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    I'm knocked out that my band (Lutz) have had our album listed on a couple of these top ten releases of 2018 things; I'm assuming this came out of the New Music Saturday podcast and a few people have just picked up on it. At the very least, it affords me a little smile after what has been a fairly traumatic year in which I lost my father-in-law, my mother and my job. [Edit: I also emerged from the wreckage of losing my band, the band I formed eight years ago, to a bunch of fairly unpleasant interlopers.] 2019 has got to be better, eh?
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    I'm selling my Sandberg hardcore aged Masterpiece bass. The bass is in good condition (except for the dings and dongs ;-)). Comes with original Sandberg bag, strap (never used), 2nd (also aged) pickguard in black and tools. Due to the thermo and vibration treatment the bass feels and sounds like an old, well played bass. The response is great. No deadspots. Great punchy JB sound. Low action is possible. body is alder neck/fingerboard is maple passiv electronics, vol./pu blend/tone pickups are Sandberg the frets are like new Waiting is more than a year for a Masterpiece
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    What constitutes 'a good rig' could be debated until the cows come home, but I would agree... the best 'tone' or 'sound' or whatever you want to call it that I ever had was through an Ampeg SVT Classic with matching 8X10. Still chasing that sound, really. I'd use a fridge every time, were it not for the practicalities involved in moving the bloody thing from A to B. And back.
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    Ahh I should have said, Tom Waits is on the list! That album (and Closing Time) are absolute solid classics and I love playing them.
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    Good on you, pal, and all the best for 2019!
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    Thank you, Chris, it was a real pleasure to meet you and have a good old chat about life and all things bass. Glad to know the bass has gone to a good home, enjoy it!
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    There are so many, but on this subject this always pops into my head first. If I can actually make a decision I will post some other faves later.
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    When I played (finished gigging 20+ years ago now) guitar in bands we only did pubs and clubs, and we didn't get fed. But I must admit, these days if I was faced with a big meal before a gig I would be asleep on my feet! I do recall one memorable occaision at Barrow Hill club (I think - it is 30 years ago now) when half way through the second set we were blasting away through something when the power went off to our stage gear, only for the concert secretary (do they still have them?) to mutter through his mike "T'pies 'ave come!". Virtually the whole audience left the concert room whilst we were powering up the amps hoping they hadn't been shafted to go and buy pies from this block who brought trays of them in from a van. What a classy place that was. They did provide half a dozen "broken" pies and pasties in our changing room though, which we scoffed whilst they were doing the bingo and meat raffles between our second set and last set. The delights of working men's clubs and Miner's Welfare clubs. What pleasures they were.
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    TRADED Updated with cash price. 1550€ or approx 1375£. I might regret this.. But sudden urges towards getting the right P or maybe a PJ bass have made me wanna try making it real. So, my beloved Fender Roscoe Beck .. VERY VERY good condition. One mark on the fretboard and 1 or 2 un-photographable tiny marks in the paint ( you can't really see them!) .. Only thing to mention is a ding in the fretboard - that's really all there is to note! (See pic). These are becoming rare! And in my view the 4 string is super rare. This one has that awesome Lake Placid Blue finish with matching headstock.. Whats not to like. It is a very powerful bass that has a really broad range of tones. Fits in about any musical setting I have thrown at it. Very resonant and lively bass with a super playable neck. Setup with DR Pure Blues. It weighs in at 4.160gr and its a super resonant and lively bass. Bass is located in Denmark. Trades: The right Fender P could do the trick.. Or maybe some other high end versions of the P or a PJ bass could also catch my eye. Also, special Stingrays or maybe a short scale like a Fender Mustang. TRADED
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    Also happy to help... can work a soldering iron, meter, etc. etc. Capable of doing setups most of the time. Happy to help. In the Clyde Valley, south west of Glasgow
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    Anything by Kate Rusby. Anything by Nickel Creek Si
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    Supporting The Dualers in Glasgow on Saturday... lots of fun.
