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  1. Hi all, I recorded my 2nd album in NYC, using some of my favourite musicians. I'm putting it up on soundcloud for a week or two before getting into label/release dates etc. Please feel free to check it out, and let me know what you think. Cheers https://soundcloud.com/gregcordez/sets/last-things-last-album
  2. [quote name='bassace' timestamp='1485537731' post='3224801'] Looks very nice! [/quote] Thanks!
  3. Hi Pete, No, this is my other Bass. The bass on the Paper Crane album is the now departed Hawkes bass I had. Regards, and thanks for checking that music out!
  4. Hi all, Selling my beautiful (thought to be) Hungarian 3/4 size bass. It has a German label from 1950's inside, but myself and several Luthier's think it to be a very nice Hungarian. Stunning outline and playability, and benefits from a lovely setup from Martin Penning. Currently strung with a set of wound gut strings (Pirastro Pizzicato- cost around £400) and sold with a David Gage Realist and gig bag worth about £200. This makes for a very good price for an instrument of this quality and setup/extras. Feel free to email gregcordez@hotmail.com or call 07795660622 with questions. Im based in Bath.
  5. AMT Bass Mic £200

    Hi Chris, No probs. Not in a hurry to sell it. Cheers
  6. GONE, But not forgotten

    Thanks guys. I agree with you all..
  7. Oliv G getting old question

    Hi Adrian. Ive got one or two I could sell if you want. I moved onto Pirastro Pizzicato G
  8. AMT Bass Mic £200

    Hah! Hope it works out for you. As far as recording, it would do a job, and the goose neck means you got a lot of placement options. Its tweaked to be a live performance mic, so thats where it shines. There would be better options for a strictly studio mic, but this would give you options. And its a good price...
  9. SOLD

    Hi, Yes it is.
  10. Hi all, Having a bit of a clear out. Selling this lovely bass mic ( i preferred it over the DPA). This is the one with the tailpiece mount, but not the quick release mount unfortunately. [url="http://appliedmicrophoneshop.com/products/s26-quick-release-tail-piece-system"]http://appliedmicrop...il-piece-system[/url] In excellent condition. Comes with its sturdy carry box, making postage an easy option.