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    Lovely lovely Precision, selling as I have too many of them and this one has a 40mm nut which is just a little too small for me. Some more details in this thread Tone wise it's a cracker, back PUP was a real surprise. Built like a tank also. Proper 1970s MIJ workmanship. Having to spend the weekend installing a new bathroom so being brief. Will reply to any specific questions about the bass in the thread.
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    I never knew he was a director. I thought he just took care of the money, and his partner Steve Twofer looked after the show
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    Getting the screws in must have hurt. Anyway, when you shower or bathe, do you wrap the Hofner in a plastic bag? Or just give it a good shake afterwards and go stand in the airing cupboard?
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    Ambient, my friend, I don't think the polarisation with diminish anytime soon, and I don't think your life is likely to align successfully with the policies that the UK has decided to pursue. Much as I love Britain and sometimes miss it terribly, I no longer contemplate going back -- and I live in the Cheeseburger Republic. For people who operate primarily in the realm of information-rich creative innovation, there is little need to be tied to one locale. There's still room at the top.
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    You get major respect for just staying composed. I would have been fanboying out, too giddy and emotional at being in the presence of a musical legend to play...hell, that was one of the last songs I remember on TOTP before emigrating to NZ aged 10. It carries a lot of memories.
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    I would agree entirely on that. I have done a few petitions and all of them have come back with 'thanks for signing the petition, the government have considered it and decided that we are going to do what we want anyway'. Now the government have a huge majority I don't think they even have to pretend that they care about anything outside their agenda any more. I am utterly voiceless too, never more so, and it seems so far non aligned with peoples wishes (in that I don't even understand them), that it seems for the first time in my life, there actually is no point in trying to get involved in anything.
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    Now Sold One rather nice US Precision in Oly White - or as our drummer used to call it, cheesecake - it’s much creamier looking in real life than the pics suggest. In good condition, a couple of slight knocks as per pics, has graphite rods in the neck for stability, Custom Shop 62 pickups, hi-mass bridge and I’ve added a string retainer to the A tuner plus a Graph Tec nut. Comes in a Hiscox hard case. All important Basschat answer is 3.85kg or 8lbs7.8oz In true Basschat spirit am looking to recoup what I paid for it, £850. No trades. Can look at shipping at buyers expense.
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    I can’t remember the last time Hackney had an earthquake, but it’s worth knowing skank 👍😄
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    Very. They’re also less likely to get knocked, or in my house; Joshed, Josh being my 5 year old nephew, Joshed being what tends to happen to items he touches, somehow they’re never quite the same again 😂. My cat hides in the airing cupboard when she hears him.
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    Nice find RB. What an enormous tone. Love it
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    "Ah, it might look like a Trace Elliot 4x10, but it's actually a suitcase... Errm, honest..."
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    @Cuzzie your Windrush reference is certainly hits at the emotive heart of the subject of freedom of movement. As my wife's family is 1st gen, I saw first hand the deep hurt it caused the Caribbean folks and that, it was the rejection after being invited that was one of the most insulting things. I think it's fair to say that, everyone agrees that the Windrush scandal was a national disgrace and that those who represent us in gov made a huge and outrageous mistake. Quite rightly, there was public outcry, the gov owned up, was full of apologies, changed the policy and agreed a £200m payout. That makes a very clear statement. It's another example of the gov changing policy after a direct order from the public. It's pure people power. How that relates to musicians is I think, by demonstrating that if a community of people get together and petition the gov, (especially now as the post 2021 immigration policy is still a work in progress), the gov could be made to improve on the concessions for artists. My reading of the situation is, that's exactly what the musician unions etal are planning for. So far, they have only asked for clarification on a point in the policy. I would be confident that, if the unions don't get an answer they like, they'll go into proactive mode and will start garnering support to petition the government to change the policy. I feel like this is a solvable problem. The unions have enough public support to be able to drum up plenty of signatures to get it debated in parliament.
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    You may be a glass half full guy, but neither the less my point about being over taken by developing nations still stands. Ask yourself this question, is there any reason at all that a British office or factory worker should have a better standard of living or better working conditions than an Indonesian worker doing a similar job once we leave the single market??
