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  1. I have my 2 One10's and usually only need 1 for the occasional gigs. They are the best cabs I've ever used by far and wish they'd been around in my regular gigging days. I can't imagine a better tone though out of curiosity I would love to try a BF 12. Hopefully I may get the chance at a future bash.
  2. Self taught, my bass playing began aged 50, 22 years ago. Similarly unaware of the different scale lengths I progressed from a P to a J to a Nanyo and then a medium scale Tokai SG which I gigged with for some years. At 65 I retired from the weekend warrior circuit and now enjoy the company of 3 other musicians of similar age and disposition in an amateur jazz quartet practicing weekly and performing now and again, (barring lock-down), at venues we can pick and choose. About this time I bought my first violin bass, and felt very comfortable with the short scale. I then bought my first Mustang. A pro' setup with Labella flats is a must for me. Playing sitting, they are both very comfortable, the Mustang has a narrower string spacing. So if you're getting on in years and light-weight and comfort appear more attractive then I say try a SS.
  3. A P or J would have been a better choice for a demo I would have thought.
  4. Yes, always on - TCE BH250 with Spectracomp only at about 9 oclock to just give that extra bit of fullness to the sound. Sort of thickens it up. Now there's a metaphor - thin gravy, nice but better when you add a bit of cornflour to thicken it up. Perhaps not.
  5. It would appear that Barry Gibson, who has run Burns guitars for several years recently has stepped down & it looks as though Burns has been transferred to new directors inc. Lee Anderton, who is the owner of Andertons the music store. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/02668005/officers
  6. These look good. https://figgywows.com/products/desoldering-suction-pump?fbclid=IwAR1H_X6x6iUBMKU5x4Q3yMdVBg-qjjtzrRoyR_c4F15qOok7jNOz4hzNLzo
  7. Lifting the PCB tracks is usually caused by leaving the iron in contact too long. The adhesive eventually melts. If for instance removing old solder from a PCB then try putting some fresh solder on & then removing the old & new together with a de-solder tool or roll the iron on top of some de-solder braid.
  8. I'm wondering if I'll get a dose of GAS for the Beatbuddy over the mini2 ! I don't want to have to learn how to programme new gear, I'm too old and lazy now.
  9. Approx' 350C for 60/40 tin/lead, 400C for lead free. Tip size is important, to small is not a good heat reservoir for quick in - out soldering. Do not move the components until the solder is set, blowing gently is OK to disperse fumes. Wipe the tip before applying fresh solder not before resting the iron in the holder. Cleanliness is next to goodliness for soldering, e.g. shiny metal tins better than dull. Wash hands after. Practice makes perfect and take care not to drop the iron in your lap. You will also need 2 pair of hands.
  10. Just getting to know my mini2. The appeal for me is the simplicity with just 1 switch and 2 knobs. I'm considering getting the Footswitch+ . I agree, the sounds seem quite natural. I've switched off the intro's.
  11. My 2 One10's have different grills and I like 'em that way. But it must be metal below fabric.
  12. Recently had cause to correspond with Jay, ([email protected]). Helpful replies were received within 24 hrs giving a favourable impression of their customer support.
  13. Well as I understand things, being a flatwound player myself, and having never changed a set of flats once put on my instruments, I think they retain there mellow tone indefinitely. Rounds are used for their brighter sound but the construction allows the grime to build up which dulls the tone. That's what I reckon but look forward to being enlightened by others with more knowledge of the subject. https://www.harmonycentral.com/articles/strings/flatwound-vs-roundwound-strings-r769/
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