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  1. I have nine T/Lizzie albums, saw them live in the 70's three times before they got big, (Scott Gorham, Snowy White), great job guys, well done.
  2. Hiya Teebs dude, 'owt you need from work , shout !, screws, plywood, I even have some or those metal cab corners doing now't at home, or an 'andle.
  3. No problem fella, pass me the items and I'll sort it, might be some "leftovers" in a bag too.
  4. Two of my three Simnett's match, well in shape anyway.
  5. Has anyone got, or knows the whereabouts of the bass lines to Bozz Scaggs  "Sierra"  ?  I've looked so many times, but in the wrong place apperently,


    1. Reggaebass


      It’s not a song I know but out of interest I had a good look through google and some transcription sites I know, and no luck, have you tried ChrisDev and Bilbo on here🙂

  6. I've done that when forgetting that a bass is a string- thru, and needing longer than scale length strings. Oops !
  7. Hiya, and welcome. hope you enjoy your stay here.
  8. Hiya David, welcome aboard, I don't gig either, now seventy but still working, might pick your brains later, lol.
  9. ........ I never thought of this, I'm gutted and down trodden, ( dabs corner of eyes), I've just bought an Ibanez semi acoustic for a different sound to my short scale Gretsch. YES, certainly for a gigging musician that could really work, never mind us all having a shed full of different instruments, one for each song.
  10. Well, hello to you, excellent bass and amp, don't get me going on the horse owning, let's leave that one, lol.
  11. Well my two basses are mint, but I keep trawling ads for an ancient 335 style 4 string, like a Burns/Baldwin in a well used coniton , it's the old wood look I'm after. Anybody ?
  12. Hello, good evening, and welcome ...
  13. Ey - up, I'm apparently over sixty, and we have R2 on at work, yep, hadn't realised they had vanished off the 'air' til this thread. Saxon have just done an album of covers, including "Paperback Writer", would they need permission to record that after all this time ?, but if your a fan of Ford Escorts from the 70's, check out the vid for their single, Speed King.
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