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  1. That pale tolex is well smart !!
  2. Hah !, my heavyweight BTA300 has blown one of its 6 valves, (full set is 240, trade) which has taken down the Ht supply. Luckily, each valve can be biased separately so no need to replace all at the same time, as long as they will bias, good job. Good old Ashdown have emailed me schematics for the amp and repairs are underway, a phone call got me even more useful info, I have three of their valve heads, thanks to the previous post for the 'link'. Mmm ?
  3. F.A.B Virgil, damn, sorry, it's my age ! Hi Fenderbird 1, I'm in sunny Yorkshire too, welcome aboard !
  4. Morning Iva, (virtual handshake )
  5. ...... and there you have it, @krysh, you've had a go, most of us won't, but I believe what you say. And, how many times have we been told that what goes on inside a given amp for a particular guitar hero , isn't necessarily how it started off in life.
  6. It's a good job he did, Mrs. TEEBS was very attentive when the real reason for the promethean's demise was revealed, ahem !
  7. Hello @Bthebassman, welcome aboard, hang on while I find a bucket, I hate boats ..
  8. Just dropped my huge Ashdown head amp off at Matamp,   it's well poorly.    Now I smell  like  an ashtray ,    reminds me of the 1970/80's  ...

    1. Happy Jack

      Happy Jack

      You should never have allowed your Matamp to take up smoking. The valves get all wheezy ...


    2. Teebs


      Sorry I wasn't there! :)

      Next week smiley

    3. Taylor Bitch-blues

      Taylor Bitch-blues

      Took Jeff a bag of Fruit Gums, (other sweets are available),  tried to get him to eat them instead of endless flippin fags  !!     .....  Good morning.

  9. Hello and welcome, part of here is a madhouse, some of here is useful, I'll let you make your own mind which is which !
  10. my 15'' cab on the floor, if i take the 2 x 10'' cab, yes it sits on a flight case, boom isn't the problem, its every catch, castor and spring loaded handle that has an opinion at different times, i assume no-one else hears it but me though.
  11. All interesting 'cept for the colour, maybe more choice later ?
  12. Now you seem like a knowledgeable person, i'd be interested to know what the wipe on finish is that you use ?
  13. Close, i live in Holmfirth, but, Jeff Lewis, current long term owner of Matamp, was in the same year at school as me, he bought from Mathias's widow when he passed,. he was already working there.
  14. Nip over the hill to Matamp in Meltham ?, Jeff Lewis owns and runs the place, ring him, maybe ? If you do go, let me know, depending on date and time, i might pop over to meet you.
  15. This is how i found Joanne Shaw-Taylor a few years ago, supposedly 'supporting' Robin Trower.
  16. Loving this build, excellent, thanks for posting.
  17. Ha-ha, great stuff, been to a few R/Horror shows , clobber and all ....
  18. Ok, back to the plot, great job for 150 quid, going to watch the other now, thanks guys,
  19. Hah !, sounds like me at work and having a look into the office and thinking the same, fabulous bass fella.
  20. .... ahem, I do that, ( wanders off whistling )
  21. .... never knew mahogany wasn't controlled, interesting, wonder what creatures rely on those for a habitat ?
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