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    Look at KMA audio machines The Tyler. May provide some usefulness for you
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    I can testify to this as I had the same and it easily bossed in my punk band. Swapped this ST for Two10s and still the WA has no volume issues for me.
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    Up for sale is a Barefaced Four 10 cab. In good condition, as per pictures. Complete with original cover. Currently £1049 to buy with the cover new. Fantastic cabs! A slight gap on where the tolex joins on the rear of the cab. Can be quite common on these cabs seen it on many. Based near Yeovil in Somerset. Looking for £725.
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    Yer man from Incubus, Ben Kenney, used to tour with a couple of WA rigs - combo and ext cab beneath - see the link. It would be a pricy rig for us mere mortals http://mesaboogie.com/artist/ben-kenney.html
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    I used to run a true bi-amp set up when it was part of my multi effects (Peavey Bassfex). It allowed me to put all the effects that suck the presence out of the bottom end on the just on the high part of the signal. This fed into a 350 + 350 watt power amp with the upper frequencies going to a home made 2 x 8 cab (based on my favourite guitar combo) and the low frequencies to a standard 1 x 15 bass cab. I did however mean that in order to get proper FoH representation of my sound I needed to have two DIs on the bass rig.
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    Daysleeper is still one of my favourite songs ever. Fixed it for you. Si
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    Honestly, you're looking at an outboard widget. Equaliser pedal, preamp that kind of thing. I know you said you're curious how it works and so for that I'd recommend one of the diy kits and guides online. Much easier to start from scratch than modify a product. Try something like this as a start.
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    I agree, @Marcoelwray, I don't like the really shiney finish some people get when finishing Warwicks with lacquer. But, I too have worked on a few Warwicks and I'd say the finish that @dyerseve has is about the same finish as I've had. I sand to about 1500 grit and use Boiled Linseed Oil, which I wipe off and buff up, then use beeswax to finish. I don't get a gloss finish, but there is a silk-sheen to some of them. The actual finish is dependent on the type of wood. Ash stays very matt, yet Bubinga, Maple and Ovangkol get a bit of a sheen.
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    That's a great explanation ....thanks. I knew it was ghosts all along!
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    The Tascam unit is fine, and will do the job (and more...) with no fuss. I use a similar, but older unit as interface (US-144 Mk II...) bought s/h here, and am very content with it. For headphone practise, it's hard to beat the Voxplug amps, which have an Aux in for playing along. You won't get more compact than that..!
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    The use of passive radiator speakers is (or was, back then...) quite common in high-end hifi systems, and the isobaric cabs (Orange, I believe, and a few others...) use 'em, too. Normally, a speaker's cone is braked by the connection to the amp, but when unplugged (or, it would appear in this case, disconnected...), that brake is no longer, and the cone becomes free to resonate with any passing frequencies. I'd suggest that this could explain the cone movement, and the sound emanating from the unit. The speaker has become a passive radiator, resonating at a specific frequency (or its harmonic...) that happens to be audible. ... Or ghosts, of course.
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    Good luck for 2019 looks like you have had a real traumatic last few months all the best
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    Aha! I was out running along the river and stopped on a park bench to listen for ages to that gig. Open corners on the ground gave us quite a clear sound for miles
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    They should have labeld the "compression" knob Gain on that orange amp imo....... because to me that's exactly what is sounds like it does. It certainly doesn't need a gain knob
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    The Handbox is available. Drop Leszek a line at [email protected] 🙂
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    On Friday I spent the whole day recording a mate of mine on drums in my studio. He's only 19 and he's the best drummer I know. Limitless creativity, all the chops, but totally musical. Anyway, after 8 hours of watching him I was totally inspired to go and get behind my kit at The Old Town House in Warrington. We'd never played in Warrington before so didn't really know what to expect, but this venue is ace! Really lively crowd too. It wasn't packed but there were enough in for a good time. My mate had given me some of his sticks to try, really big things like 2B or something (doesn't mean a lot to most of you I know) and they were brilliant. I hadn't played that well in ages. I don't know if it was watching this amazing drummer all day long, or the sticks, or the venue or what but we were super tight Saturday was a small indoor festival and to be honest I wasn't really looking forward to it. I always like to play, but I know this venue and crowd a little too well. It was way better than I expected. The sound man looked like the same guy, but he acted totally different. He was chatty, friendly, and did a brilliant job! Not sure what was going on there but the sound was ace! The crowd with extremely inebriated, sang and danced, and we generally played well despite some very amusing distractions. I wasn't driving so had chance for a couple of beers, and I was home by 9pm! Brilliant weekend
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    Hi Pete, the Ray Starry Night is 9lb 8 by my digital scales and the Caprice is dead on 8lb.
