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  1. setting EQ

    So many times... and recently acquiring a bass with coil taps and a 3 band EQ does not help.
  2. Nick Fyfe and not digging in!

    It depends on what your playing, but I like to think I sit somewhere in the middle, so I can dig in or play lighter as appropriate, that's how dynamics work.
  3. 'Rhythm Stick', With Ian Dury and the Blockheads, or 'Tom Sawyer' , but Geddy is still gonna have to sing it though.
  4. Bass heaven, bass hell

    Bass heaven= Finding a bass that looks great, sounds great, and feels great to play... Bass hell= dropping it
  5. NBD Corvette $$ Ltd

    Less than 24hrs after spotting this in the for sale section of the forum, I had this little baby hanging on the wall in my studio and a massive smile on my face. I have to say a big thanks to @Kev for being the easiest guy in he world to deal with, a quick drive about a third of the way across the country and a late night meet up at a very dark motorway services I was on my way home with my new toy. I have been playing Warwicks pretty much exclusively for the last 20 years and had a $$ for a few months last year but I thought it lacked a bit of individuality and a little something tone wise, but a very nice, very versatile bass, but it got moved on in the end. This thing however is a totally different beast. Firstly the tiger wood top and swamp ash body look beautiful. This bass is No30 of a limited run of 85 made in 2010 and within that 85 only a small No. were made with this specific hardware. Instead on the standard two MEC humbuckers it has two Bartolini humbuckers and a 3 band MEC preamp as opposed to the normal 2 band found on a $$. This combination makes this thing sing, being able to push the mids really brings it alive compared to my experience with the standard $$. Suffice to say I am very very happy with it and will stop gushing and show you some pics. @Kev I dont know what you were thinking parting with this, but thanks again for making it so easy... and you cant have it back
  6. Kev's Feedback

    Just bought a beautiful Warwick $$ from Kev, and it could not have been easier. A cold dark meetup at the motorway services was an absolute pleasure
  7. Damn... I wish I had a grand spare... lovely bass mate GLWTS
  8. Warwick Corvette Value?

    I think a lot of it is down to the looks, Warwicks are very 'Marmite' and very un-traditional looking. You either love em or hate them, and I think this limits the used market. I also think that the whole 'Rockbass' line has diluted the brand name even if the quality has remained.
  9. Audition last night

    I did three auditions last year for the first time in about 15 years, I always find them a very surreal experience, I managed to get two out of the three gigs so I was pleased with that. Just remember they are musicians, making quick decisions is not what they are good at Best of luck.
  10. Could I ask how heavy this is?
  11. ' Now Delivered' Courier delivery within the UK This is my 1999 Warwick Corvette, in a very tasteful Emerald Green. I have owned this base from new and it has been very well looked after, and is in excellent condition despite its age. Everything is original apart from the nut which has been upgraded from a Just-a-nut II to a Just-a-nut III. The bass only has one small ding about 8mm long below the control nobs as can be seen in the pictures, there are other tiny blemishes but you have to look very hard to even see them. Everything, truss rod, electronics, hardware, is in good working order. The frets show signs of being played but nothing that requires any attention. The neck is Ovangkol, very slim and smooth 38mm at the nut. No baseball bats here. Body is Swamp Ash Pickups are passive MEC's with a two band active eq, and push pull active/passive switch on the volume nob. I'm sure most of you know what these basses sound like, I personally think of it as very Jazz like with a big dollop of Warwick growl and bite. I have been playing Warwick's exclusively for the last 20 years and I am really selling this because i want a change, so I am very much open to trades with cash either way depending on what it is. The bass is available for collection from Wimbledon in South West London, though I am happy to drive for an hour to meet up for a sale or trade. I can arrange a courier anywhere in the UK only for an additional £30 The bass come in a 'as new' condition flight case which can be seen in the pics. Now reduced to £600 Thanks for looking.
  12. The fretboard does look very worn in, can I ask what condition the frets themselves are in? Its hard to see from the pics.
  13. 10 Best Electric bass guitars.

    Its on YouTube so it must be right... and anyone who bought an SR500 but didn't get a Sapphire Blue one must be gutted.
  14. warwick thread

    Her is my little pair, my 09 Corvette has been my main bass for many years now, though the last few months has seen the thumb start to take over. Both fantastic instruments.
  15. Complaining Neighbour

    I think Lozz has the right idea, turn it down or go with headphones for the week, but next time her noise is bothering you, make a point of asking for the same consideration from her. Its great to have a good relationship with your neighbours but it takes both parties to compromise to make it work.