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  1. That's a tremendous looking machine. It would be lovely if it was the first Fender I owned...I can dream!
  2. I wonder if my Mrs would notice if I remortgaged the house?🤔
  3. Lots of blue and silver flake ones up on Ebay regularly but I fancy something with that "What the hell is that?!" Factor! Purple flake must look absolutely stunning though, having never seen it personally. I did get in touch with Planet Bass a while ago to ask for prices and there was no variation from the website. So the spec id put forward (basically the Lane Poor, OBP1 preamp and orange flake finish without matching headstock) was nearly $5500. Then Her Majesty gets her cut, then the rest. Can I afford to chuck £5k on a bass? No. Do I want to? Hell yes! It would lead to a lengthy and expensive divorce no doubt. Hope you get away with the duties!
  4. Oooft. What a monster! I've been fantasising about buying one through Planet Bass but the initial cost then VAT and Customs on top is quite frankly giving me the absolute fear. Not to mention waiting God knows how long for it to actually get here. But I need me an orange flake FU....
  5. Its always someone else's fault, especially when buying a bass. I mean, if the other person wasn't selling it then I wouldn't have bought it. See the solid logic?
  6. Thats if I get enough of a chance to warn you...
  7. When she finds out about any new purchase (which, well, is a certainty now, I'm just being honest with myself) you're going to be named as an accomplice!🤣
  8. Good evening one and all 😁 Long time lurker of the basses for sale section and thought I'd make the jump to fully fledged member! Havent been playing bass as often as I'd like over the last several years due to, well, life and responsibilities I suppose. However I've had my EBMM StingRay for, jeez, nearly 20 years from new and im looking to expand the tool kit to add some variety to my sound for when we can all finally get back to playing live in bands again. Must admit, I've been looking at Modulus FUs, Lakeland Skylines and good old Fender Jazzs recently and I honestly wish I'd won the Euro Millions so I didn't need to pick just one 🤣
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