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  1. JBP

    August Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    Right so here is this months go.. Its 2.30 in the morning and I'm getting this posted just to stop myself messing about with it anymore. Its another funky, jazzy, instrumental thing as I like to do. I think I channelled a bad Stanley Clarke impression and Magnum PI for this one 😎 I hope you enjoy it 👍
  2. JBP

    Number One Bass - Stick or Twist

    I have a 1999 Corvette Standard as well which I did almost sell earlier this year, but just couldn't do it in the end, its not my main squeeze these days but it was for a long long time.
  3. JBP

    Number One Bass - Stick or Twist

    Never say never but probably never. My 2010 Warwick $$ Ltd. I've been a Wick fan for over 20 years but this thing is something else. Its one of only 80 that Warwick built with a Tiger wood top, and I have only ever seen one other with this configuration of Bartolini's and a 3 band EQ instead of the normal 2 band, I've had it since Feb and have played almost nothing else and I know I will regret it if I ever get rid of it. I will never find another bass that sounds quite like this.
  4. JBP

    I... I don’t know.. I er...

    Either this...or it is a trap So run, run now as fast as you can!
  5. I got my first bass when I was 13, it was one of those nasty AXE things with a crappy amp from an add in the back of a magazine ('Look In' or something) it was bloody terrible, but because I stuck at it I got a MIM Fender Jazz the following Christmas.
  6. JBP

    1989 Warwick Streamer Stage 2 4 String

    Much want... don't need.... but still much want...
  7. JBP

    Geddy Lee NBD - Pickguard Help

    I would go with the parchment, looks great
  8. ^^This^^ harsh but true, If these are paid gigs its got to be sorted out.
  9. Personally I love my mid range and I have ended up with a set up pretty much as described in the posts above, Warwick basses and GK amps and a humbucker near the bridge. I was very lucky earlier this year when I managed to get my hands on a Warwick $$ Ltd (thanks @Kev) this thing has Bartolini's instead of the usual MEC humbuckers and a 3 band EQ instead of the usual 2, so the balance goes mostly to the bridge pup, cut a chunk of bass and push the mids up and it just sounds filthy.. love it. So I would suggest a Warwick with a three band EQ, GK amps do tend to lean towards the mid range from their flat setting... well thats what works for me. But as said above just about any bass and amp can do what your asking, Steve Harris plays a precision through Trace amps, Geddy Lee plays a Jazz through a Tech 21 Sansamp, you need to find what will work for you and the sounds your after.
  10. JBP

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    I have 4 at the moment, my two Warwicks my go to Corvette $$ Ltd and my back up Standard Corvette. An old Shergold and a 1980 somthing MIM Fender Jazz, that I have not even looked at for at least 10 years. Then 9 guitars, two Ukulele's, two Pianos, two keyboards and a violin.
  11. JBP

    Lets talk about Musicman

    I think MM always sound great, I've just never found them particularly comfortable to play, but that's just me I guess. The other problem I have with then is the 'Toilet Seat' look I heard someone mention recently... I find it hard to see past that now...😞
  12. JBP

    August Composition Challenge - GET WRITING

    Wow what a fantastic picture 😎 Nice and ambiguous as well love it
  13. @Bleat Well done mate👍 Loads of good entries this month... to be honest I quite liked all of them.. so what is the next Pic going to be?
  14. JBP

    The Rush Tribute Project

    That's very very well done, and not easy to do.
  15. JBP

    Home Studio Porn

    Ahhh that explains the nosiness, I have to say I have been nothing but impressed with the 2i2. Great piece of kit, and great service from Focusrite. Love the software and vst/AAX deals as well 👍