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    And so, as a post-script. P and his delightful wife arrived last weekend to pick up the Guitar Bouzouki. And I think he would be happy in me saying he loves it For me, that is a great pleasure and relief in equal measure! P was able to bring his standard Irish Bouzouki for me to have a look at and listen to and that was fascinating. We both agreed that the Guitar Bouzouki has a much richer sound (which would be hoped and expected) and a strummed chord just goes on, beating sub-harmonics all the way, for a long, long time. The neck between the two instruments was quite different, part designed and fully expected and part more of a surprise. P had requested it to be wider and shallower than his original which will always change the curves and feel, but the thing I noticed straightaway was that the 'V' on the original felt distinctly V shaped to the hand further up the fretboard than my build. It doesn't really show on the profile drawings but it does give it a different feel further up the board. Not necessarily a bad feel, but certainly a different feel. Changing that, if P's conclusion was that he wanted that tweaking, is actually a very easy fix and the sort of thing that can be done on a 'while you wait' basis. And there's a crazy coincidence (that I won't go into detail on) that might mean that finding a convenient time to do that would not be too much of problem. But, that said, even at first play, this is P showing how a Guitar Bouzouki should be played. Glorious! And particularly glorious through headphones
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    Immaculate as new Ashdown ABM600 Evo iv. Only played by 2 people. Me (at home) and Guy Pratt. Apparently the person I bought it off runs music venues in Yorkshire and Guy did a seminar where the venue got this in for him new for one night. It was unused then until I got it earlier this year. Never had chance to gig or practice, so just extremely quiet practice in the house. Built like a work of art. IMO the best all round amp out there (so much so I'm getting a rack one) it's a very easy one hand lift, loads of power (and I mean loads!). A real valve drive front end, and more easy to use eq options, which means you can sculpt any sound. Real heft that wont hurt to carry. Comes with £100 padded cover with understrap so it stays in place and front pocket for your cables. Only selling due to getting a rack mount version. These now seem to be up over £700 new.
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    Morning lads, I have the same bass as soldersqueeze (Squier on the right) and was thinking of selling but having read this thread might just get new pickups instead! Can you give me some suggestions on a powerful p and j for the squier VM SS Jag? Thanks
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    Coming soon (about 3 weeks) a kind of upside down neck Thunderbirdish shaped thing. It's the same finish as the utterly stunning p bass I bought from Thomann a while ago...
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    The organizers for this outside event did a good job with distancing. When we arrived the staff were drawing circles in the street setting up the distancing parameters and they had masks for everyone. Blue
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    I have you, Mr. Mandrel, to blame for me recognising that. And for my borrowing A box of Peggs from the CD library and now keeping an eye out for it elsewhere. And for me buying Dave Pegg's autobiography. And probably for the dishwasher going wrong this weekend too. End of thread derailment and back to congratulating the proud father 😉
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    Thanks, but of course it"s really all about the bass.😊 In 2018 I made it across the Atlantic and was at the Double Bass Bash at Bicester and met you and some other BC members and played some great instruments and learned a lot about basses. That day was the turning point when I decided that my EUB(Yamaha SLB200) was fine but a real DB would be much better. Less than two months later I found "Marilyn" and we have been making music together since then. That day changed my life...thanks. Now if only I had a few gigs on the calendar..... ☹️
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    Nobody musical in my family and my parents thought pursuing music was a terrible idea. I started playing guitar at 13, and after a few months on a borrowed acoustic, asked for an Epi Les Paul Special II for Christmas, on offer from Soho Soundhouse for £99. "Can't you find a cheaper one. It's not like you can really play it anyway" was my Dad's response. When I wanted to take music for my GCSE options at 14, the blocks were put on by my parents in collusion with the head of year "You can't read music now, there's no point carrying on studying it". Didn't stop me playing, and a few years later my shitty unsigned band ended up being one of the first shitty unsigned bands to be offered a headline tour of O2 (or Carling as they were back then) Academy venues. With my parents still nonplussed, I was pressed to stop chasing my dreams and ended up at 21 working with my dad at the same company he'd worked for since he was 15 years old, and the band folded shortly afterwards. Seven years of increasingly dull corporate misery later, engaged, with an infant son and a second one on the way, I took a chance, to my parent's sheer horror, and left the sensible job to make a living from music. Until COVID struck, I'd managed to sustain a career for eight years, although I do very little bass playing now and primarily work as a sound engineer and tour manager. I don't see my parents any more, but when I landed the biggest gig of my career last summer, touring as a monitor engineer for an artist who's music was always played in our house growing up, I finally got some acknowledgement, with a one word comment from my dad on a post on my company's Facebook page after mixing the main stage headline slot at Boomtown Festival - "Congratulations". That was it. I didn't feel compelled to reply!
