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  1. JBP

    Who did you see live last?

    Had a family outing last night to Nightwish at Wembley Arena. Not normally my favourite venue, the sound is never good. Last night was very different and was some of the best sound I have ever heard at a gig. Oodles of lovely Warwick bass tone from Marco Hietala and a vocal performance from Floor Jansen that left my Wife who is a professional singing teacher speechless. Bloody marvellous.
  2. JBP

    Best Sounding Bass Recording

    There are so many, but on this subject this always pops into my head first. If I can actually make a decision I will post some other faves later.
  3. JBP

    Okay, so who here has twins?

    Not quite identical... but definitely related
  4. JBP


    Nice 👍 Pan pipes are banned too.... that scuppers my Peruvian Symphony idea...
  5. Voted... may the bast man win.... its like a musical dual...
  6. JBP

    October Composition Challenge - GET WRITING!

    I'm gonna have to duck for this month as well, i did get something started a couple of weeks ago but have just not had to time to get it finished. I will be back for November though.
  7. I have only just started using Reaper myself, and someone with more experience could have a much better answer for you, but have you checked the input and output levels on the bass effect? If the input or output are turned down when you turn the effect on you will effectively mute the track. Not sure about the other problem, hopefully someone else can help with that one.
  8. JBP

    There is life after 50

    I've still got three years to go before I hit the big 'five o' but I am the only one under 50 in the band and all the other guys seem to be managing ok, and were all having a right laugh .
  9. Ooop's I confess that was me, apologies to all, I never really thought about it and just assumed everyone did it. Is there any way you can reset my vote and I will do it appropriately. I am ahead by one vote and now just feel terribly guilty. I don't want to be ahead with a vote of shame ☹️
  10. So here is this months entry, I hope you enjoy. A bit of an experiment this time as i have worked in Reaper instead of Pro Tools so a bit of a learning curve. I have only been recording my own stuff for a few months and i think production wise this is the best result I have had so far... definitely liking Reaper 👍
  11. Dark Matter, from a Blackstar