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  1. Lowered price again and opened up for trades
  2. I'm selling this amazing Marleaux Mbass custom 2012, made in 2017 to my specs Specs: Dark walnut body, Macassar ebony top, east indian rosewood fingerboard, alder tone block, 33" neck maple/ash, 3 band eq with passiv tone (also in activ mode), layout: Vol, PU blend, concentric bass/mid, conc. act./pas. treble, 2 PU 3-way switches (serial, parallel and humb.), Häussel Humbucker PU with ebony cover, macassar ramp (removable), matching macassar headstock, Schaller tuner with Hipshot D-tuner, security locks, weight 4.2 kg, 19 mm string spacing, E-C tuning (can be changed to B-G) This bass is amazing concerning its sound, look and playability It has slight signs of use (see pix), It was played a lot and the sound evolved incredibly during that process. Including papers, tools, Marleauxgig bag and a high end Harvest nappa leather strap. new price with all the extras is 4.900,-€ NOW: 2.800,-€ or £ 2500 I you have an international VAT ID number I can substract the VAT. possible trades: Ken Lawrence Associate, Ken Smith 4 string, F-Bass 5 string
  3. What's the weight and the stringspacing at the bridge?
  4. What's the weight of this lovely bass?
  5. What's the stringspacing at the bridge? 19mm or closer?
  6. The bass has 3 PUs and a 4 th piezo in the bridge. Lots of sound possibilities. The three potis are for the normal PUs, the 4th is passive tone. If you pull it it's for the piezo. The bass is as new. With the 30" scale is fits in a guitar bag. Amazing short scale bass. String spacing at the bridge is 19mm. some videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ERc4JT1Qcs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7n8iyb8afk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dLkOTpE4V4
  7. I'm selling my Sandberg hardcore aged Masterpiece bass. The bass is in good condition (except for the dings and dongs ;-)). Comes with original Sandberg bag, strap (never used), 2nd (also aged) pickguard in black and tools. Due to the thermo and vibration treatment the bass feels and sounds like an old, well played bass. The response is great. No deadspots. Great punchy JB sound. Low action is possible. body is alder neck/fingerboard is maple passiv electronics, vol./pu blend/tone pickups are Sandberg the frets are like new Waiting is more than a year for a Masterpiece
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