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    Looks suspiciously like a tobacco product to me
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    The reverse V or as I like to call it "An abomination in the sight of the Lord."
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    I always find the headless, bodiless basses extremely useful. Usually as back up as they take up very little room on 'stage' or in the car but, often, just for their own sake. In the past I have bought, sold, rebought, sold again then rebought the Hohner 'B' series a few times, ending with this B2B. The recent arrival of a Riverhead Unicorn bass has usurped the Hohner, which I am now putting up for sale. So, firstly, it isn't a spelling mistake. This is the B2B, not the B2 or B2A or B2AD or any other letters of the alphabet. It is a B2B. It differs from the B2A in that it has PJ pickups, not EMGs. It is passive and also has a bolt-on neck rather than a set neck - still has the full 2 octave, 24 frets though. This is the second B2B I have owned - I prefer the more organic sound from the PJ set up (V V T controls) compared to the EMGs of the B2A and it does a passable precision bass tone on the neck pickup. Blend in more of the bridge pup and you get that classic burpy tone. The only other difference is that it doesn't have the flip down leg rest thingy. The serial number makes it 1990 and, like most 30 year olds, it has signs of use and wear. Nothing scary. The pickup poles and adjusting screws show signs of slight corrosion, making me think a previous owner sweated sulphuric acid. Not a problem, everything works and I am sure they could be cleaned up, I just never considered it important. The tuning adjusting screws on the bridge are a bit stiff but work just fine, I put some graphite grease on them when I first got it (it really made my fingers sore trying to tune it!) and that has freed them up OK. Neck is currently straight. I've not needed to adjust the truss rod but have no reason to suppose it doesn't work. A few dinks, nothing bad, worst one is by the input jack and pictured below. Currently strung with double ball end Status flats, there will be a set of double ball end rounds in the box when it goes out. I don't have a hard case for it but it will be packaged well. Priced to sell - these usually go for £250+ - at £190 including shipping to UK mainland. Collect from SS7 and it goes down to £170. I happen to be going to Devon on Friday morning - M25 south, M3, A303 - then on to Penzance on Saturday if that helps.
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    Sandberg California custom jazz bass. Mahogany body (nicely figured - see photos) with full, deep Bubinga top and matching headstock. Maple neck c/w rosewood f/board. Gold hardware throughout (bass originally had a mis-matched black string tree, which might be evident in some photos. But I ordered and fitted the matching gold version). Electronics; twin Delano large-pole J pickups, Volume (push/pull = active/passive), pickup pan, bass, middle, treble. cut/boost EQ. Condition is good/excellent as seen (photos). This was a 50th anniversary bass so has the '50' inlay at the octave. Sandberg gig-bag (exterior pocket is slightly faulty, with basic repair to zip. ..... Could include hardcase if desired for additional cost). Includes Courier delivery. .
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    Well here we go, didn't think I will see this one go....This is TTE500, made in Italy, one of the most valve-like of all hybrid heads.. They used t go for 750-800£...Absolutely like new condition, couldn't even find a scratch on it, well taken care of, I even have the original Markbass packaging it came in, so ready to be shipped. Would like to sell ...or trade for money ...but if you have a small, light but powerful cab for trade (e.g Barefaced Midget, One 10..) I might be tempted.. 399£!!!
