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  1. No your not alone.....I didn't realize that this was important to me until recently. I find it very settling to see someone who has managed to tame the worry monstrosity we all have to deal with.
  2. Minor update! As is typical as soon as I sort out my board, my fuzz that I have been waiting on for four months arrives. Also managed to get an mxr octave deluxe on eBay. So this will do for now! Until eBay strikes again of course!
  3. Thanks man, yeah up close everything's a bit skwiggly (perhaps doing this half a bottle of wine and a beer down was not advised!) But I'm quite happy with. The sansamp is always on yeah. I'm hoping having it out of the way will reduce my likelihood of dicking about with it. The only thing I will miss is being able to boost the gain but I can adjust the boost on the eq and sounds similar so shouldn't be missed. Was also planning on having the interface integrated into the board but it would involve woodwork and I'm worried I'm gonna ruin it haha!
  4. Ive been putting off sorting my board for a couple of months now, mainly as I've been waiting on the return of a fuzz pedal which is failing to materialize. So finally got to it last night and it's about as tidy as it is gonna get with this setup. I would like to say this is the final one but I'm definitely not settled on the lineup so who knows what the next year will bring!
  5. Thanks everyone. I'm sure it would be a simple fix, I've just put it off for years and years. Partly cos I don't really know a good amp tech in the Glasgow area and partly cos I was unaware of the truly superhuman customer services of ashdown I keep hearing about. I will be in touch with them soon I assure you, no more procrastination!
  6. Glad you have found one. I have the perfect ten and it (was) a great amp. It lasted about a year and then something went wrong and now it's a distorted mess. I have brought it with me on three house moves, with a plan to find someone to fix it. I hope I haven't left it too late as I loved the sound and also the look of it. I hope your son enjoys his own mini stack! Literally head and shoulders above your average practice amp.
  7. Another thing to consider is how the guitarists are eq'd. I used to play in a very loud band with a guitarist, an animal of a drummer and a front man that was also very loud. Me and the guitarist basically took different sections of the mid range and stayed out of each others way sonically. While the Beringer can make you louder it will also scoop your mids, potentially making your problem worse. However also agree, a preamp/DI is hugely important in any kind of gig scenario (especially if you can plug straight into the PA and laugh at the guitarists lugging massive amps about while you have a beer 😂). If you were to get one keep, alter the amp eq to mitigate for the scoop. I recently got an eq pedal and this has really helped. I sound like a p-bass again!
  8. Also I should watch the entire video before posting as both this people are in that video 🤣
  9. I've been fascinated by this instrument recently oddly enough. I didn't even know it was a real thing, i just thought it some mad stinky poo Donovan was going on about! Anyways this girl is quite interesting, trying to bring the gurdy to the kids!
  10. I'll also put Ernie Ball cobalt flats forward. I was looking for a basically slightly worn in roundwound tone that lasts (brand new roundwounds were always too clangy and zingy to my ears). Round wounds would give me the sound I like for a couple of months then quickly die. I've had the flats on for about 9 months now and they sound more or less the same as when I took them out the packet. And they are smooth which, as a former guitar player then bassist in punk/metal/ heavy rock, is still a massive novelty. If I'm being really pedantic I would like just a smidge more top end bite, but I can bring that in with eq or a bit more drive and that minor negative is far outweighed by the plus points
  11. Man that's a gutter, I had just done a pedalboard overhaul and got a new amp otherwise that octron would be mine! Haha. Ah well I shall keep my eyes posted in future...
  12. I'll put forward the Donna's. However I would also say there is no point forcing it. My kids like what they like, I tried to introduce rock music to them, especially in the car but t any time I forced it too much they told me to put off that 'old music' (for reference this was green Day, we're not exactly talking classical here). My son especially has told me he doesn't like rock music. However he loved ironman by black Sabbath when he was little (you can guess why). There was also a curious episode as a toddler where he was humming along to Rob zombie - let the bodies hit the floor thanks to an unfortunate Thomas the tank engine YouTube video.. He now listens to weird quasi numetal thanks to bands soundtracking Minecraft videos while strongly instigating that it is NOT rock music. My daughter thinks jazz is 'cooking music' and I've caught her singing the chorus to back pocket by vulfpeck from time to time as well. I would say just have music on and be involved with your kids. They won't know it but they will he absorbing all the time and they will associate the good times they have with you with that music, thus locking them into mad prog music whether they like it or not! Sorry for the long post, apparently sleep deprivation makes me wordy....
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