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  1. Had my eye on one of these for years now, but either found them too hard to come by or out of my price range. And then one gets posted on an online guitar raffle site (I won’t post the name just so it doesn’t look like I’m promoting them but I’m happy to say which one by PM). I’ve bought tickets for various draws over the past couple of months but never had any luck. Was all prepared to give up and then I go and win this bloody beauty! Absolutely over the moon with it, it’s beautiful and a dream to play and so light! I just need to make the tricky decision to restring and set it up for either Drop A# or Drop C!
  2. Only went and won myself a shiny new Fender Aerodyne Jazz 😍

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    2. TomWIC


      @big rob one of those online raffle sites, I Want In. Entered a few draws over the past few months but never won anything, was ready to give up after that draw and then I won!

    3. lou24d53


      I didn't think anyone won any of those type of raffles!

    4. TomWIC


      @lou24d53 me neither mate!

  3. Would probably sell my entire board to fund this. So tempted.
  4. Don’t suppose you could measure the depth of this for me could you mate? Thanks.
  5. Bumping this as I could still do with a bit of advice!
  6. Honestly, I have no idea, I don't have a 2+2 to try them with.
  7. Due to my stupidness when ordering, I ended up with two custom sets of strings from Newtone that I can't use or return; instead of measuring string length (ball to nut) I gave scale length so both sets are too short to be used on my 34" jazz basses. Both sets have been opened, the 130 set have been cut for 4 in a row, the 150 set didn't even get unwound. Bit of a long shot trying to sell them on due to how heavy gauge they are, but might as well try. Set 1: 048, 064, 086, 130 (tapered). Set 2: 054, 076, 100, 150 (tapered). Both sets are hex-wound, Nickel Plated Steel and from the Diamond Bass range. £15 each, or both sets for £25.
  8. Have a spare one of these now as the cheapest way for me to get hold of a tour case for this board was just to buy another whole set. So the board is brand new, still in its plastic wrapping (only taken out to inspect and photograph). The soft case has been used by me (sparingly) for the last year or so but is still in perfect condition, all zips working fine and no damage anywhere. Shoulder strap included of course. Collection in Southend or nearby Essex preferred, but I do have the box the tour case came in if you want postage at cost. These are ~£80 new so big saving for a brand new board and slightly used case
  9. Don’t tease like that if you’re not going to share the link 🙄😂
  10. I've been craving a Vintage Pro for ages now, if this was UK (and perhaps the ebony model) I'd have snapped it up. GWLTS!
  11. I’m in a metal band, that’s all I play 😂 Two new sets ordered, Neil was understanding and gave me a little discount for the reorder so it didn’t sting as much.
  12. Looks like a much better idea, and better on the wallet too! Cheers ☺️
  13. I’m after a toolbox style hard case with compartments that I can use for essential accessories at rehearsal and gigs, picks, spare cables, batteries, chargers, etc. Basically I’m sick of rummaging through a duffle bag whenever I need anything, which is impossible to keep organised. I’m leaning toward grabbing one of these makeup/vanity cases from Argos that look pretty decent and up to the job. Before I order one, does anyone have recommendations for anything similar and/or better around the similar price point? And if anyone has had the same idea, please let me know so I know I’m not being crazy 😂 https://www.argos.co.uk/product/4385659?clickSR=slp:term:compartment case:25:1041:2
  14. I know, it’s me again, but I’m excited for first rehearsals in a year so I’m going mad and checking over all my gear. My Shure PSM200 receiver is occasionally clipping/cutting out, I’m sure it’s not the limiter or the earphones, rather a dodgy signal. The antenna is a wee bit bent and feels slightly loose, so I’m wondering if this could be the cause? I’ve attached a photo for reference. I’ve always struggled storing this in a way of protecting the antenna, so if anyone has any tips on this that’d be great.
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