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    French Corona Virus Solution.mp4
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    I've rationalised this in my own mind. Genesis has given me a huge (and I mean HUGE) amount of pleasure since I was a kid. They're etched into my DNA. All that enjoyment has cost me... what? A few hundred quid over the years? That's a bargain. I don't mind paying another 80 (which I appreciate is a substantial amount of money) to say ta-raa.
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    After @Bilbo mentioned in another thread that he was transcribing a track from the Bruford One of a Kind album i thought i should maybe upgrade from my vinyl copy to a CD version. Arrived yesterday and i had forgotten what an amazing album it was. This was what got me into listening to Mr Berlin and following his many youtube clips. If only i could play like him Bill Briford - drums Jeff Berlin - bass Dave Stewart - keys Allan Houldsworth - guitar Did manage to see Jeff Berlin with John McLaughlan many years ago and he impressed me a lot live. Just thought i would share part of this happy wee moment in life. Probably not to everyone's taste.
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    Something for the weekend
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    I know. I was there. Do you want some pics.
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    This is lovely too, Swedish Jazz (or Jazz pa Svenska) from Jan Johansson in 1964. One of Danny Thompson's big influences
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    I saw a great new band called Loup Garoux the other night. The bass sounded awesome and looked very cool; kind of Fender-ish but hard to identify with the stage lighting and dry ice. Anyway I tweeted Richard Jones the bass player who very kindly responded: So it’s a Cowpoke. Full on GAS ensues, and I’m hoping I can shift the items I’m currently selling in order to make a bid on one that’s currently on eBay. So, who’s got one? What’s the consensus?
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    Fabulous looking bass! GLWTS 👍😊
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    It's down the back of the back seat of your car. 50p and a twizzler please. Or we'll phone your mum, via ouija board if necessary.
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    I had TE 1x15 7215 SMC combo and the sound was lovely. It was heavy but distinctive. I switched to Ashdown when I went to separates and have ended with the ABM EVO IV 600 (rack version) which I think is one of their best ever models. I can't recall if they did the 600 Evo IV in combo form. I think there's a difference between the EVO III and IV. As you point out, Ashdown are still here and their customer service cannot be beaten, which is just as important!
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    Theo is a total legend and a gentleman The Vigier is an absolute cracker, just a masterpiece of bassly beauty "I believe somebody is going to be grinning from ear to ear with this purchase" I smiled all the way home I am still smiling yep, still smiling........
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    If you park your car in the same spot and leave the keys in the ignition i'll return your gear...........honest
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    Not just knobs....red knobs 😃
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    Hydraulic expanding shoulder pads and a footswitch works just as well. Probably better. 👍
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    You know this X32 that you don't really have a need for...? 😉
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    This is a good suggestion. If you buy a dedicated practice amp, you will usually have to buy something else to gig with.
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    I think this is my old bass, and woolleydick's before that. If so, it's an absolute beast of a bass; more subtle in tone than with original pickups and Moog-powered circuit. Good price too even with the non original mods; if I didn't already have two RD Artists I'd be having this straight back
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    I lost my virginity in a carpark at Blyth Beach in 1976. If it turns up there's a reward.
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    Hi Mate All sold now I'm afraid. Cheers
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    I think it would be an excellent thing to do. The head won't weigh a huge amount and would partner well with any other cab you have or may use. I've seen 4x10 combos by various makes going for so little money that I've often thought of getting one just for the amplifier section and would ditch the rest
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    Despite what I've posted before, I do prefer the preamps on the two Ashdown heads I've had. And the fact that they're a going concern with good customer service is a big positive. I'm quite lucky because I've got a mate who lives locally and he deals with my Trace stuff for me. I'm using my Trace stuff as glorified power amps with a bit of eq really, amplifying my board sound and providing eq for the room and a di. A lot of people don't need really loud. Playing in a pretty raucous rock band in medium to large venues, I do and I can get it with less faffing thru a single 4x10 with my Trace heads. Horses for courses and good luck with your search!
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    Also fuel sold in litres but car manufacturers still give economy figures in MPG?
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    Clean, powerful response : GK MB800 Loud gritty rock tone: Orange Terror Bass 500w
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    So finally got the bass back from being wrapped. I’m sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I am a Batman Fanboy. It was wrapped by a company in Oxford called Vinyl Revolution and I can honestly say they were an absolute pleasure to deal with. They have wrapped the pickguard to match the image but also wrapped the same image underneath in case I ever want to change the pickguard for a clear one. I supplied the image(found on the internet.) They did the rest. Cost £115 + VAT. It’s obviously cheaper if they just supply the wrap and you do it yourself. I think that was £30 + VAT to produce a wrap in an image you supplied but I’m not that patient or handy to fit myself lol.