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    Peavey Fury. A nicely-made, uncomplicated, quality bass, made in the USA in the mid to late 1980s. It's a passive, bolt-on four-string with a ridiculously skinny neck (37mm at the nut) and an aggressive P-sounding pickup. Weight is 3.9 kg, or 8.5 pounds in old money. Controls are tone and volume. I've no idea what the strings are. The action is reasonably low; I'm sure it would benefit from a setup. I had it from BCer Paul S in 2014, on my quest for the skinniest neck known to man; since when it's mostly sat in a case. I've never gigged it. It's not being used, and I need the space and the money. It has some minor dings, but nothing major; it's in good nick for its age. The trussrod turns well (a Gibson TR spanner fits it). When I plugged it in a week ago I couldn't get any sound out of it; I took the scratchplate off and applied some contact cleaner, and it's been fine since then, but I've reduced the price somewhat to reflect the possibility it will need the electrics looking at. The volume pot has a whisper on it when the volume is changed. £150 plus shipping (at cost), bank transfer preferred; I'd prefer not to send outside the UK. I will pack it in a cardboard bass box, in a cheapo unpadded gig bag, all suitably stuffed with bubblewrap; or I can use a battered generic hard-case if necessary for an extra £10 (it's very battered ). Alternatively, I'm happy to meet in a 50-mile radius, and I'm intending to go to north Wales late this week.
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    ***Please delete if outside EU is against the rules (I checked the faq but haven't seen anything about it) **** Up for sale is a decent 2004 Spector Euro with sold maple wings, EMGs and TonePump preamp. Great/excellent condition fresh setup/overal check and fresh Rotosound RS66LDs (Sept 17.) I will ship in the original hard shell case for the buyers expense. Located in Florida.
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    I want them even though I would have no real use for them....best not then. Good luck
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    👆 my favourite comment anywhere today.
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    I know you didn't ask for my advice, but if you're not sure, I would suggest just go ahead and buy this amp. The more I use mine the more I like it. Produces the kind of sound just sits in the mix yet still retains its own individual presence. The overdrive and compressor are both great too. Oh and the seller is just smashing.
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    Jerzy Drozd Excellency V. Amazing bass is in good condition, with usual optical used tracks (on the back of the body) and on the top plate smaller things, which I captured in the photos as best as possible. The playability very comfortable and sounds incredible!! The price incl shipping cost 😉 35" Scale 24 Frets Etimoe Body Maple Top 3 Piece Maple Neck 7 Screws Bolt-on Maple Neck Ebony Fretboard Matching Headstock Two pieces Jerzy Drozd Bridge Aguilar preamp 18mm strings spacing, possible to up to 19mm or down to 16.5mm. 9mm at nut Ebony Nut Asymetrical D Neck Controls : Volume/Blend/Bass/Medium 400hz or 800hz/Treble Weight : 3,8 kg Machine heads : Gotoh Gold Controls Knobs : Wood Original JD case Thanks!!!
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    I feel your pain, offering such an amazingly low price. In a moribund market made up of unemployed musicians, what can you do? Good luck with your sale, I hope things pick up for everyone soon.
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    Like it, definitely my bag.... any idea if he's a dubbing up existing songs or recording from scratch or what?
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    Stripped the old girl down today after a tip-off from someone else here and discovered it's a '72 not a '74. Neck & pickups date it to March/April '72. I'm going to withdraw from sale for the moment.
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    @S.F.Sorrow Really glad we are having this conversation, thanks mate for your helpl... l've just dropped it with my luthier & explained what I have learnt here. He's going to look it over & give me his opinion... He could do the work if necessary but points out that holes may need to be filled etc so it looks good. I will phone the dealership, Rainbow music Rock Village, Carlisle ASAP.. I suppose there is no reason to believe that any other stock they have is not from the same duff batch.... How does yours look, since being fixed? Any chance of a photo? Thanks again for your help
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    And if that doesn't happen, people will realise that putting lives on hold for the foreseeable future is not an alternative lifestyle they are prepared to put up with. Young people, whose health is not affected by the virus in any significant way, can't be expected to live in lockdown forever. There will be a time when, if no effective vaccine is found, we'll just have to go back to the 'old normal' and deal with the consequences.
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    Thanks meterman, I’ve never heard of him, sounds good I must investigate further 👍
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    That's a beauty John 😎
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    Indeed, all at the price range are very good value and will give you a wide variety of tones. I am very close to buying a Sire V5 (passive) as they get such great reviews from lots of players. Wouldn't necessarily say just because they are jazz they sound thin, apparently the Active Preamp is very powerful. At the end of the day, nothing will be beat trying them out before buying. Appreciate that might not be easy but maybe buy and return if you can't get to a shop that stocks them
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    Me yesterday, playing Sunny Afternoon in the beer garden of a popular music pub. We got paid.
