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  1. Hello! Up for sale a very nice Rapture 4. If I remember correctly it's the same model used by the Muse's bass player. As you can see, extremely clean example, good sounding, no issues. Pretty sure it's got Alder body, Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard and Bartolini soapbar. Comes with original form-fitted case. Can ship worldwide by UPS, ask for a quote with your postal code... payment by bank wire transfer or PayPal. I have feedbacks here and on ebay. For more informations, pictures etc. drop me a line.
  2. It's obviously not ultralight, I'd say 4.6kg or so but I don't know if I have a way to find out the exact weight. £1480 with today's exchange rate.
  3. Uh, just noticed it's in UK pounds but it's meant to be in Euro currency.
  4. Sold my Affirma to Tony... as usual we closed the deal in minutes and everything was smooth. Glad to hear he just received the bass safe and sound. 🙂
  5. Thanks... yeah, it's got a nice grain for sure. Older ones usually have plain bodies while in '89 they started using Bubinga with the nice "bee's wing" figure.
  6. Hello guys, before hitting ebay as usual, thought I'd give it a try here. Selling a nice '90 Thumb bass 6, pretty hard to find nowadays. At the moment it's "in pieces" (all the hardware removed) for a total overhaul. I'm going to remove a couple of light scratches, clean everything, string it with a new set of D'Addario 25-135. It's got no mods, no cracks, no repairs. Very nice wood and it's a good sounding example. I'll put it on ebay as soon as it's ready, but in these 2-3 days, if somebody's interested, let me know! Not interested in trades. Paypal or bank wire transfer.
  7. Oooh, finally something different and original! I like it. Shame that nice looking bridge won't allow intonation adjustment, but it sure looks sharp. The extra strap button hole would be easy to plug/make almost invisible though.
  8. Need to make room and sell something, so price is negotiable.
  9. Strange to see a non-carbonfiber bass made by Marko 😉 Anyway he's good at it, no doubt! Just don't understand the reason for the mismatched color tuners. 😄
  10. Thanks! It's basically brand new... put it together, never gigged. Didn't even put the handle on LOL. It's a sealed design with a 6" mid and a soft-dome tweeter.
  11. This is the Blue Soul on my 3ways 12".
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