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  1. I can't think of any quick tips but one, write in the nut-slots with a pencil, the graphite is a great lube, & will help keep the strings from sticking when you're tuning.
  2. Yeah, metal basses are not cheap: The EGC 500B is aluminum & $3,300 USD! https://www.electricalguitarcompany.com/models
  3. hmm, maybe, Ibanez boast about Teflon washers on the EHB, I just assumed it was the same on the GOTOH machine-heads: https://www.ibanez.com/eu/products/detail/ehb1005ms_1p_01.html "Teflon washers are used on each tuner for a smooth tuning action."
  4. Writing on those Teflon O-rings won't stick, it'll rub off with the brush of a finger. It's Teflon, the stame stuff that's on non-stick fry-pans. The quickest way to make 'mods' that don't affect playability or sound is to just forego them 😀
  5. Tear out all the active components & go 100% Passive!
  6. Asking if it has a Maple neck, when you really mean fretboard.
  7. Squire by Fendré ESP LTD (no, you have a LTD, NOT an ESP!)
  8. re: influences Dave Mustaine has touted his influence from Sabbath so much that Ozzy sent him their latest box set. Dave posted about it on FB. I saw them with D.R.I. in a small venue, same venue where I saw Testament, Overkill, Metallica, & Vio-Lence.
  9. I lived in San-Pedro, moved to L.A. the same year as Lemmy, so bumped into him in various locations, like Riki Rachtman's clubs & of course the Rainbow. I spent about 4 nights/week in Hollyweird, but also hit Helter Skelter (not in HW at the time), every weekend that I could.
  10. I just thought about the fact that it's a 5-string, DiMarzio doesn't appear to make the Model J for a 5-string, which I find odd, but the Ultra-Jazz are DEEP: https://www.dimarzio.com/pickups/5-string-bass/ultra-jazz-5-pair They're also high-output, so you probably wouldn't even need to wire them in Series, but people have.
  11. They don't make something so Heavy I don't enjoy it, except perhaps the guttural vocals. There is one band with that style that I enjoy, Arch Enemy, but I won't post a video, because I have no idea what the lyrics are.
  12. It's a matter of opinion I suppose, but MH weren't included in NWOBHM because they were heavier than that. I asked Lemmy in 1991 if MH were Heavy Metal or Punk & he said the statement above, loudly, LOL!
  13. Lemmy would never say MH were Thrash, he hated labels & started their shows with "We are Motörhead, & we play Rock & Roll!"
  14. J.P. have a few one-offs that could be Thrash, but Motörhead were doing entre albums.
  15. Lars Ulrich would disagree & from there more Thrash was influenced by Metallica. Motörhead weren't the only influence to Thrash, that would be a daft statement, but they were the primary influence.
  16. Sounds like Punk to me, with no Heavy Metal. The answer is Queen on Stone Cold Crazy, Black Sabbath on Symptom of the Universe, & probably early Tygers of Pan Tang.
  17. Lemmy was really heartbroken with Philthy died, just a month before him.
  18. Who was doing a sound like this (Thrash) before 1979?
  19. How can anyone even argue against the fact that all those Trash bands took Motörhead as an influence? Motörhead were the godfathers of Thrash, Thrash before there was a name for it, by the merging of Punk & Heavy Metal.
  20. Save some money & try that Series wiring scheme first.
  21. Venom were SO obviously Black Metal. All the early Thrash bands would cite MH as an influence & Metallica most of all. Lars was the President of the MH fanclub in the U.S..
  22. Hush your mouth, MH originated Thrash Metal
  23. There's also phantom-coil or 'stacked' J-style humbuckers. They would probably provide more low-end, but at the cost of responsiveness. Many would describe stacked humbuckers as 'tame'.
  24. Furthermore, just because your bass has a battery doesn't mean the pickups are active, check for a Power wire to the pickups. There are many active basses with passive pickups, where the battery is for the onboard preamp. The bass you had was a SR305E, the E denotes that it has the newish PowerSpan pickups.
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