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    Hey everybody ! Look at what I just bought : I got it for 600 Euros. It's really big compare to my Warwick Streamer Stage 1 but I will get used to it. I'm gonna completely renovate it (sanding, oiling ...) and I will show you the result. Thank you all for this brainstorming which allowed me to choose this bass !!!
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    There was a time when if you wanted mint sauce with your meat on a Sunday, you'd send a child out to the garden to pick a few mint leaves, you'd chop them up (the mint leaves, not the child), add them to a little vinegar et voila. Nowadays folks buy frozen pizza and ice cubes from the supermarket. I have no idea what I mean by that.
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    Updates! Slow progress but progress no less! Firstly I've got the frets installed, this was a steep learning curve, I actually uninstalled the first set of frets I installed and reinstalled a second set as I wasn't happy with the end product, the second set however I'm happy with. I've levelled them and filed them flush to the fingerboard, now I just need to crown them and take all the sharps off. I got the pickup cavity routes done, and thankfully the pickups fit lovely. I also had the awful job of drilling from the control cavity in to the pickup cavity, luckily nothing went wrong. The bridge position was also triple measured and drill holes complete. Got the tuners installed, I wanted to string the bass to make sure I hadn't made any mistakes and again thankfully everything was ok there too. I quickly half screwed the bridge in place and strung the E and D strings on to the bass, everything seemed great, not going to lie had a little 15 minute play with the strings on, and the neck feels really nice. Next! Loads and loads and loads of final sanding, frets need dressing and prepared for final polish which will be done after the oiling of the timber. I think I'm on the final stretch of the build and can focus on the finish knowing there's no more machining to do! Just got to be patient and enjoy the sanding process.
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    More pics, as promised. The whole album is HERE.
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    Amazing bass, in rare finish with maple neck. This 30 years old bass, sounds warm and punchy. Sounds great for slap, fingerstyle or even with the pick. Frets are in good condition, neck is straight, action low and truss rod is working. Body : Alder Neck : Maple Fingerboard : Maple, 184R, 20F Pickups : Split Coil Controls : Volume, Tone Bridge : Vintage Color : Vintage White Weight : 3,9 kg
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    My bandmates always seem to be surprised I'm a bass player...
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    I love it when there's fantasist out there who think they're the next Mick Jagger/ Jimi Hendrix and they get really shirty with you for not being professional enough while also begging to have an audition... At least you don't have to waste your time meeting this one!
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    Just the job for the bass player?
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    Hi! 😀 I'm selling my Fender Jazz Bass Custom Shop Classic 5. In my opinion bass is in excellent visual and manual condition, it has really small scratches and chips that do not affect the appearance (on request I can take additional photos of small scratches). Electronics and hardware work flawlessly. The sparkle pick-guard is not original but fits perfectly. Dunlop straplocks installed. Certificate of authenticity and hard-case included. If anyone is interested, please feel free to ask or send me a private message. Regards Maciej
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    set up with TI jazz low tension flats - so super low action, plays fast, sounds punchy - neck nice older C profile so doesnt feel too small - will know off some cash for pick up or can deliver within 50 mile radius of Clitheroe Lancs, also has gig bag and fender box so can ship at your expense
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    1995 Ken Smith BT5, plays and sounds great. Does have some wear shown in the pics from being played last 25 years. Here are the specs Maple body Maple 5 piece neck Murado fretboard 9 volt Smith preamp 34” scale 18mm string spacing Weight 9.1lbs Smith teardrop hardshell case Ships from US
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    Right...singer is ill so a no show - although he told us yesterday he’d do his best. He called me today and sounded like crap. He offered to pay for tonight... Instead we tightened up some new ideas, and Andy the new guitarist paid for rehearsal. sounds ace.
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    Well. there's a rumour that there might be an interesting bass project on the horizon
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    It's certainly why the Swiss Army have such lovely well-trimmed nails.
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    You know that Gumtree is owned by eBay right?
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    Because we like to use the gear we own? I've had amps where I couldn't use them when supporting woodwind instruments because the fan noise was obvious in the room. (Including a Mesa, it has to be said).
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    I've sold a lot of gear through Gumtree but the amount of idiots on there. I put a bass up for sale a week ago and within ten minutes I had a reply asking is it still available. I replied back and they responded with an email address asking me to 'send my details'. I just deleted the message...
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    Was actually very impressed the SDSB but not so much with the diamond but others swear by it. Would have definitely have the SDSB again but feel silly buying pedals twice 🥺
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    Cool looking bass, not so wild about the cat... (just joking) Nice Logo too, I agree with you on the false labeling issue and in the past have done what you have, Fender script, but not their name. I keep thinking about making a year of birth P bass, for me that's 1952, but I'm not keen on slab bodies, still the idea keeps coming back into my head. Your understated but beautiful 51, isn't helping. 😉
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    What I meant was that I do better by taking breaks and going back to a song rather than sitting down for 2 hours or more trying to learn a song. If I am struggling with a particular aspect of a song, e.g. 24 Hours by Joy Division is not a difficult song but I struggled with the timing in the bits where there is quaver length open D just before the start of the next bar. I had a cup of tea, looked at a bit of bass porn on the internet and went back to the song and got it. For me, practising for too long in a session leaves me tired and less able to perform well, and I often realise this only after taking a break.
