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    Well, i've just done the same to him. Bought a 150 quid item, and marked it payment made, but didnt pay him. Lets see what the [email protected] makes of that
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    For sale: this new Maruszczyk Jazzus, custom made with some great extra options: see the list of specs below. Bass is made in August 2019 and is in new condition. New price with all the extra options is £2000 right now. Very lightweight! I don't play it anymore since i got a new bass and i can use the money. Specs: Body: lightweight Alder; Neck: 3 piece maple neck with matching headstock and carbon rods; Fretboard: Ebony with binding and abalone block inlays; Bridge: ETS; Tuners: Hipshot lightweight tuners; Pickup: Bassculture Quadruple bucker Pre-amp: Delano 2-bands EQ (bass and treble) with volume and a 3 way switch for first coil near neck, both and coil near bridge. Color: Translucent Red Burst; Weight: 3.3kg Price: £995 or 1100 euro. The bass comes with a gigbag and can be shipped to UK and all of Europe. For more questions or pictures, please send a PM. No trades please on this one. Thanks for looking!
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    I would have responded to that quote with "I'll have everything, please, except the EZ490."
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    I’m selling this lovely MIJ Precision made in Japan in the late 80’s. The bass is in excellent condition other than a knock to the body at the bottom and also the headstock. Both merely cosmetic. The neck is beautiful to play and the bass sustains forever. I’m only selling as at 4.5kgs it’s a little heavy for my bad shoulder. The bass has had a replacement pickup but it really growls. Otherwise all original. No trades. I can post in the UK at buyer’s cost. Sold
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    I am a Jazz musician. I never play the same thing once. Seriously, I have played tunes significantly wrong for decades. Nobody died.
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    I’ve not heard of the song or band before. That’s a beautiful piece of music. Thanks for posting...
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    I did wonder if anyone would recognise it ...
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    For sale 2019 Sandberg California Superlight TM4. Under 7 lb in weight. This is the earlier version with cedar body. Bought new last May. Excellent condition, one small mark to side of body was there from new. Comes with Sandberg gigbag. Can supply generic abs moulded hard case for shipping. Currently strung with elixirs. I have changed the scratchplate to a genuine Sandberg tort version More photos to follow
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    I’m a sucker for sad songs and have been going through my Steve Earle collection and re discovered this song I don’t usually listen to lyrics but these did I am just a pilgrim on this road, boys This ain't never been my home llo Sometimes the road was rocky long the way, boys But I was never travelin' alone We'll meet again on some bright highway Songs to sing and tales to tell But I am just a pilgrim on this road, boys Until I see you fare thee well Ain't no need to cry for me, boys Somewhere down the road you'll understand Cause I expect to touch his hand, boys Put a word in for you if I can It’s a perfect song - full of sadness and emotion - written by Earle following the death at 40 of Nashville bass player Roy Milton Huskey (December 17, 1956 – September 6, 1997)
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    Already been eyeing up some Chromes!!😅
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    Thanks for the lovely comments guys! Fiesta Red is probably my all time favourite colour for a bass, it never seems to photograph right though and it wasn't until I physically saw it in person (last year, ironically on a roadworn P) that I understood what a great colour it is, having the nicest orangey, pinkish red, warmth to its hue. Does this particular range have a period correct pickup? I'm amazed by its ability to have an inherent 'thickness' to the sound that never descends into mud. I'm utterly converted and should have done this a lot sooner! All from a humble P.
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    OP here - again. Sorry this has ruffled feathers - that wasn't the intention. I'm not that kind of guy. You're welcome to reread my comments again, but to summarise I said that I thought it was awful (still do) and then added "Other opinions are available" In other words, it was just my opinion I then added the further point about how little control an individual collaborator would have over the finished product, and it must be a bit hard for them if they really didn't like the end result - possibly very disappointing after all the hard work and effort they'd put in to add their contribution. That's all folks. Peace and love etc. 🙂
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    Also, silver paint + black and white video + memorable bassline I particularly like John's reversed dancing during the reversed guitar solos.