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    I haven't bothered with the "new" version of the Squier Bass VI because from what I have discovered by trying the Revelation and owning the Burns Barracuda, the slight increase in nut width (if that's actually right) won't be enough for me. Also the Burns sounds (for what I need) are much better than the Squier. I've now had the Eastwood for just over a week and although I've not had the time to play it as much as would have liked, and not at all amplified, from a string spacing PoV this is the bass VI for me. The strings are far enough apart for me to not be tripping over them when I change strings and picking style (which is what was happening with the Squier and to a lesser extent the Burns) but the neck is not so stupidly wide as a 6-string bass. IMO It's been designed with bass players rather than guitarists in mind, and is a workable compromise between the tight guitar spacing of the most bass VIs and the full bass guitar spacing of your typical 6-string bass. Of course what feels comfortable will very much what you are used to with your other basses and guitars (id applicable) and what sort of music you intend to play on it. I'm very much in the Post-Punk/Goth camp for my usage - think Joy Division and The Cure - rather than 60s style with flat-wound strings where maybe the Squier would be more suitable.
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    My father built the pipe organ for our local church. He also paid for piano lessons with a wizzened crone who kept disappearing into the kitchen every five minutes to return reeking of sherry. When I pointed out to the font of my genes I really needed some way of practising at home the reply was: "I've created a church organ, what more do you want?" As pipe organs don't really have a 'quiet' mode, painfully bad renditions of Chopsticks echoed briefly round the (small) town centre to the acute embarrassment of the 8 year old generating them. I gave up keys very, very soon afterwards.
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    Never look into a heat gun - you’ll burn your brows off and probably your face too
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    I think most folk have posted their comments now. So @scalpy what is your your verdict/thoughts?
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    Our tour has been rescheduled again, this time to 2021, but the Industry is sounding pretty damn worried overall. Not many festivals going to be able to survive two years off and even fewer venues. My concern is that most of the older town centre venues are plagued with noise complaints at the best of times and only survive thanks to being grandfathered in before the surrounding luxury flats; if they disappear then that real estate will quickly turn into more flats or office space and it's going to be incredibly tough to find suitable new spaces to restart any kind of live club scene.
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    Indeed, turns a ugly, nasty, twangy, shrill, uncomfortable thing into an muffled ugly, nasty twangy, shrill, uncomfortable thing 😀
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    I personally hated the BEF when I had it...sounded anemic compared to some of the other filters I’ve owned (mainly as it’s a bandpass filter rather than low pass!) others love it but for synth duties it just wasn’t fat enough for me. If you sold a couple of pedals a C4 would be easily attainable...!
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    That’s a good shout
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    I normally use wire wool,only takes off a small amount of finish.
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    Well , in a surprise turn up , I asked lurksalittle what she thought of my effort , and she thought I was singing the wrong melody in the chorus! i asked how she thought it should go , so she sang it , and I recorded it , simple it kind of throws a gender spanner in to confuse the lyric a little , but it is so much sweeter on the ear. im going to try some more guitar in it, then release it to grand acclaim, I might even have a launch party with myself while listening to all the plaudits 😎
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    Whilst this is true, for the pedals @mik900 has described I’d just use a One Spot (or similar) daisy chain. Seems a little overkill to get a full blown power supply just for a Sansamp and a tuner.
