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  1. Ha-ha, great stuff, been to a few R/Horror shows , clobber and all ....
  2. Ok, back to the plot, great job for 150 quid, going to watch the other now, thanks guys,
  3. Hah !, sounds like me at work and having a look into the office and thinking the same, fabulous bass fella.
  4. .... ahem, I do that, ( wanders off whistling )
  5. Where would he have got to with a wireless-link ??
  6. .... never knew mahogany wasn't controlled, interesting, wonder what creatures rely on those for a habitat ?
  7. I imported this Landing s/scale from usa, custom built for me with the synth pickup and all hard wired in, plus the synth and all cables, looked good but had neck issues and other electronic hurdles to jump, I have one Landing which is outstanding, but oh dear not this one. Cost me 2400 dollars plus import fees , got 400 for the guitar on fleaBay, even less for the synth ! I could go on ...
  8. Cheap and easy ? pray enlighten a poor soul, (whose intentions are good)
  9. I like Constantine, big lad and easy to watch, i also subscribe to songsterr and as has been mentioned, they are someone's own version of the tune, but very helpful. Going to look at all the suggestions put forward in this thread, thankyou.
  10. Saw the title, ''Gonna need a bigger boat'', and thought how good it would be if a company called 'Shark' made what you need, sorry.
  11. Cheaper than a MusicMan Silhouette 6, post an opinion of your new toy please.
  12. Well , it's INGLORIOUS for me, mid October.
  13. Hello, and well done you ! i have nothing to offer rig wise, but can offer an online hug ...
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