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  1. Wow reading this thread you realise how many of my favourite players use Rotosound strings so who do I choose, Steve Harris, Geddy Lee or John Paul Jones, between them the three main reasons I ever picked up a bass. If I have to pick one it will have to be JPJ because I play more of his lines these days... but come on its very hard to pick only one.
  2. Its been a few months since I have had the time to put anything together, but since Xmas is out the way I have finally got a bit more time. So here is this months effort. I am not sure much influence has remained from the picture beyond the title, but it did inspire me to put something together this month so I will run with that. It could really do with a bit more work but I am not going to have any more time to mess with it before the deadline so it comes as it is. Hope you enjoy.
  3. I took a bit of a punt on a 2006 German $$ a couple of years ago, and much like the guys above found the sound very dark and very flat, very lifeless and scooped sounding, and the neck was huge, so it got moved on after a couple of months. Then last year I took another punt and picked up another one with completely different electronics. It has Bartolini's instead of the usual MEC's and a 3 band EQ (and a much nicer neck). To my ear the 3 band EQ makes a massive difference. Being able to give the mids a bit of a kick brings the thing to life, and after being a single coil fan for the last thirty years because I like the punchiness i now use the $$ almost 100% of the time. So my suggestion would really depend on what it is you don't like about the $$. If its the sound then getting a new EQ fitted may make all the difference for you and be much cheaper to do. If its a feel or play-ability issue then sell it and try something else. In that regard I would point you towards the Sire Marcus Miller range, amazing value for money.
  4. Had a family outing last night to Nightwish at Wembley Arena. Not normally my favourite venue, the sound is never good. Last night was very different and was some of the best sound I have ever heard at a gig. Oodles of lovely Warwick bass tone from Marco Hietala and a vocal performance from Floor Jansen that left my Wife who is a professional singing teacher speechless. Bloody marvellous.
  5. There are so many, but on this subject this always pops into my head first. If I can actually make a decision I will post some other faves later.
  6. Not quite identical... but definitely related
  7. Nice 👍 Pan pipes are banned too.... that scuppers my Peruvian Symphony idea...
  8. Voted... may the bast man win.... its like a musical dual...
  9. I'm gonna have to duck for this month as well, i did get something started a couple of weeks ago but have just not had to time to get it finished. I will be back for November though.
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