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  1. Hooooooooleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii........ 😩👍😩👍😩👍😩👍
  2. Apart from Streamer Stage 2, probably the best bass Warwick make in my opinion. Exceptionally snappy, suits all styles, amazing necks and the sounds......... in the words of Macho Man...... OH YEAAAAAAH!!!!
  3. Surely this isnt still here? No ones snapped it up? Really???
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Thats a LOOOOOOT of bass for the money, wow!
  6. First of all - ALL SALES ENQUIRIES TO BE DONE BY PM Now.... Neck is Flamed Maple with Ebony fingerboard. Birds are indeed real inlays This Ltd Edition was supplied with a gig bag The certificates were provided with all basses but most end up being lost. Anyways, from that, as I say remind you that all sales are by PM.
  7. Seriously tempted..... had one before and sold it..... miss it 😥
  8. First i've noticed, stunning bass..... never played a thumb 5 from this age, hows the neck?
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