oh, it's mine. I'm near Tamworth.
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