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FS: Fernandes FPM-80 Double Precision **SOLD**


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Lovely lovely Precision, selling as I have too many of them and this one has a 40mm nut which is just a little too small for me. Some more details in this thread 

Tone wise it's a cracker, back PUP was a real surprise. Built like a tank also. Proper 1970s MIJ workmanship. Having to spend the weekend installing a new bathroom so being brief. Will reply to any specific questions about the bass in the thread. 



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You have some amazing instruments - not just beautiful but interesting and unusual!  Love the neck through here and the timbers throughout are first class.  I've always dreamed of a neck through Precision and very few around

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Double P configuration rocks!

I've had my BC Rich Eagle longer than any other bass for that very reason... See attached pic of it at last year's South East Bass Bash.. 

Anyway, your Fernandes is another beauty from the Beedster Shop of Low End Superio Curios! 😁

GLWTS Chris. 


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