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  1. You are absolutely right mate. Its going to be a shame to let it go, but current projects require something a little more old school, and having hit my half century this year I am finding it a bit weighty for a four hour rehearsal. I know I'm going to miss it, it always just seem s to sit just right in mix and is so flexible it can really cover everything.
  2. I would highly recommend the Elixir Stainless Steels, not as initially bright as Roto's or D'Addario's but they do last a very very long time. I have had a set on for a year now and they still sound great, and that's on a bass I play daily
  3. Here is a nice demo I found on YouTube that nicely demonstrates all the sound available.
  4. Hi Folks, for sale or trade is my 2010 Warwick $$ Special Edition No 30/85. There is a pic of the spec sheet below. This bass has a nice slim very playable neck, all frets and hardware are in good condition. The combination of the Bartolini's and the MEC 3 band circuit is amazing the addition of the mid frequency control turns this into a complete tone beast. Comes with the Warwick tool kit and flight case. Recently strung with Elixir rounds. Weight is 4.5ish Kg on the bathroom scales Would prefer collection from South West London though I can also ship at buyers expense and risk. If your interested I am sure we can sort something out. A socially distant try out is also welcome. I am willing to discuss trades for a Jazz, active or passive, 4 or 5 string with cash either way. Any questions please ask Cheers JBP
  5. Just bought a fabulous YYZ pedal from Alain, a pleasure to deal with, quick delivery and tip top condition. Cheers steve
  6. This exactly, I have been using Zoom for all my teaching for the last couple of weeks and it has been working a treat. Much better than Skype
  7. This my room from a while ago, but its going soon and I am getting a new room in the loft conversion...
  8. For me its all about the wood grain....
  9. Wow reading this thread you realise how many of my favourite players use Rotosound strings so who do I choose, Steve Harris, Geddy Lee or John Paul Jones, between them the three main reasons I ever picked up a bass. If I have to pick one it will have to be JPJ because I play more of his lines these days... but come on its very hard to pick only one.
  10. Its been a few months since I have had the time to put anything together, but since Xmas is out the way I have finally got a bit more time. So here is this months effort. I am not sure much influence has remained from the picture beyond the title, but it did inspire me to put something together this month so I will run with that. It could really do with a bit more work but I am not going to have any more time to mess with it before the deadline so it comes as it is. Hope you enjoy.
  11. I took a bit of a punt on a 2006 German $$ a couple of years ago, and much like the guys above found the sound very dark and very flat, very lifeless and scooped sounding, and the neck was huge, so it got moved on after a couple of months. Then last year I took another punt and picked up another one with completely different electronics. It has Bartolini's instead of the usual MEC's and a 3 band EQ (and a much nicer neck). To my ear the 3 band EQ makes a massive difference. Being able to give the mids a bit of a kick brings the thing to life, and after being a single coil fan for the last thirty years because I like the punchiness i now use the $$ almost 100% of the time. So my suggestion would really depend on what it is you don't like about the $$. If its the sound then getting a new EQ fitted may make all the difference for you and be much cheaper to do. If its a feel or play-ability issue then sell it and try something else. In that regard I would point you towards the Sire Marcus Miller range, amazing value for money.
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