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    @alexa3020 FZ - City of Tiny Lights - Sheik Yerbouti
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    People are own stating their own opinions, like on every single discussion forum on the internet and in every pub up and down the land, not telling others what's right/good and what's wrong/bad. I've not read any posts here ridiculing the YT vid just making a judgement as every person on the planet does
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    I have given up on Fleabay after my last experience. I listed some antiques from my late MIL's house. All with detailed descriptions and loads of photos. Only one item was sold - a Royal Worcester plate for £10 - it was probably worth about £20. Unfortunately I'd forgotten to add the cost of packing it and posting it which cost me around £5. The seller got it and complained about the condition (which was clearly stated in the text and shown in the photos) and claimed it was a second (because she didn't understand the marks on the back of the plate - which were also shown in the pics). It wasn't a second, but she gave me a bad feedback score anyway. So she got a proper antique for a tenner, I got a fiver and a bad seller mark. Next time I'll just take it to a charity shop.
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    Smart! Needs that thumb rest and a pickup cover to complete the look.
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    So do 231 other people. I don't see the big deal why people should want to hate on it personally.
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    This could turn into a fascinating thread! From what I've read and graphs I've seen, the SVT is in fact quite flat in its response before clipping, with the EQ dials centred and all the filters off. A sealed cab with low excursion drivers would be very coloured, so that itself points to a greater influence of the cab over the core classic SVT tone. Of course the filters, especially the Ultra Lo, are very distinctive, as is the overdrive sound, so those would come into play from the amp, too. Of course the B15 is the other benchmark; I've not seen anyone hook the amp up to a 'scope, but I would assume that it is similar to the SVT, as it is the precursor. I think the cabs went through different iterations of sealed, ported, and double-baffle. I suppose the concensus will have to end up as 'it's a combination' but I'll be interested to see how it all pans out!
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    Otis and Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (It’s a sad song). But then I love Stax style music.
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    Back in the day it was always fun to see what Madness came up with. Twisted Sister always had videos worth watching. Especially with Alice Cooper 😎
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    Beautiful! I've got an itch for something similar... I've got one Jazz to many after a stolen one was recovered, and no Precisions. I'd love to trade it for something like this. Have fun, there's something about the simplicity of a P that just can't be beaten. George
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    I love the Alien Audio basses. They sound fabulous in all the videos I have found of them. The Tim Akers band has a bassist called Gary Lunn who plays one; he sounds fab. Of interest, the Alien Audio basses actually change the pickup locations quite a bit. I attach below a table I made of all the different basses I had and how pickup locations compare. The Alien Audio basses don’t have the middle coils in the classic location - the front pickup is moved quite a bit towards the neck, and the rear reverse P has its EA coil line placed in the 70s Jazz position. The research may be of interest to all folllowing this thread.
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    The problem could be that Amazon are employing many new, self employed drivers to cope with the demand placed online during these strange times. No experience, not used to the volume and no idea what they are doing
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    Yeah. my thoughts too. It’s a bit Alan Partridge in places. (.And I have to confess the Jacob Collier vocal comp guy made me laugh out loud.)
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    Man, if people are sharing random collabs, have some of mine. SWING OUT SISTER - BREAK OUT BRUNO MARS - CHUNKY
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    Great to see people finding ways to collaborate in these difficult times. Thanks for sharing.
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    Bargain - I’m in the wrong part of the country alas!
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    This is one of those things where those who know will nod sagely and approve (hopefully), and those who don't will nod sagely and go 'Er, WTF?' in their heads. From the design/tutorial by Paul Sellers:
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    I’m in Essex. Happy to take a look at it for you mate.
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    Now sold. Boss BF-3 flanger for sale, it's in really nice condition with a few very minor superficial scratches. Box now found and included. Bass and guitar inputs, I really like the standard flanging on this plus the tap tempo is rather usable as is the 'hold' mode. Only parting with this as I am getting a delay with built in flanging. Price includes UK insured postage.
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    Mission Creep has now set in. I'm looking at buying a tower PC optimised for video editing. I bloody knew this would happen.
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    Clearly I am just shallow, I apologise.
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    This is without doubt one of the nicest necks I've ever played
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    Scratch that. Here's a lovely '92 that I picked up recently. Resistance was futile, I've always wanted a teal 'ray and I've always loved the birdsye/flame necks from this era - both boxes now ticked. It's in wonderful condition and the neck truly is stunning 😍.