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    While any business would welcome a reduction in red tape and bureaucracy I don't believe that the current UK government can be trusted to do that... Frinstance, I've recently been lumbered with a number of surveys I'm legally bound to fill in for the Office of National Statistics (on pain of a £5k fine). What's deeply annoying is that I also have to provide exactly the same info to another branch of government (HMRC), just in a different format. Not only that, but another new law has just appeared where any business storing data on a computer or even just having cctv has to pay a fee of up to £2900 to the Information Commissioners office... Neither of these are likely to help businesses cope with the rest of the "opportunities" that the country has democratically foisted on them!
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    Do you seriously believe that things will improve for workers? The cheap Eastern European worker is a myth. How many British born people do you know would work in a field in the pouring rain and cold picking whatever seasonal crop, for the minimum wage? The crops will and are going unpicked. Bottoms will go unwiped in nursing and care homes. They’re on average better qualified and better trained that UK workers, their qualifications and training obtained abroad, so not at our expense. What they’re actually doing, if you look properly, is making it harder for you and I to go abroad to work. They’ve also lowered the salary cap for workers from abroad, and lowered the minimum qualification from a degree to the equivalent of an A level. Bearing in mind that most Europeans have a fantastic grasp of English, then the requirement to speak English won’t be much of a hindrance. This thread though, is meant to be about musicians and other creatives coming here, and us going there. Everyone I know from both sides of the channel who has performed abroad, in whatever capacity is saying the new rules will prevent them from doing so in the future. The only people who aren’t, have probably never performed abroad, and probably have never had any intention of doing so. Therefore I would rather listen to those who have, than those who’re talking without any experience. As an artist and an academic, it will cause massive disruption, and negatively impact what I do.
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    SOLD PRICE IS £50 I have a very tidy Fender Guitar amp, practice or even small gig amp at 30 watts 8 ohm, great small amp for doodling about with, built in effects and second channel overdrive type input....switchable with a footswitch that I don’t have for it, comes complete with a cardboard case! ive had it about 6/7 years and bought it from a guy who had never used it on stage, like me, but it’s in nice clean condition. The only thing I’ve had to do was replace the internal fuse some years ago as they do occasionally 'wear down' a bit. I’m based in NE Hants....sometimes travel to Evesham Vale.
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    The plan was to visit Mark and the boys at Bass Direct to try and buy a US Lakland Jazz they have advertised. That was the plan. What happened was, well, basically my head got turned by a spotless 2011 4003 in my favourite colour scheme and once I plugged it in and heard that Ric "fizz" it was only ever going to finish up one way. The Lakland was lovely but left me feeling completely underwhelmed. It was a gorgeous piece of work and the build quality was superb, but I just didn't feel anything from it. It was (as they say) me, not the Lakland. I need to change the strings but it's a real beauty and fills a gap I didn't know needed filling in my collection. All in all, a worthwhile trip.
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    Welcome Jeff. I hope you enjoy your time over here.
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    Wow! Hardly believe that this thing as old as me... wish I looked than this beauty...
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    Definitely a scammer - you'll have no ebay protection when the goods aren't sent. Report him to ebay.
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    Here’s a good tip on that, if you don’t do this already then it’s really handy - sequentially number your project versions every time you bounce a mix out eg Your project might be called ‘give me a sine 001’ , save it then bounce the mix and call it the same. Now save the project name as ‘give me a sine 002’ and so on. It means you have a clear reference for each mix and a way to compare and revert to any point in the project. So when your singer says “mix 009 is great but actually I prefer 007” then no problem!
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    Not read the whole of the other thread detailing the more annoying Youtubers, but it got me to thinking about a list of those we find useful, informative, helpful and so forth. I like Constantine Isslamow for instance. Seems a nice guy and his stuff is usually on the money. Who have you found that you like, for any reason?
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    As a buyer I don't quibble over price, I turn up when I say I will, I'm always polite through communications and will make the transaction as easy as possible for the seller as this will in turn make things easy for me. But last year I had three different sellers back out of an agreed deal for various reasons/excuses and it's really annoying and frustrating. None of these were on Basschat BTW.
