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  1. Hi all, With the required reticence, given the talent already out there, I'll be offering online lessons for a while. Been teaching a long time, and have been taught by some of the best around so hope to help you if needed. Can cover electric and double bass with session work experience and jazz. Shoot me message if interested and we can figure it out. Stay well, bass family. Greg Cordez
  2. Selling my largely unused Realist. Been on the bass for about a year, but barely used. I use a Schertler contact mic and the Realist was intended for backup £90 posted
  3. Needs must, unfortunately..
  4. Hi all, Having a wee clearout. Selling my Surface Laptop and this MacBook. Will keep the one that doesn't sell first. This is in excellent condition, with one small scuff on one of the corners, I've photographed it. This is the 2.6ghz 16gb ram, 256gb SSD version with AppleCare til Feb 2020, so peace of mind assured with the sale. Based in Bristol area.
  5. Hi all, Looking at selling my beautiful B15. Based in Bristol area. Works and sounds incredible. Step down transformer included in the sale.
  6. Hi all, Selling this wonderful beast. An incredible bit of kit, but I'm with Schertler and use their gear now so moving this beauty on. In excellent condition, a little bit of dog fluff is visible on photos. Enjoy
  7. Hi all, I recorded my 2nd album in NYC, using some of my favourite musicians. I'm putting it up on soundcloud for a week or two before getting into label/release dates etc. Please feel free to check it out, and let me know what you think. Cheers https://soundcloud.com/gregcordez/sets/last-things-last-album
  8. [quote name='bassace' timestamp='1485537731' post='3224801'] Looks very nice! [/quote] Thanks!
  9. Hi Pete, No, this is my other Bass. The bass on the Paper Crane album is the now departed Hawkes bass I had. Regards, and thanks for checking that music out!
  10. Hi all, Selling my beautiful (thought to be) Hungarian 3/4 size bass. It has a German label from 1950's inside, but myself and several Luthier's think it to be a very nice Hungarian. Stunning outline and playability, and benefits from a lovely setup from Martin Penning. Currently strung with a set of wound gut strings (Pirastro Pizzicato- cost around £400) and sold with a David Gage Realist and gig bag worth about £200. This makes for a very good price for an instrument of this quality and setup/extras. Feel free to email [email protected] or call 07795660622 with questions. Im based in Bath.
  11. Hi Chris, No probs. Not in a hurry to sell it. Cheers
  12. Thanks guys. I agree with you all..
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