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  1. Need to make room and sell something, so price is negotiable.
  2. Strange to see a non-carbonfiber bass made by Marko 😉 Anyway he's good at it, no doubt! Just don't understand the reason for the mismatched color tuners. 😄
  3. Thanks! It's basically brand new... put it together, never gigged. Didn't even put the handle on LOL. It's a sealed design with a 6" mid and a soft-dome tweeter.
  4. This is the Blue Soul on my 3ways 12".
  5. I owned a couple of Glocks in the past... the one with the tall face (can't remember the name) and a "normal" one... not sure it was a Soul MK1 or something else. A few years ago. Well, they were all great sounding amps, of course. Those ones were a tiny bit noisy in some conditions, while the two I have now are dead quiet.
  6. Who knows... it's just a shame to keep it unused, with the Blue Sould and 3 cabs.
  7. It was on ebay, so it wasn't the final price... there were ebay fees to pay.
  8. Just got a sturdy case (used) for the Soul 2, I'd include it in the sale. 3 units with one handle.
  9. Active only. If I remember correctly, they started putting the push-pull on the volume in 1989, at least on the Thumb.
  10. Hello! Another one in need of a new home. 1988 Stage 1, Wengé neck/fingerboard, Maple body. This one has been played on the Wacken festival stage by one of the previous owners. As you can see there's wear here and there and the hardware could do with a polish, but it's globally in very good conditions for its age and sounds great. Usual pre-91 skinny neck, contoured and concave body... you know the bass, I guess. No trades, sorry. If you need more pictures or informations, send me a message. Shipping by UPS is £50 within Europe, payment by Paypal or bank wire transfer.
  11. Yeah, they're really in a different league. If I was still gigging, I'd keep all the stuff I have. But it's clear I'll never play again outside my house, so why bother?
  12. Up for sale a wonderful Infinity neck-thru, a bass that nowadays costs almost €6000 (€6300 for the 5 strings version on Thomann!). Curly Maple neck, Ovangkol wings. Very very nice. Comes with a brand new hardshell case. No trades, sorry. Can ship by UPS for £50 within Europe. Payment by PayPal or bank wire transfer. Can obviously take more pictures if needed, but as you can see it's very very clean.
  13. Hello! Going to post 4 different Warwicks. This is the first of the list: 1998 Corvette FNA, Ash body, Maple top, Turquoise finish, Wengé neck and Seymour Duncan pickup. Pretty good conditions, no issues. The finish on the body has a few blemishes but nothing major, as you can see. Only needs a fresh set of strings. Straplocks are included. No trades, sorry. £750 plus shipping (£50 within Europe). Payment by PayPal or bank wire transfer. Ships in a Gator soft-shell case (boxed). UPS usually delivers in 3 working days. Of course can take more pictures if needed.
  14. Glock is definitely a higher quality piece of kit if compared to most "commercial" products... and the new price reflects that!
  15. Weird enough, the only other one for sale in Europe is listed at £690... yet I've got offers for £450. 😅
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