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  1. Anyone familiar with Steve Albini will surely be familiar with the Harmonic Percolator pedal. For those who aren't, I'll attach a link below. https://youtu.be/zYV_ikJGJaA As much as I love this pedal, it's just not getting much use in the bands I'm it at the moment. I had this commissioned in the summer of 2017 and had it since September. It's basically new and been gigged once or twice. I'll post with instructions manual. It's been modded with a bass switch to allow more low end but I've personally found that it retains low end well by itself. Also got switching between diodes (no diodes, germanium and silicon), each sound very different and offer plenty of variation. £90 + postage, or collection from Leeds or Wrexham (North Wales) by request.
  2. Carpal tunnel/tendonitis help

    Thanks everyone my symptoms are mainly pain in my hands and around the underside of my wrist. The hand pain is mainly in the joints and muscles but depends on what I’m doing with my hand. The pain normally comes and goes but it’s primarily there when I play bass. I don’t get numbness, but my joints tend to almost ‘lock’ or collapse occasionally. My index finger is the only one to get any numbness, it basically feels clumsy when I play, if that makes sense. I struggle to pick things up and do things like turn door handles, cut food etc. I’m just at a bit of a loss as both people I’ve seen have told me different things so I’m not sure what I should be doing to get better, how long to expect to be like this etc
  3. Carpal tunnel/tendonitis help

    I have actually been recommended trying out a short scale for it. Many have to invest in a cheap one and give it a go. Did it take long for the inflammation to go down?
  4. Carpal tunnel/tendonitis help

    How long did it take for recovery if you don’t me asking?
  5. Carpal tunnel/tendonitis help

    He’s given me two but told me to research more myself
  6. Carpal tunnel/tendonitis help

    So I’ve been to my GP and since seen a physio after I’ve been told I have tendonitis. The physio has since said that he believes it to be Carpal tunnel. Whether tendonitis inflicted carpal tunnel or I was simply misdiagnosed, I’m not sure. However, I’ve been recommended to do exercises to strengthen the muscles in my hands but I’m unsure of where to start. Anyone able to recommend anything in particular? As with so many things on the internet a lot of information available seems misinformed and not helpful, so I thought it’d be best to ask people who may already have been through what I have. It’s been about 6 weeks since I started having pain and the idea of having a break from playing seems pretty impossible at the moment seeing as I’m currently studying music performance at degree level and I have gigs/recording sessions coming up. If anyone can give me any advice on how to reduce strain and how I can recover quicker that’d be great. I’m aware the best thing I can do is to simply not play but putting the breaks on everything right now isn’t really possible
  7. I’m actually doing an essay on this at the moment. You could consider it theft but the record labels normally keep about 80% of the revenue received from Spotify before the musicians get a whiff of it. Also, spotify was launched in 2008, the same year that the ‘vinyl resurgence’ is considered to have began. In the following 7 years, global profit made from vinyl alone has quadrupled. While there are many factors that contribute towards this, it’s worth considering that while streaming services have monopolised music consumption, there seems to be a demand for something tangible for the consumers money. And of course, this means more money for artists. I think that Spotify should pay artists more, though if you try and see Spotify as not being a direct income source, it has some real benefits for artists, though not intentionally. I’m sure I read somewhere that the guys behind daft punk would only have earned $13000 each from ‘get lucky’ from streams alone, despite being one of the most listened to tracks of that year. This doesn’t seem so bad but consider the amount of money that would have gone into producing that record. The fact is that most mass media is now consumed through subscription based platforms, Netflix and Spotify being the first to come to mind. It’s certainly a trend that works great for consumers and the platforms themselves, but it’s the artists that seem to suffer.
  8. Gibson Ripper & Original Gibson Case

    Ahhh, this is the dream. Especially with the pickup selector mod.
  9. Bass and synth into the same rig

    Does anyone have any experience of running a bass into the main input of an amp and a synth into the FX return (so that the signal isn't coloured by the preamp) allowing you to have them both come out of your amp? The amp is an orange bass terror and the synth is a novation bass station 2. Or any other suggestions of using the two in conjunction? Or is it just easier to use the PA for the synth? Thanks in advance.
  10. Feedback for norwood

    Sold an amp to Greg, prompt payment and had no issues with the transaction. Buy/sell with confidence!
  11. EHX Small clone

    One of the larger enclosure versions, not a nano series please.
  12. SOLD Markbass TA503 £400

    Bump! Will do a straight trade for an Orange bass terror.
  13. SOLD Markbass TA503 £400

    Open to offers