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  1. Hello... no problem for the pictures but you'll need to be pretty specific about what you want to see. Otherwise I'll just send you a message with the ones I already have 😆
  2. I'd replace the pickups with a "closed" set with bar magnets. If you decide to give it a go, I should have some AlNiCo5 bars long enough for those pickups... it would solve (if you're having it) the problem of the magnets not picking up the movement of each string. As far as I know, though, on many 5ers you'll find 4-strings-sized J pickups.
  3. If the fingerboard has a steep radius (like 12") it can happen more easily if you bend the G toward the D, for example. To see if you have a high fret you might try to set the neck straight and use the blade of a cutter (must be brand new). They're usually pretty straight. Put it on 3 frets at a time and move it around in the spots where the strings usually sit and you'll eventually find a few high spots.
  4. Need to make room, too much stuff I don't use... cabs and basses. So if interested send me an offer but no tire kickers, please... had my fair share already 😅
  5. Willing to include shipping anywhere in the world.
  6. It's a great bass but I never play, so it's sitting in the case doing nothing.
  7. Nope, didn't check the weight but it's not as heavy as some Thumbs I owned in the past. Sure, can ship to France.
  8. Hello! Selling this nice Stage 2... sounds and plays as you'd expect. It's completely stock apart from a slightly newer MEC preamp and the truss-rod cover (updated version with the detachable plate, so doesn't have to be removed to adjust the neck). Original finish, hardware, truss rod and frets are good. Solid instrument. Comes with brand new hardshell case. Of course have more pics. Have feedbacks here, on ebay, on TB, on Reverb... just ask. Not interested in trades, can ship worldwide by UPS.
  9. Bass sold elsewhere
  10. It's obviously not ultralight, I'd say 4.6kg or so but I don't know if I have a way to find out the exact weight. £1480 with today's exchange rate.
  11. Uh, just noticed it's in UK pounds but it's meant to be in Euro currency.
  12. Sold my Affirma to Tony... as usual we closed the deal in minutes and everything was smooth. Glad to hear he just received the bass safe and sound. 🙂
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