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  1. Really sorry, it's gone but I had forgotten to mark it as sold.
  2. Whereabouts in North London are you? Would be very happy to take them off your hands but need to work out when I could get there, as I'm not in London as much as I used to be.
  3. Here for sale is my EA Doubler, which has served me well for a number of years, primarily amplifying an upright bass, but am now playing more bass guitar and want something with a bit more colour. It's a very clean sounding and transparent amp, and I have regularly had compliments about how good it makes my double basses sound. It's seen a bit of action and has a few knocks and scratches but is functionally perfect and has been well looked after. Ideally I'd like collection from either Gloucester or West London but I could deliver if it's not too far or send at buyer's cost. You're also welcome to come and check it out first if you want.
  4. I have for sale my old Markbass LMK amp, which I used as my main doubling amp for a couple of years until Channel 1 stopped working. It appears to be a fairly common problem which just requires replacement of the main board, which any competent repair person should be able to do (would do it myself but never seem to get time these days). Channel 2 still works fine and sound like pretty much any other Markbass amp (it's essentially operating as an LM3 at the moment) and otherwise in decent condition, although has a few scratches. Ideally collection from either West London or Cheltenham. Don't mind travelling a bit to deliver. Popping in to test it is also welcome. ETA: also comes with the two button footswitch.
  5. I'll take the bow, rosin and Trout, and if the Vance books are still available I'd be happy to take them off your hands. Will PM now.
  6. I'll take them, just let me know your details for payment.
  7. If Tiki613 doesn't take them let me know, cos I'll have them.
  8. Bought a strap off Cieran. Pleasure to deal with and the strap arrived extremely quickly. Thanks Charles
  9. For sale is my Realist pickup. It is the original copper model which is in excellent condition except for a very slight tear to the copper where the lead attaches to the element. This doesn't affect the sound or usability at all. Never really got on with the sound of this pickup but everyone else seems to love it (and to be fair it does have a pretty good arco sound, just sounded too much like a fretless BG for my tastes). £80 posted to UK.
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