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    So long and farewell Silver Slaps, you served us both well
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    Thanks, when my kids were young they were always listening to Blinky Bill so I became Old Man Wombat and it sort of stuck. and ‘by eckers like’ is Northern. Not English 😉
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    Just to be clear I think that losing FOM is a bad thing but I think you are being excessively pessimistic. What is stopping the guy from Amsterdam getting on a plane/train with his macbook and going "on holiday"? If you look at the raw maths of numbers of enforcement officers and the priorites of the enforcement agencies whose remit this situation might cover, what is the realistic likelyhood that officers are going to appear at any small event and start detaining people on suspicion of working without a visa? Everything is subject to cost/benefit, so unless we find ourselves in a situation where the powers that be are engaging in a Stalinist crackdown on the free exchange of ideas and sending all the artists and intellectuals to the gulag, in all likelyhood the authorities will only start to actively pursue you when you have passed the economic threshold where paying for the visa wouldn't be an issue.
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    To get back on point. Previously you and everyone else who had a mind to, could have worked in a creative capacity; either as a musician, a dancer, actor, or whatever, in anyone of thirty different countries. From next January, you’ll be able to do so in just one. Probably the only people who will be able to carry on working across borders are the ones already high up in the pecking order. So how is that helping anyone who’s been left behind? It’s actually cutting off opportunity, because unless they have money behind them, or they're able to do it through academia, then they’ll encounter obstacles. Take DJs for example. A kid with a desire to DJ in a club or bar in Spain or a Greek island could have done that, the opportunity was there, many took it. Now those jobs will be taken by locals, or by youngsters from within the EU. How many young people spent their summers working behind a bar in Spain? Oddly working as a DJ or a dancer in Blackpool just doesn’t have the same air of romanticism about it.
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    But we won’t necessarily have €75 billion to spend; a figure that ignores by the way, our rebate, it also ignores what we’d have got back in grants and other payments, but just because we would have paid it, that doesn’t mean that we’ll have it to spend.
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    What about putting on tariffs to help workers on, say, farms in Norfolk? Though I suspect that this government (though this is more than a suspicion!) are so free market obsessed that help won't be forthcoming to those who lose out as a result of the self-inflicted free-for-all. After all, it's survival of the fittest, eh? They'll have to adapt or die! Which isn't the sort of message that you want to hear if you've sunk all your savings into getting a thriving business going trading with our nearest neighbours over the space of 40 years only to discover that you have no idea whether you can profitably carry on that trade...
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    I get the nausea thing... I always find they do something interesting, groovy, accomplished. Then they mess it up with either a) that horrible singing; I can't put my finger on why it's so unpleasant to me, perhaps because it's so blatantly unoffensive? Or perhaps because his melodies and chord sequences just chime with something deep down in me that hates smoooothjazz chord sequences? I remember going to see Larry Coryell once, and while dazzled by his prowess (!) all those elevator chord changes were like being drizzled with golden syrup in a bath full of honey (I understand that this may appeal to some). b) see a), though the band's chord sequences are just as annoying as Mr Fagin's (unsurprisingly) But then I like music to be visceral, challenging. And if it's going to be quite easy, keep it simple and groovy - like dub!
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    We play very different venues.
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    Trouble is the dire warnings from the Treasury, IMF and BofE at the time have been shown to be a long way from reality and many of these so called experts are rapidly changing their tune (IMF - "UK will outpace Eurozone this year and next"; "could be some real upside" - Mark Carney last month). Exports to the EU account for just 8% of our economy. We run a £70 billion trade deficit every year with our EU neighbours and they get most of the fish in our fisheries. And import substitution works both ways. Going forward we won't have to have tariffs on the rest of the worlds goods and services any higher than we have with our EU neighbours - that's a real level playing field! You'll have read just today that the EU are struggling to even agree a budget, that's partly because they are missing Eur 75 billion from the UK over the next 7 years. And we will be able to pay our farmers what we like to cushion the transition - remember we're gonna have a spare Eur 75 billion in our back pocket for exactly such contingencies. So I think you're being far too pessimistic; but then you'll have probably gathered by now I'm a glass half full sort of guy! See my post just above
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    I'd just like to express my admiration for the mods willingness to keep this compelling thread alive despite it sailing pretty close to the wind a few times.