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    I always found Gumtree to be the absolute pits when it comes to selling bass gear. Absolutely full of chancers and scammers. Would not recommend remotely.
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    Here is my contribution to the September 2020 Basschat Composition Challenge, inspired by a picture chosen by the previous winner: NickD..! Strange 'inspiration' this month, reflected in the title. The metaphysical Wild Ramblings of a Tree, faced with the Immensity of the Universe. What place for a Conifer in the Big Picture..? Is there reconciliation, or at least some comfort, in the vastness of the Unknown..? Superior Drums, Toontrack bass, Roland keys... All the rest is disparate samples, gleaned from my bulging folders and molded into shape, to fit pitch and tempo. Several instances of Ozone, for each genre, and a final spit'n'polish with Rich richness. Best played slightly loud (but not too loud, just the same..!) Thanks for listening, if you already have; if you're about to, enjoy.
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    Due to the shared body it's actually root 2 basses, about 1.41...
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    Nice! The size of those magnets! Do you get any problems with the tide, clocks, TV reception etc? Glwts matey!
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    Thank you Haz, that's very very kind. I absolutely love the Schaller bridges, I had one on an old Streamer bass and it was my favourite bridge to adjust, I've coupled that bridge with a Warwick Jan 3 too so adjustments are lightning quick on this bass. Well... for my day job I'm an industrial designer, I design mass manufactured consumer goods, at uni my degree was in furniture design and I worked as a furniture designer for 5 years before switching out to industrial design which I've done for 10 or so years. An instrument is easily the hardest thing I've ever designed and made, hands down, there are so many details and skills required at every stage, you've got to learn on the job as you go and the job lists never end!
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    Tried watching this, but it just drones on and on...
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    It seems that we have a few things in common - I'm originally from Essex and have lived in Bradford for most of my life. I've also known Chantel since she was a teenager. I'm sure that we must have a few mutual acquaintances (musical or otherwise). Out of interest, in which part of our fair city (!!) do you reside??
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    Why don’t you just buy 4 and get yourself a hip shot Dtuner?
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    It's interesting, I think of CD as being very high on detail, hi-fi and clean (digital in the technical and subjective sense), whilst tape is lower on detail but has warmth and, perhaps, a slightly more 'acoustic' feel (analog in technical and subjective sense). For me all tube amps are the best of both worlds, the detail of the former, the warmth of the latter Please note that it was not easy to write the above without using the word 'heft'
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    Bootsy has always been pretty good at getting his complex fx chain to work with the music! Sometimes by having synth bass in the mix too, but it works...
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    I always try to keep a packaging box in the room where I keep my bass cases/bags. My excuse is "I've always got a box ready in case I sell a bass and need to ship it". Mrs Blue Moon seems to accept the logic and is pleased that I'm thinking of selling! Helps when a bass arrives and you don't have the chance to get rid of the original box. Just flatten it and jamb it behind. I make regular trips to the container park and helpfully manage the household trash collection. Double win!!
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    m,mm yummy bass blow me another musician in this one horse town of eastbourne!!
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    Presumably with Randall amps?
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    Bax are just terrible when things go wrong, Would not buy from them again.
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    I'll go first - the bass player is probably good at playing ghost notes😕.
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    Is this like that dress thing, and the bass is really yellow or something?
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    I just found it hugely noisy. I ripped the guts out of it on purpose.
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    Hi , With heavy heart due to some wrist issues which are making 5 string upright uncomfortable for me 😞. Up for sale a 5 string eub built by Derek High , top notch build quality & woods throughout ( flame maple , ebony ). Magnetic pickup & piezo pickups by Wilson in Denmark , there is a volume control for each on the back & a side mounted jack input. Strung E-C & String length of 107cm. Comes with custom padded bag & collapsible stand. Its been a pleasure owning this for the last year and it needs to be played more often. Postage is not an option , it can be picked up or meet up can be arranged. Any prospective buyer would need to try it no doubt , so may be better after lockdown. Here are the pictures:-
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    He’s a great player but I find his presentation style a bit like Roger Moore playing 007.
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    I bought Paul's Ashdown CTM-100. There were problems with postage and a small problem with the amp - neither issue was Paul's fault. He was in touch the whole time, kept me fully informed and was keen to do whatever he could to resolve the amp issue. Deal with total confidence, Paul is a gent.
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    I can end this debate in one picture. A Fender Bass V done right, with an added J pickup and proper BEADG tuning.

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