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  1. I can't see Basschat buying datacentre space to host video files though and everyone has their own like/dislike for different social media platforms. Any universally acceptable solutions gratefully received.
  2. This Build Diary is a bit different this time. A little introductory text and an image and then a link to a video. It's a bass that I made in the workshop whilst submerging myself in the music of Maceo Parker and his band(s). So I call this bass "Maceo" by way of a tribute. The bass players on Maceo's discography are mostly Jerome Preston and Rodney "Skeet" Curtis. Those guys really put the "F" in Funk! If I have done this right, the link below will take you to the video post on FB. I don't think Basschat supports video itself? The Making Of "Maceo" video is the pinned post over at the top of my Facebook Page... I hope you enjoy it together with some background music courtesy of Max Manning on guitar and myself on Bass and violins arrangement, with Damon Clarridge on drums. Our buddy Craig Blencowe gets a credit for lyrics - but we're keeping the vocals up our sleeves for later!
  3. Neck just prior to fretting. Block inlay position is offset and governed by string spacing and gauge. The devil is in the detail folks!
  4. A nice slab of Macassar Ebony milled and ready for bonding to the Canadian Rock Maple neck.
  5. Thanks. Not visibility though unless you choose to remove the pickguard I suppose. Adhesive on Cu foil can de-bond over time. If the foil is burnished into the top corner of the undercut, it's not going anywhere even if the adhesive becomes a bit jaded. Took a look at your Yamacore. Nice work. Fabulous Copperwork too!
  6. More to do with neatly retaining any copper foil shielding SpondonBassed! No doubt Geek99 will have already trolled your comment and this thread. Suitably Ignored. Guy really does needs to get some help.
  7. Bartolini pickups are a popular choice with my customers and I play a PJ set myself. Great tone!
  8. In my early years I resembled Kenny Everett's accident prone DIYer. Youtube it.Once I sanded a crucial bass playing finger down to the bone on an oscillating belt sander. Does that help? 😉
  9. More often than not my headstocks are lightly chambered beneath the Bassworks logo in a choice of Mother Of Pearl, re-constituted stone and body coloured phenolic sheet. There's a Birdseye Maple headstock plate of circa 4mm thick on top of the neck timber (typically Canadian Rock Maple, Roasted flamed European Maple, Wenge, or Padauk).
  10. As standard my instruments come with my "Aero" fret end treatment. Here you can see the difference between that and a more traditional fret end treatment. All instruments also come as standard with Luminlay side fret marker dots. In the other picture you can see early trials of photo-luminescent materials ranging from Luminlay rod, through to mixing photoluminescent powders into CA and Epoxy. When my old band The Nile Deltas opened on it's EP launch in 2018, we were waiting for the compare to finish his introductions and then all the stage lights were killed. EVERYONE on stage was caught out and the drummer started a 4 count. You could smell the adrenalin as the lights stayed off! I thought I was dead in the water too as my hands had been off my bass when the lights were killed. I looked down at where I thought my bass neck should be and there they were 10 beautiful blue sentinels! All I'm saying is that the drummer and I nailed the start! 😉
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