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    The fact boutique builders use both shows there’s nothing in it. The Dunlop flush mount were notoriously unreliable on Warwicks back in the day (I had to find a chair mid song) but have since improved. I was Schallers all the way then got a Roscoe with Dunlop pins, and all basses are Dunlop now. Both systems are easy to use and neither has let me down. Marginal win for Dunlop on the aesthetic.
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    Just arrived today... the V is Kelley green, too lazy to take a pic.. Just need to finish setup and wire it up.
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    Phew! Just made it! Hiya Stingray5
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    Thriller attempts, gated and triggered envelopes respectively:
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    Seems like a nice guy too. I know he did the SBL thing, and here's a vid of his studio setup from a few years back (for anybody interested).
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    Love Santana too Gareth - speshally Abraxus. Great album - Michael Shrieve's drumming is magic
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    I finished The Ballad of Fat Labrador on the Tube this morning, and I'm genuinely sad it's over. I had this after reading the first instalment too. You really have a way with characters, and I'm going to miss them on my morning commute.
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    Seems like an eminently sensible thing to do. Put it back together when you decide to part company.
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    Not sure where to post this as it contains amp, fx, wireless and accessories. Finally finished a pedalboard. Fits snuggly on top of my cab with plenty of space round the edges so wont risk falling off. Contains - amp (quilter bb800), wireless (line6 g75), line 6 stomp, 4 way. The idea is so I can just take out of case place on cab, plug one socket in, attach Speakon into cab and I'm good to go. Easy, easy one hand lift. Set up should take 5 minutes max, instead of pfaffing around plugging 3 or 4 different thing in, making sure stuff doesnt fall off etc. Hopefully itll stay in one piece after first gig this weekend.
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    Think I might have earned a yellow card - I've just bought a replacement footswitch as the old one's carked itself and I have a gig next week. I could manage without it - it only mimics controls on the amp - but I've got used to having the controls on my pedal board. There's no additional functionality though, honest guv.
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    And of course, coping with the hot-desking fad. Not the [email protected]'s-paper-trays that was popular around the turn of the century, but the ability to locate a desk among a group of people whose work is entirely different to your own. If you're a software developer, you either work on your own projects or have a wee kip while seemingly concentrating hard on a screen full of code that will just be gobbledegook to the admin people around you - or if you're in PR, you plonk yourself among the geeks and play on YouFaceTwit all day. And of course, you always use the printer that's furthest away from where you are. That lets you master the art of carrying a piece of paper while walking briskly, thus making you seem Big and Important. When it's time for a brew, you pull out that elderly phone stuffed full of MP3s, plug in your earphones and conduct an intense but one-wordy conversation with Iron Maiden. Need to watch the volume, though. For added points, start a detailed reply as you walk out the room. Plus, when printing stuff for home, make sure you submit it in a batch and make the final document something to do with work. Make sure there's no-one near the printer before you send it. Then, as your set lists and charts are printing, if anyone approaches you, you take it off the printer looking really annoyed, make some comment about 'don't some people focus on their business objectives' when your own document finally appears and flounce off with your home stuff while making some comment about reporting misuse of resources. That's so no-one can reasonably ask you to chuck it straight in the recycling bin. There we are, kids. Laura's Thursday Tips for a more satisfying working day. Tune in next week for tips on how to leave boring meetings and still look good, how to deal with food thieves and how to provide your odious manager with a managed exit. Book and motivational speaking tour coming soon!
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    You need Jim Dunlop strap locks, as used by MTD, Fodera etc. The premium choice when it comes to strap locks. I've yet to be let down by them in 10 years. £17 to purchase but a lot cheaper than getting your neck repaired! Alternatively, for the minute, Fender's strap holders for about £4 for 2 pairs actually do a very solid job. I was using them on a couple of new basses for a few months, but just changed them to JDs like the rest of my collection.
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    Charity Appeal We've all got busy lives but we should each take a moment to think about some elderly, disadvantaged people. Just to make it more real, let's call them Tony, Phil and Mike. Tony's a bit of a brooding curmudgeon and his family might like to see the back of him for a year or two. Phil can hardly hobble to the cash-point these days and worse still his bank is in Switzerland so it would take him six months to walk there and back. As for Mike, it's like he barely even exists the way people never think about him, not even on bass guitar forums. Just £700 from each individual who reads this appeal would help Tony, Phil and Mike to get out and about and stay at some nice hotels and do some interviews, possibly on Graham Norton. Don't turn your back on them. Thank you.
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    Does this count as a lightweight rig, or do the two components count each other out?
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    The fact that every time you turn around it tells you what note you're playing in glowing LED in real time. What if the audience spots you're playing the wrong note? 😄
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    There’s a cracking reggae tune I stumbled upon on a comp album and I’ve not been able to find it since It’s got this ascending into part on keys which makes me think of a spider skanking up the keyboard. Anyhow in lieu of that here’s a fine tune form some guys from upstate New York https://youtu.be/QXtjAPJ_fLM

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