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  1. Custom cabs

    Nope! I only managed to sell a Markbass 151 I had around, all the "custom" stuff is here
  2. 10 days old Ashdown Retroglide 800 amp

    Bump. The new price of these units went up again, as usual.
  3. Ashdown B-Social combo bluetooth wireless stereo

    In these months got a few messages from time wasters, almost packed the amp once... can't believe it's still here.
  4. Custom cabs

    Still available. If you need them, I could sell the Basslites actually mounted into the sealed tweeterless 2x12".
  5. Custom cabs

    You're welcome! I know they're not "commercial" cabs but they definitely offer better specs than most standard cabs and are put together using high level components. I'd keep them all if I had an use for them.
  6. Custom cabs

    As you can expect, they all sound different. The BigBen has the biggest frequency response, 98db of sensitivity. I've put it together to play big basses on it but then got an Audiokinesis that goes down to 23hz without attenuation... hard to beat with a woofer worth €800. The original ratfur is in great conditions and the cab got a tilt-back wheels to is very easy to move around. All the parts fitted are brand new, I still have their boxes! The 2x12" coax is very nice, sounds like a 2ways but no tweeter. Very clear sounding, doesn't go ultra-low but for 4-5 strings basses works great and the small footprint is good for small rehearsals or small stages. It's finished with a 2 components black finish with Lime Green baffle and aluminum grill. One handle on the side. The white 3ways cab is 94db, slightly resembles the Eminence plan for the "medium sealed" cab for the BP122. Very clear sounding, smooth highs and great dispersion but not as loud as the bigger brother. Finished with Warnex, stuffed with Monacor "wool". The BP122 is brand new, the Fane is a bit older but not used much, the tweeter is brand new. Usual crossover points - 500/5000hz. The tweeterless 2x12" kinda follows the line of old Orange isobaric cabs... small, powerful, tweeterless, pretty aggressive sounding, doesn't go ultra-low or ultra-high but is small, light and loud. Brand new woofers, not even broken in. I also have a Markbass 151 here (should be picked up by a local guy tomorrow morning), a Trace Elliot 1153T that I used for a few experiments... definitely too many cabs around. I need to get rid of at least a couple more to make some room. I also have too many amps, I plan to only keep one.
  7. Custom cabs

    Updated the topic with pictures and rough measurements
  8. Custom cabs

    Hello! Due to being surplus to requirements, I'm selling these custom cabs. 1) 2x12" ala Tech/Schroeder, 1 coaxial woofer front-faced, 1 "normal" woofer tilted. 4ohm, 500w. Aluminum grill, front reflex (tuned to 45hz). €300 [attachment=256134:21618305_10214457109450569_121412529_o.jpg] 2) 3ways cab, started its life as an SWR BigBen but it's now 3ways: Faital 18FH500 (it's like a bigger 3015LF), Eminence Alpha 6CBMRA and Ciare tweeter. Eminence 3 ways crossover. €500 [attachment=256148:IMG-20170623-WA0006.jpeg] 3) 3ways cab, sealed, white finish. Same size of the 2x12" (80lt), could be made ported if desired. Eminence BP122, Fane 6" 100 and Ciare PT383 soft dome tweeter. Eminence 3 ways crossover. €350 [attachment=256212:IMG_20171025_140209.jpg] 4) 2x12" sealed, no tweeter, with one woofer down-firing and one front firing. Equipped with Basslite 2112, 4ohm impedance. Small and powerful, it's basically a bigger guitar cab with 2 woofers inside. €170 [attachment=256135:IMG_20171021_173718.jpg] Prices don't include shipping. Ask for shipping quotes including your location. All the woofers were bought brand new by me and are barely broken in as I never gigged these cabs. The 2x12" and the 3ways 12" have the same dimensions... something like 45x45x65 if I remember correctly. Not very heavy, probably around 20kg. The BigBen is 80x60x40 approx. for less than 30kg (neo woofer).
  9. Ashdown B-Social combo bluetooth wireless stereo

    Still available.
  10. 10 days old Ashdown Retroglide 800 amp

    Still here (and still unused LOL)
  11. LOL, thanks for your kind words
  12. How can I increase the output on an SWB-1 (active)?

    Noll PA1 booster. Check it out, should do the trick.
  13. Price drop to £210 plus shipping.