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  1. grandad

    Bass Cab Power to Weight Ratio ???

    The Super Midget with cloth grill is 500W/21lbs 23.8 : 1 This shows the weight advantage of Neodymium!
  2. grandad

    Bass Cab Power to Weight Ratio ???

    Power to weight ratio? Barefaced One10 with silver cloth will be Watts : lbs 250 : 15 16.7 : 1 Barefaced Two10 with silver cloth will be 500 : 28 17.9 : 1 Even better!
  3. grandad

    Best TC BG250 Combo Speaker config

    I use the 208 combo and also the 250 head into a One10. Value for money they certainly are. I would recommend to download Spectracomp and with a built in tuner they are such a convenient rig. The 208 is more polite than the head into a larger cab, but it projects well. I'm very satisfied with mine. Worth a try if you're looking for a small footprint and light weight. As a home combo - great. Replacing the stock speakers with Fane 8-125's or 8-225's adds loudness, heft and weight but disallows the use of the spkr ext o/p.
  4. This is what I've always done with the violin basses I've owned. To be honest I don't worry to much about intonation being bang on as long as it's not too far out. I just get it the best I can but it's never perfect.
  5. My elder brother has one of these and they are great little guitar amps and plenty loud. You wont be disappointed if you buy.
  6. grandad

    Completely fresh start.

    Similar setup here, a One10 with a TCE BH250. The 3 popular heads that are paired up with the One10 seem to be the BH250, the MB200 and the Elf. And all seem very satisfied with their lightweight rig. In fact I'd love to have a shoot-out between these 3 into my One10. Maybe I'll try and arrange it at the next Midlands bass-bash. I use a Tiger cajon bag. https://www.djmmusic.com/showproduct.aspx?ProductID=18339&SEName=tiger-padded-cajon-drum-bag-10mm-padding&gclid=CjwKCAiAgrfhBRA3EiwAnfF4tk91BhA1Pn3iM8T893GAZ-MWKABEJ6tVN1GJxoVPKPnT5O320-twfhoCRvUQAvD_BwE Amp and cab = a 20 lb carry.
  7. grandad

    What are you learning / working on right now?

    This Guy's In Love in C#. It's just not clicking into place in my brain at the moment. Eventually it will and then I'll wonder what the hell the problem was learning it!
  8. grandad

    Hello people I'm back

    I'll echo that sentiment.
  9. grandad


    If anyone just happens to have the bass tab lying around for This Guy's In Love With You by Burt Bacharach in the key of C# I would be grateful.
  10. grandad

    New Mustang in Surf Green

    Sunburst it should be sunburst, split pickup, jack on the front, maple fingerboard, with LaBella 760F-MUS strings. Why they don't make these anymore I don't know, it's my go-to bass now.
  11. grandad

    Feedback for loweringthetone

    A pleasure to meet up with and get a bargain deal, thank you.
  12. I have only MS and SS instruments all 5 with flats. The tension varies with string make but none feel overly tight/stiff. My Mustang has the La Bella Mustang through-body set and the tension is fine, not sloppy, not too tight. Some Mustangs e.g. the PJ are not through-body though. There is a comparison chart somewhere on the web but I can't remember where.
  13. grandad

    What are you listening to right now?

    This Guy's In Love With You - Burt Bacharach.
  14. I'll be interested in your opinion when you've tried the BH250 into the One10.