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  1. Great bassist, saw him live when he played with Ian Hunter, he also plays on Ian's album "Shrunken Heads" John 😎
  2. Probably my favourite release was: Blackberry Smoke - You Hear Georgia, they haven't ever made a bad album in my opinion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4Zk3hY-_A8 John 😎
  3. Very sad news, brilliant photographer, took many iconic shots of bands, singers etc John
  4. How about - The Wildhearts - Vanilla Radio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Qt2y2oDlG4 John 😎
  5. Terrible, all the best to her family and friends John
  6. All the best to your friend, terrible thing to happen John
  7. P-bass with easy reach for shorter arms video, another classic performance from Mr Phillips http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VgTkqqiLEs John 😎
  8. I see this head stock has a missing screw loose, a bit like it's maker !! 😛 John 😎
  9. Love the look of that bass GLWTS John 😎
  10. That fret board is incredible John 😎
  11. Just heard bass player Alan Lancaster, one of the original members of Status Quo has passed away at age 72 due to MS, fantastic rock bassist, singer and songwriter, he was a big part of my teenage years when seeing QUO live many times with my mates, RIP Alan John
  12. Tremendous Thunder Trio John 😎
  13. The Lumberjack song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FshU58nI0Ts
  14. Terrible news, such a fantastic drummer, the heartbeat of the Rolling Stones John
  15. Sorry to hear about this, hope things improve for you John 😎
  16. Looks fantastic, great work John 😎
  17. That's lovely John 😎
  18. Very sad news, I have a couple of ZZ Top cd's, excellent band and Dusty was the ideal player for the band, RIP Dusty Hill 😥 John
  19. Excellent that you are liking it, have fun John 😎
  20. That's a damn shame, you going to go for something else ? John 😎
  21. Another vote for SIRE John 😎
  22. Hope you like it, if not you can return it I guess !! 😛 John 😎
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