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    Yep, it's on DVD 🙂 After a few delays, it's nice to finally play the set in the hall. It was all pretty relaxed, and we had time to iron out a lot of the bumps. We finally got to see the lighting today too, even if it was just ticking over. It's going to be insane. Apologies for the photofest. This is my shout mic button. I can press this at any time and discreetly ask the nice chaps on monitors to turn the guitars down 😄 Amp. Yum. (Box on top is LR Baggs Venue DI) Guitar corner.. Rhythm section... centre of the stage where we should be 🙂 FOH More cameras The video department. The lights are on... The sirens of Scotswood... they sing like angels. Chris Cowie (Assistant Director) and Geoff Wonfor (Director). Between them they've done The Beatles Anthology, Top of the Pops.. all sorts.
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    I love Steely Dan. I love the grooves they get into, I love the sarcastic, throwaway lyrics. I know there’s a hell of a lot of brilliant writing and astonishing musicianship going on but I just like the finished songs, the product. I don’t relate to SD emotionally, they don’t ‘speak’ to me, so to speak, their experiences in no way correlate with mine but there’s something escapist and very dark that’s (for me) highly attractive about them. They occupy a unique corner of my musical taste, listening to The Fez or Babylon Sisters is like listening to no other band, I suppose I can’t explain why I like them so much, perhaps that’s one of the reasons I do like them so much. When someone else writes and performs a song as great but insane as My Old School... well it isn’t going to happen. Stuart Lee is, by a country mile, my favourite ‘comedian’ but then I find that a peculiar epithet to describe him with, his work is more like stream of consciousness monologues, although more interactive with the audience responses than the word monologue would usually suggest. There is a similar snobbery surrounding Stewart Lee as surrounds Steely Dan, the tired old ‘you just don’t get it/them’, of course it’s bôllöcks, and band/comic/anything else is simply about each individual’s interaction with said band/comic/anything else and no one persons interaction is any more valid than anyone else’s but there will always be the I’m right you’re not crowd blathering on, it’s why I don’t get involved in the fretless discussions on here anymore.
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    Have to Mention EPMD again, with Eric Sermon, Redman coming out that crew, Keith Murray Its taking me back.
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    Plenty about SD for my ears to like. Strong melodies, interesting chord changes and form, with solid harmony going on (also some deep lyrics that are even odd at times). They always used top players and singers on their sessions with some terrific soloing in the instrumental sections. None of it seemed forced (to me), just the opposite, good composing from a couple of very talented musicians, where it all seemed to come naturally to them. I don't find it 'cold', or 'sterile', but interesting music played with a great feel from all involved. With SD there is a lot to take in, but I'm happy with that. I've seen them live a few times over the years and they have never disappointed me. They certainly divide opinion and, that's how it should be... 😎
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    HIP HOP Evolution on Netflix is an outstanding lesson on the story arc of the genre. I've been picking out tunes along the way to play along with. A great lesson in playing simply and getting right inside the groove. It's making me pay such close attention to note execution, note length and picking hand technique that I can almost hear the crowd booing if I'm even a touch out 😄. It's really satisfying to totally lock in with a solid cool groove for 7+ minutes and eventually not hear yourself because you're playing so tight. It's like meditating. Good for the soul!
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    Sorry Should have gone to Specsavers...….thought it said furry bass
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    Just had this delivered by our resident gear tart Karl to my hotel room in Newcastle. Blown away by the bass and Karl's 50 cash back to buy the strings of my preference. What a diamond geezer.
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    Well, if we're going to be setting rules, I'll see your Derek Smalls 'proper' double-P vibe and raise you the Derek Smalls "proper proper" double-double P vibe... 😀
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    Gibson no-longer make guitars. They now just make gaffes. Anyway, I'm surprised that they needed that machine to destroy those guitars - normally you just have to look at the neck on a Gibson & the head voluntarily separates from the neck...
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    Once again, a thread on basschat degenerates into an argument over who's got the best Rs
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    I was going to see them in Watford just before Xmas but the gig was cancelled due to works at the venue not being carried out properly. Was gutted.
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    So should UK pro-musicians worried about a loss of livelihood from EU work be prepared to get off their backsides and move to Europe, while they can before the 31 Dec this year and FoM is still available, in the same way that 3 million+ EU citizens have been prepared to up sticks and move to the UK in search of work? Dublin would be great place to live, for example, and there are plenty of others!

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