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  1. You must be all oranged out !! 😛, fantastic buys
  2. Got HUMAN TRAFFIC and been listening to it this morning, terrific stuff, fantastic catchy songs, superb playing and singing, well worth buying IMHO, top notch !! John 😎
  3. That's a looker, beautiful bass, GLWTS
  4. Just to say enjoyed the track so much and the others on the band's YouTube channel that I ordered the HUMAN TRAFFIC CD, looking forward to listening to it John 😎
  5. Fantastic looking bass, great buy John 😎
  6. To me the plate reads either VML or VM ??? John 😎
  7. Last night I had a weird bass related dream I was the guitar shop Mannys in New York, I tried a Fender Precision bass that played fantastically and was priced at $2170, Manny then comes over with a Rickenbacker bass which had a maple fret board with a picture painted on the board, the picture was the NYC sky line, the bass was on sale for $1173, I woke up after deciding it was the bass for me in the dream after playing it !! The dream was so vivid I remember all of it in detail, weird LOL Never been to New York or Mannys !! Does it mean I'm gassing for a Rick bass ??? 😛 Anyone else had a bass related dream/nightmare ?? John 😎
  8. The maple fret board with rolled edges on my SIRE M2 4 string bass, absolutely lovely to play, a total joy plus the active circuit is amazing, so many tonal options !! John 😎
  9. This was fantastic, thanks for posting, Billy is a top bloke John 😎
  10. Congrats on the grandson Bass suggestions, look at what you have and see if there are any holes to fill in bass wise, what about a Ricky !! 😛 John 😎
  11. Just a heads up that Andertons are doing an epic deal on Spector basses Spector John 😎
  12. I've been working my way through the ten CD box set 'UFO - The Complete Studio Albums 1974-1986' , really enjoying it, fabulous band, a lot of terrific songs, fantastic classic hard rock. Today was day 7 of the UFO-ATHON with a couple of listens of the 1981 album 'The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent' which contains probably my favourite UFO song 'Profession Of Violence'. Absolute bargain of Amazon UK, just over £25 for the 10 CD's !! John 😎
  13. Loved this post, such a fun story LOL John 😎
  14. Loving that colour, great buy John 😎
  15. Yes I'm always open to discovering new music and have bought many CD's over new artists. John 😎
  16. Amazon UK are selling them at £191 at the moment which is cheaper than other sites selling them though last week I got it for £182 from them !!, noticed the prices on Amazon can vary day to day, week to week John 😎
  17. I bought a HOTONE AMPERO ONE a month or so ago , it's a similar sort of unit but has a fantastic touch screen, really enjoying the tones from it, sounds great with guitar and bass guitar, I bought it so I could play silently through the headphone out so as to not annoy the wife !! Just bought a HEADRUSH FRFR 108 speaker to use with it and the combination sounds fantastic, the bass sounds make the windows and the glass in our display unit rattle !! 😛 https://www.thomann.de/gb/hotone_mp_80_ampero_one.htm https://www.thomann.de/gb/headrush_frfr_108_active_monitor.htm John 😎
  18. UFO are a great band, just bought a box set on Amazon - The Complete Studio Albums (1974-1986), 8 albums on CD with bonus tracks on all CD's, all for £25.69 !!, I have a couple of their records but I am looking forward to investigating these albums Profession Of Violence is one of my favourite songs ever John 😎
  19. Very sad news, UFO are a great band, he truly lived the Rock 'N' Roll life, RIP Pete Way John
  20. I have to listen to music everyday !!, can't live without it, when I'm exercising - music , when I'm in the bath - music, before I go to sleep laying in bed - music, so yeah music everyday !! John 😎
  21. When I heard this yesterday it really upset me and I didn't really know why !!, maybe because of the his musical life panned out, love his guitar playing, singing and songwriting, such a loss, been playing his early Fleetwood Mac stuff since I heard the news. RIP Peter Green John
  22. Loving the colour of that fantastic bass John 😎
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