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    Congratulations. 🍾 It’s nice to hear of good things happening to good people.
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    I like the fact that, despite some awesome musicians in my band, it is only the bassist that can can summon the sound demon through witchcraft and magic... maybe its not science after all..... bass ruuuuules.!
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    I bought a cheapo one for a fender jazz bass and I gaurantee no-one would've told the difference. It's probably worth keeping the old one though for resale purposes.
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    At that budget and needing around 300W, there's only really one bass combo that's going to fit the bill and that's the Promethean 3110. Wonderfully compact, light and value for money. But the quality of the 10" speaker on that I found to be a bit limiting and I always preferred it with an extension cab which kinda defeats what you're trying to do. I'd actually recommend what our dep guitarist has gone for and that's a powered PA speaker i.e. frfr. I think @jrixn1 was selling a couple of his RCFs (which are a top brand) for a good price and you might be able to get one of them within your budget. It'll likely blow anything else in the same price range out of the water. Or just get this. New for £234 and just 12kg (this is actually what our guitarist bought): https://www.gear4music.com/PA-DJ-and-Lighting/Alto-TS310-2000-Watt-Active-Speaker/2FOC or its 12" big brother which is only £262 new. And if you want to add some colour, you could pair with a preamp and a couple of pedals of your choice. Job (very well) done.
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    Try some preamp pedals out. The VT Bass is a good place to start, especially if you're into more vintage rock or R&B tones, it can make any amp sound like a growly Ampeg tube head.
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    Ha, remember them well. Pie and peas, often served with mint sauce instead of gravy. Also hot pork pies, where the jelly oozed out when you cut or bit into them. Also in Hull there was a bloke nicknamed 'Supercockle' who used to do his rounds of the pubs and clubs on Saturday nights selling all manner of seafood in small polystyrene tubs, which you ate with a cocktail stick and had a bit of vinegar sprinkled on. If he came in while you were playing, you ended up performing to a queue at the side of the concert room. ( Also the same thing happened when an old guy came round selling 'Green Sports Mail', which was a special late edition of the local paper containing the football and racing results from that afternoon.)
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    I bought Bridgehouse's 4 string a few weeks back... extremely punchy and versatile instrument... I put a set of La Bella tapes on mine and the tone is rich and warm but still very defined... cant recommend theses basses highly enough!
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    Hadn't heard this - awesome bass tone !!!
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    The feel comes from playing in front of or sometimes behind the beat. It makes the bass drum and snare stand out by not cluttering up the sound but also serves to give the music a swing or lilt. Don't be afraid to leave spaces either, especially under the 1st and 2nd beats of a bar and you can offset this with clusters of notes under beats 3 and 4. This is what I've found, although opinions may well vary.
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    Too many to mention for me. Guy Pratt had a tone I liked on this.
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    +1 on the Sandberg front. I feel like I'm well-covered for Precision and P/J tones with my Schecter and my Brandoni kit-build...but if I ever found them lacking, I'd probably go back to eyeing up some of those tasty-looking VM4s. God help me, even as I type this there's a little voice at the back of my mind saying, "yeah, but you don't have one with a reverse P-pickup, do you?"
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    great bass , great seller and player !! good luck Daniele
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    @Dad3353 started with something very well played just like Kinga, but it's not a bass recording, it's a bass recorded... But don't worry, I give up with fora. I will, from now on, only be active in the marketplace as I paid for it and only until the end of my subscription.

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