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2 minutes ago, Studiodawg said:

Are you playing gigs yet? What's up in the UK & France?

Nothing in France that I'm aware of, and nothing likely for a while yet. We (our band...) may try to organise a private concert in our own field/garden, for selected friends for the end of May, but it's far from being a Done Deal, even without weather considerations. Basically, 2021 will pass rather quietly, I reckon, as far as live concerts go, in the main.

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Hiya SD    :crigon_04:



Beware of the casual reference to bre*it - it's not popular to mention the biggest act of political & economic suicide in history, which is why I never mention it 


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...a little late for that. Besides USA was the original exit. So, I'd say it was at maximum, the second biggest act (no offense). This is a bass forum and I am here for that. I am a 4-string proponent for electric and acoustic bass.

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On 12/08/2021 at 14:17, Killed_by_Death said:


they really have their fingers in the pulse over there:


I think Carly Simon wrote a song about it.

good riddance to that place, hope you all don’t mind me here….Canadian, laid back and here to chat with my bass brethren 


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Yep that’s why I’m here as well it’s gotten pretty bad in the last couple of months they just repeat the same topics over and over again they just word the header of the post differently and the same people chime in…it’s the definition of insanity 


Cheers from Canada!

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