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  1. "Old Armando Had A Farm" is more Western Swing than Bluegrass.
  2. Cat Burrito's guidance is solid. If I had to choose between Precision & Jazz bass, personally, I'd go for the P and roll the tone all the way down. If you have flatwounds on it, great- if not, no worries. It's all in the fingers or as many bassists have shown, by using your thumb for a fat fleshy tone. Bottom line is go for it and just have some fun!
  3. ...a little late for that. Besides USA was the original exit. So, I'd say it was at maximum, the second biggest act (no offense). This is a bass forum and I am here for that. I am a 4-string proponent for electric and acoustic bass.
  4. I've got ~30 lined up in 2021 and most are either outside near water or in large high ceiling rooms with distancing. The pandemic has really rocked the boat for all of us.
  5. Are you playing gigs yet? What's up in the UK & France?
  6. Figured I'd hang out with you blokes and become a TalkBass expatriate.
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