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  1. SOLD Markbass TA503 £400

    Bump! Will do a straight trade for an Orange bass terror.
  2. SOLD Markbass TA503 £400

  3. SOLD Markbass TA503 £400

    Open to offers
  4. Speakon Issue

    [quote name='BassBunny' timestamp='1509477809' post='3399314'] If it was 4-pole and wired to +2, -2 it probably wouldn't work. Most Speakon's are wired +1, -1. Is the Speakon on your amp a combined Speakon/Jack? If so you can use a Jack to Jack speaker lead to test it. [/quote] I’ve tried using the jack end in the Speakon and it fits, so I’m guessing it is a hybrid. However I’m planning on getting a bass terror soon and I’m pretty sure that they aren’t hybrid. I also don’t have a jack to jack speaker lead so I can’t test it unfortunately. Just bought a Neutrik Speakon to jack so hopefully that’s going to work. Thanks😎
  5. Speakon Issue

    [quote name='obbm' timestamp='1509475499' post='3399294'] 1. How old is the amp? i.e what is the year of manufacture? 2. Is the Speakon on your new cable a genuine Neutrik? 3. Does waggling the Speakon and cable up and down make any difference? [/quote] It's about 9 Years old. It isn't Neutrik, it's gear4music which is giving me some cause for concern. And no, it doesn't. I have a feeling that they sent me the wrong cable as the pole piece in the centre of the input (I'm sure that's probably not the correct terminology lol) is round, whereas I have another 2 pole neutrik brand speakon that has more of a semicircular pole piece. The one I just bought does fit the connection though so I'm unsure of how to differentiate between them. If it was a 4 pole, would this be the reason it's not working?
  6. Speakon Issue

    Bought a cab over the weekend and I was looking forward to trying out today as the cable I bought to connect it to the amp arrived but no dice. Not getting any output and I'm unsure as to why. The cab has jack inputs but the head I have now (which is for sale) and the amp I plan on buying both have speakon outs. I bought a two pole last time for my old cab (which required speakon to speakon) not really knowing what the difference was, but it worked. I bought a two pole speakon-jack cable for this because I thought it'd work with the head I'm using but not getting any sound out. The cab worked when I tried it out on the weekend and the head worked last time I used it. The Amp seems to be working now because when I plug in, the peak indication light flashes when it's meant to. Sorry this is all very long winded and may not make much sense
  7. SOLD Markbass TA503 £400

  8. SOLD Markbass TA503 £400

    Cab sold!
  9. SOLD Markbass TA503 £400

    Cabinet is on hold, Head still for sale. Will post in the case (one of the zips are broken but I've been to lazy to get it repaired), bubble wrapped and in a box. Will trade with some cash coming my way for an Orange Bass Terror 500
  10. SOLD Markbass TA503 £400

    REDUCED 450 for head, 400 for cab, collected.
  11. SOLD Markbass TA503 £400

    [quote name='jaybass 70' timestamp='1507972412' post='3389046'] I bought gillentos TA503 about 6 years ago , never looked back or wanted another amp , sounds fantastic , good luck with the sale [/quote] Certainly is a great amp, sounds fantastic. Just doesn’t really suit what I’m doing at the moment and I can’t justify have more than one amp at a time.
  12. SOLD Markbass TA503 £400

  13. SOLD Markbass TA503 £400

    Any offers?
  14. SOLD Markbass TA503 £400

    [quote name='slapmonsta' timestamp='1507650113' post='3386992'] Is that an Italian-built 2x12 cab? Thanks [/quote] No, as far as I can remember it's one of the newer models, and as of late most of their amps are produced in the Far East.