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    Well. there's a rumour that there might be an interesting bass project on the horizon
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    Price reduction to £160.00 MSD Earthquake Bass Wah - top notch great sounding bass wah, very robust construction. Enjoyed a good few bass Wah's over the years including Morley, Dunlop and EBS- this one is hands down the best. I like auto Wah's/envelope filters also and the latest one I've acquired has an expression input, hence the sale of this MSD. Collection welcome or insured UK postage cost of £12.00 Our Quake Machine is now 20 years old. From the first version to today, the details have been continuously revised. Our philosophy was and is to build the best possible wah wah on this planet. There is nothing comparable in terms of smooth mechanics or be it the variety of sounds. To date, the Silvermachine is the only wah wah where touch-sensitive footrests work smoothly and without delay. The trade press has awarded us “from the most luxurious wah to the“ king wah ”. QuakeMachine Manual Our Automagic version for electric bass and synthies: The first wah wah effect device for bass, in which the sound is processed in all its depth. Frequency modulation from 41 Hertz offers optimally coordinated sound variants. The result is gigantic, bad bass. The features Earth, Quake and fine adjustment are of course also available here. Modern fashion is pure gold here. A powerful bass foundation is preserved through the simultaneous use of the original and effect signal. The Classic Mode opens up completely new sound dimensions to the bass. Suddenly, sound effects can be elicited from him that were previously only known from synthesizer filters. Earth and Quake switches allow a total of twelve different sound settings. Earth offers three different frequency bands and Quake four different filter grades (Q factor = bandwidth of the filter). Two sound variants can be called up via Mini Switch. Classic stands for the classic WahWah sound, while modern fashion creates completely new subtle sound variations by mixing the wah and original signal. The foot switch generally turns the filter on, the wah can now be used as a fixed filter ... Mid Booster. There are fold-out angles on the back so the Silvermachine can be attached directly to an effect board. A service opening "Clean Fader" for cleaning the fader and an external battery compartment complete the overall equipment . Features include: Stainless steel housing Electronic True Bypass Switch 9 V DC socket 2 output sockets in parallel external battery compartment. Technical parameters: Power supply: 6-18V DC nominal 9V DC. Power consumption: 2.7 mA. Weight 1.8 KG Dimensions: W 13.0 x D 24.5 x H 5.7cm
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    OK - definitely into the final furlong Trussrod cover cut and fitted with magnetic catches, heel carve and headstock carves are finished, frets levelled and recrowned, action height sorted, intonation sorted and template saddle cut. Here's what it looks like now. Fully playable but final finish not on the body yet and finish also not yet on the neck: So tomorrow will be disassembly and final varnish coats started for the body and the satin finish started for the neck. And then it's...well, done
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    Long term will this continue? for profit venues have got to make a profit otherwise they go bust i am doubtful for the future of many small pubs that barely make a profit even when their pubs are packed with COVID19 and social distancing I’m convinced many will go bust just like may restaurants and cafes
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    I can sing and play but I hate doing it. Hate my own voice and i prefer someone else doing it.
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    No, we're quite definitely on different wavelengths, here. To me, composition of lyrics is a 'dark art', and un-earthing singable melodies even more foreign. Our singer, for instance, sings very well indeed, over a range of styles. Ask him to come up with an original song, be it lyrics or, lyrics supplied, a decent line, and there's nothing. Singing is one thing, composing songs is quite another, and lyrics another still. If the fellow was signed up to do all of this, and has done in the past, I see your point, but even then, sometimes the well runs dry. I can't think of many singer/songwriters with prolific quality output (OK, there's Joni Mitchell, and a few more...) but they're a rare breed, I say. What does he say to a basic chord sequence and a hint as to style..? 'Nuffin' comin'' or 'Give me a day or so'..?
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    A CW Sig is close to my ideal spec for a Status! I love the full carbon look, I love the different pickup positions, and I love the variable cut and boost on the filter. If I could afford to, and if Rob would be willing to, I would spec a lefty headless CW 5-string with the graphite top reaching all the way up the forearm carve, and I would like the preamp modified (but I'm guessing that's impossible, since the Board 303 is fully PCB-mount). For me, the mid frequency knob is a set-and-forget affair, I never touch it. So I would like it to be an internal trimpot, and have the boost/cut-knob moved to the middle position so the controls are arranged more like a conventional 3-band EQ.
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    Truth. This was about 5 years ago and I still own the bass to this day . I emailed Sandberg customer support (their general support email address) some time in the early evening, got a personal reply from Hölger himself at around 3am simply asking for my address. No platitudes, just “Send me your shipping address, I will sort this out” or words to that effect. A week later I have a brand new identical tuner postmarked from Germany, free of charge. All this for a used bass which I admitted was damaged as a result of my own incompetence - not a failure of the product itself. I insisted upon paying for the tuner but Hölger was having none of it. That’s a masterclass in customer service if you ask me.
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