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  1. I am really interested. Would you send it to France ? Cheers
  2. This color lights up this topic 😉 Beautiful Jazz Bass. Congrats
  3. Congrats from France, Ped ! I am looking for a white stingray for a long time. Playing fretless my Graal is that beauty : This lady is a 1977 stingray . http://www.musicmanbass.global/bass-collections/
  4. F-Bass is a brand known all over the world. One of the best luthier work. G.Furnaletto is a Master and a avant-garde creator. Alain Caron (as Hellzero previously named) chose F-Bass 35 years ago and show, with his outstanding talent, how splendid these instruments can be. Masters (like Etienne M’Bappé, Janek Gwizdala, Michael League..) own and play a F-Bass Big shops have often a F-Bass in their stocks. For example BN5 or 6 can be easily compared to high end basses (Alembic, Fodera, Ken Smith etc...) and they are cheaper 😉 99% of bass players would like to play on a F-Bass if they could afford one. If an F-Bass instrument doesn’t sound, it comes from a bad set up or dead strings. Not from the bass. F-basses have a high value on second hand market, that is a sign too. When i grow up I will own a F-Bass 🙂
  5. For the next lockdown, i plan to order this instrument to be able to telework and practice at the same time
  6. Poor Precision, it hurts me to see such a stupid teenager behavior. I agree with johnpaulbass : What the f... ? is there someone to give this PB back its dignity ? And to bring this noble instrument to a luthier who would take care of it PS : It is a 62 American vintage NOT a 63. The headstock logos are differents. Here a example of a clone sister : an USA 62 Fender Precision AVRI (American Vintage Re Issue)
  7. Hello ! I would be interested. I send a PM
  8. Thanks for adding these cool photos ! Everything is there, nothing misses. How the neck ? Does the trussrod work perfectly ? Super brights strings preserve the trussrod usually. I live in France (South of France, Aix-Marseille). Would you accept to ship this instrument ? Cheers
  9. Splendid white lady ! Congrats ! could you post some pictures of, the bass in its case, the certificate, accessories ? What kind of strings do you use ? Gauges ? Flats or Rounds ? Thanks
  10. I remember this picture. I haven’t see this gorgeous lady yet but i will check here in France. I am a fretless player, i understand your feeling Good luck with the Search Cheers
  11. Beautiful Beast ! I am looking for a fretted 5. What is its weight ? Has it a Warwick case ?
  12. With pickguard Classy with this white pick
  13. Sad story, i am sorry for Scott. A friend of mine plays a Molloon PB. Cool instrument I will checked shops here in France and websites. Here a clip of this Silver Molloon
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