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  1. Im really enjoying it. Admittedly not used it massively since I got it a few months ago as I dont plug in to practice normally. I used a SANSAMP V1 bass driver before and was getting a bit tired of the mid scoop. From the moment I plugged in at my first practice with the digbeth both me and the guitarist noted how much 'fuller' sounding I was sounding. The tube pathway is nice as well, useable both at low and high gain. Eq works well. I suppose my only dissappointment with it thus far is the tilt control. It may become useful in certain scenarios but so far it is just another knob to accidentally knock and wonder why you sound crap. Oh thats another thing the dials are not the easiest to read in low light but to me thats not a big deal, the eq all have centre indents and im not straying too far from centre with them.
  2. So finally finished my dialled down board. Previously using a Ruach board, beautiful wooden board, but it was just too big for me. Now on a metro 24, if I can find a smaller substitute for the microsynth I may go smaller! Signal chain is muff - superego - MXR - tu2 - mojomojo - microsynth - zoom - digbeth. Powered by a Harley Benton iso pro.....bunny for aesthetics only 🤣
  3. Oh I seen these. Personally I absolutely love the olive one but each to their own!
  4. I'm a fan. It's a great catchall as it doesn't take up a lot of space but has a little bit of everything in there. Granted it's not the most 'adjust on the fly' devices but the size makes up for that. You just need to have your presets sorted before you gig. Probably only really useful for one preset per song but it works absolutely fine for me in that regard. One thing I noticed is that it needs a really clean power supply. I use a Harley Benton isolated power supply and it made SO much noise. Got a recommendation on here for a Palmer power conditioner for about 20 quid and that sorted it right out.
  5. Yeah I got mine setup and some fretwork done in the second half of 2020 and there was a massive backlog as they had been shut for a good few months. They then had a big break-in and were recovering from that for a while so they're maybe still trying to get caught up? I dunno but when things settle down they are really helpful and the work itself was reasonably quick....and obviously well done haha.
  6. Have you tried the Russian big muff? It comes in the compact enclosure and sounds great (to my ears). I've never tried the bass muff but I've heard people say the Russian is better?
  7. It's at the back of the at Enoch's centre open air car park, beside Mr Ben's and Mono....among other establishments that I can't remember 😂
  8. Been brought up already but I've always used strung out. Always really nice service and no complaints from my end. Only found out about Jimmy Egypt the past few years but I've heard great things from them as well
  9. There's a company in Scotland called Gojira effects. They do a bunch of stuff, it seems to be made to order though. Several different fuzzes etc. What's really cool is that you can have your own design screen printed onto the pedal, don't think I've seen anyone else do that.
  10. I have the crying bass wah as well as the cradle. It sounds good I could never get it to work well for me. It would appear playing bass and balancing on one leg was a bit too much for my brain 😂. I've been looking to sell it if you are interested? Got the boxes etc
  11. I have the microsynth for about 10 years now and it's still on my board. It's big, it needs it's own power supply and I'm convinced it's gonna die on me at some point but I can't get rid of it, it has its own noise and just looks cool 🤣. I use it more as a distortion/fuzz with the stop frequency being used as a tone control but one day I'll find a way to shoehorn those filter sweeps in! The sub octave is cool as it doesn't have masses of Subby low-end so it can give your sound more of a colour rather than taking over. I have the guitar version but it's modified to switch between both bass and guitar modes. Also have an expression out to control the stop frequency which is handy! I have no experience with the mothership but it looks awesome!
  12. I was always roundwounds until a few years ago. I had never really tried them as I thought they were old fashioned, dull etc. But over the past few years my opinions have broadened and have been listening to more varied players, specifically Michael league and Joe dart and it peaked my curiosity. Also a big thing that put me down this avenue was that I hate changing strings. Normal roundwounds aren't cheap either and I don't like the sound of brand new rounds so I would put off replacing strings for months till they were just horrible. I too was very hesitant to invest in flats but I found a great compromise, as has already been suggested, were Ernie Ball cobalt flats. Out the pack they soundore or less what I want, a worn in roundwound, still plenty of bite and top end but no harsh zingy-ness. More importantly they stay there. My current set are over a year old and I'm only just thinking about changing....maybe. if your gonna take the plunge I would strongly recommend those. Also flats feel amazing, that's always fun 😂
  13. Nevermind found the dimensions on the site! Thanks everyone!
  14. Thanks guys, I knew you would come through! Now to be super fussy, any chance that power conditioner fits under a pedaltrain metro? 🤣
  15. Hello hope someone can help me here. I have been having a problem with my zoom ms50b. When I got it I thought it's an ideal solution for having a suite of effects in a compact box. However it's really noisy. After full investigation I've isolated it to the zoom. I use a (cheap) isolated power supply (Harley Benton isopro2), I use one of the 500mA outputs to power the zoom by itself. However there is a high pitched whining noise going through the signal chain. It is there even if I use battery power but doesn't seem to be there if I only use the zoom on its own? I'm confused and a bit gutted as I was hoping that this was gonna be my Swiss army knife in my lastest, condensed pedal setup. Has anyone else had a similar issue? Am I missing something really obvious? Thanks in advance for all your help everyone!
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