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  1. 😁Thanks guys happy to be here
  2. I think everybody’s confused ,he shaved his head and he’s playing a Sandberg but he still has all his pedullas, he’s just trying something different...he also plays foderas
  3. these ones from 2008 are great , I have 2 of his albums
  4. Yep that’s why I’m here as well it’s gotten pretty bad in the last couple of months they just repeat the same topics over and over again they just word the header of the post differently and the same people chime in…it’s the definition of insanity Cheers from Canada!
  5. I too love that fresh string zing and the problem is if I buy five packs at a time I start burning through them really fast as after a week I’m not happy with the sound and I want to put a new set on…
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