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    There's always someone trying to come up with a new angle.
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    Pic below - not a great one, but the bass is at my local guitar shop having a pickup/electrical glitch fixed so I can’t take a better one. Appreciate, there are alternative fret cleaning methods. And yes, said fretboard was lemon oiled with Dunlop 65. Made a huge difference too.
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    I think the problem is a little simpler than that, they're all working from home so the phone number logistics (all the call diverts etc), security (which is significant) as well as simpler factors such as the inability to record phone calls for legal (sorry, 'customer service') reasons, means that for most businesses, email is a lot simpler and safer than phone at present. Theoretically it should be faster also
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    If you want the widest, thickest, most padded strap money can buy, the Gruv Gear Solostrap Neo is one of the best out there. If you don’t need or want such formidable padding, a Comfort Strapp is bloody excellent. Way less wide than the Gruv Gear but depending on the shape/angle of your shoulders it may actually be more comfortable. Also, its design means there is no need for strap locks on your bass. If you like the concept of the Comfort Strapp but want something more premium feeling, the Sandberg Flexstrap ticks that box. The body of the strap itself is very very similar to the Comfort Strapp but the leather ends and buckles are much higher quality. You do sacrifice the in-built straplocking feature though. All of the above straps have a strong element of “soft neoprene” to their feel. If that’s not up your alley and you prefer the slightly more “solid” feel of leather, my two recommendations would be the Maruszczyk leather straps and the Dingwall Levy’s leather strap. Both incredibly well made but the main difference is that the underside of the Maruszczyk straps is grippier due to having a suede surface, whereas the Dingwall is smooth leather on both sides so is more likely to slide. Depending on your tastes you may prefer one over the other and as you said your current strap is slippy (which you don’t particularly like) I suspect you’ll lean towards the Maruszczyks. They come in 2 different widths so make sure you pay attention to that when ordering. Some very nice colours on offer too.
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    Bronze strings are great, as long as you're the sort of person that loves the sound of a bottle bank being emptied. If not try something else. I've got Fender 9120 black nylon strings on both of my acoustic basses, they sound and feel lovely.
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    Mmm... Fish fingers, garden beans, courgettes and tomatoes... That's better. Now, where was I..? Ah yes, the Building Site... Here's the wall that needs removing... (Our Eldest can be seen, preparing the top of his future workbench, using the ubiquitous WorkMate...) Here's the footings being prepared to receive future masonry, calculated to be plumb to the roof (unlike the present wall...).... We can't just remove the wall, or the roof would come down. We'll do it in stages, from left to right. Here's the timid start... ... which quickly becomes ... Our Friendly Neighbour helps out with spreading the rubble over the forecourt... The masonry gets started, and the double-door frame set in... Meanwhile, Our Eldest prepares crosspieces for the timber framing... I've bought some wood from a local sawmill; it's Douglas Fir. How appropriate..! Getting serious... What came down must go up. The roof is now shored up on the left... Cutting in to receive the transoms and stuff... ... and planing... Now a bit more can be demolished... ... and its masonry laid ... A good friend has some old beams we can use, so we go to collect them... Another upright in place... ... so more demolition ... ... and masonry... So far, so good... Windows, flooring, whatever... ... and we start filling in the gaps, using a double thickness of expanded cement blocks, leaving an air-gap... Here's me, contributing to the effort by taking the photos... Getting there... ... precariously... Nearly finished ... All is fitted and mostly cleaned up ... A good coat of protective paint on the woodwork; this is a year later... ... and a more recent photo... The whole job took two months, basically. It's survived three winters since, and has proved to be maybe even better than anticipated. Well worth the effort; it took me nearly three decades to firstly work out how to do the job, then gather the monies required, and finally have the courage to bite the bullet and do it. No regrets.
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    I made a house (well, a wall of a house...). Does that count..?
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    I think Spector does it right on this one [url="http://s1277.photobucket.com/user/palpurnhauser/media/spector%20ns-2p_zpsft4rpywi.jpg.html"][/url]

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