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  1. @Woodinblack not like that - although that's an interesting conundrum in its own right! @Jakester looking at how the string flows from the tuning peg, through the tree and the nut, it looks like it's slightly off as it passes through the tree, so that's worth investigation. The whole fretboard could do with a clean, so the next step is to take the strings off, give everything a good clean, and see if that sorts it.
  2. So I was about to reply saying that as I'm hearing it cleanly through headphones, that's what makes me think it's an electronics issue. But you've inspired me to listen closely while unplugged, and I think I can just about hear the same intonation beating... The note isn't also sounding cleanly, so there may be a fret issue. Time to de-string and give the fretboard a good clean, and possibly check the neck action too. Will see if that sorts it out!
  3. I have '93 MIJ Fender Precision which has an extremely odd intonation issue. Basically, when I sound the 7th fret on the 'G' string, as the note plays I get a very distinct intonation sound - as if another string is sounding the same note, but is slightly out of tune causing a distinct "beating" sound. But here's the thing: no other strings are sounding! The intonation is the most stark on the 7th fret, but is also noticeable either side, and disappears by the time I get to the 12th fret. Does anybody have any ideas as to what could be causing this? No other strings are affected. Having a vague idea of how phasing effects are created, I'm wondering if there's something odd going on with the pickup that's introducing a very slight delay to one part of the signal? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks
  4. **Update - price now dropped to £1,350** For sale is my 2010 Status S2-Classic, featuring a headless bolt-on neck, gold hardware, and a stunning figured walnut facing. A Status-branded Hiscox hardcase is also included. Despite being 10 years old, the bass is in an excellent condition, and has been largely unplayed for the past 6 years or so. As you would expect from Status, the tonal range of this instrument is immense, thanks to the 2 humbucking pickups wired to the 18v active pre-amp. It is currently fitted with medium/light gauge 40-60-80-100, and I have two full spare set of Status "Hot Wire" double-ball end strings that I will also include, along with the Comfort Strapp. Collection is preferred, but I am more than happy to ship to the UK with the buyer arranging for courier collection. For reference, the combined weight of the bass and case is around 9kg. I am not interested in trades, as I'm looking to reduce my bass collection, not maintain it!
  5. **Edit - price now reduced to £80** For sale is a Fender MIM PJ Bass body which has had the following modifications: Original paint stripped and body varnished (condition that I bought it in) 9v battery box routed / fitted by KGB Music, Birkenhead The body comes supplied with a black pickguard, original bridge, and "Fender Corona California" neck plate (which I don't believe is the original!). The body is in a very reasonable condition, with very few bumps/nicks. The body is located in Widnes, and local collection is more than welcome, but I'm happy to ship this within the UK - two day delivery would be about £10. Thanks!
  6. It's a good shout. Thinking about it further, the frustration is having my instrument cable plugged into one place and my headphone cable plugged in another. Even a headphone extension cable would probably work.
  7. So I tried out the Bluetooth transmitter with some Bluetooth earbuds, and the latency was too much. Admittedly, the earbuds were only Bluetooth 4.2 and not 5, but I could quite easily go down the rabbit hole on this. Wireless IEM it is then...
  8. Due to how I have things set up, one of the annoyances that I have is that my headphone cable either finds itself hanging in front of my strings and interferes with play, or it ends up behind the neck and being pulled taught. Ideally what I want to is to practice with wireless headphones. From my research, there appears to be two options: Invest in some wireless IEM By a bluetooth transmitter (such as this one) and then pair with some wireless headphones / earbuds. (1) is considerably more expensive than (2), with the reason most likely being latency. I know that I won't be able to practice if there's a noticeable delay between playing a note and hearing the note in my headphones. However, the product descriptions from the transmitter seems to suggest that latency is near enough removed thanks to Bluetooth 5.0. Also, I don't need the wireless range provided by professional wireless IEM, as I'm going to be dancing around my practice room, and not a stage... Does anybody have any advice / experience that they may be able to impart on me? Clearly I don't want to spend any more than I have to, but equally I don't want to spend money on something that doesn't work as I want it to. Thanks!
  9. I had a few lessons from Steve Amadeo, who is based on the Wirral. I found him to be an excellent teacher, and I'd look him up in a second if I found myself with the time again to get serious back into bass. [url="http://basschat.co.uk/user/295-steve-amadeo/"]http://basschat.co.uk/user/295-steve-amadeo/[/url]
  10. Bagged myself 2 packs, next day delivery too which is awesome
  11. I sold my Nordstrand pickups to Kostas. As said by chrisd24, he is a lovely, passionate and appreciative Basschatter to deal with, and I had no hesitation shipping things across to him in Greece. I'd happily deal with him again, and hope to share a beer with him should I ever find myself in Athens
  12. Result What are the strings like? I didn't know Ashdown made strings and I'm after some new strings for my trusty Precision.
  13. [url="http://ashdownmusic.com/shop/product.php?id=2530"]These strings[/url]? I know they're a few quid more expensive, but it seems you can still purchase them.
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