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  1. sad for us that he has already surpassed all of our combined centuries of effort lol
  2. thank you SO much for sharing this. My bandmates and I are huge Beatles fans. I've lost count how many guitarers claimed to have discovered this chord and it always sounds nothing like it lol. Imagine all that effort....for an opening chord ! That is their and George Martin's genius. I do believe GM is as big a part of their success as the band was.
  3. they were great when no one knew who they were, they were "our secret". We covered a few of their early songs. Only one or two albums after Green appealed to me. As for U2, should have split up after that aweful live version of Party Girl was released. Any band that didn't care if their crappy guitarist's crappy solo was released as their first EP was not deserving of success..............
  4. Saul Goodman (s'all good, man ) I come from the generation that played in the 70s 80s and 90s, we broke ALL the rules, because we didn't know about them hehe We mixed cabs, and even used guitar cabs we used instrument cables to connect our heads to our cabs we didn't know about this thing called a truss rod or intonation.......
  5. a proud dad for good reason. Well done to your son and to you for instilling the drive and belief in himself to keep striving.
  6. very clever very handy in all sorts of situations
  7. did you not read the next line in my post? "but, bass wisdom says, if it sounds good, it IS good"
  8. re-acquainting myself to Richard O'Brien's finest work, The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack. I played in a Rocky Horrible tribute band in the 80s for a Miss Australia contestant's fundraiser and it was a blast. Easliy the best gig I played. We had a killer band, male and female singers, guitars bass keys sax drums, all in costume. I love the dynamics in his songs, in the basslines especially. Soft passages leading into full on rock and roll. Science Fiction, Sweet Transvestite, Hot Patootie. Can't listen to the Time Warp again though, it was overplayed to death over here in the 80s and 90s.
  9. bazzbass

    Geddy Lee pedal

    $480AUD and that is best price lol, sorry Tech21 your products are now ridiculously priced. And I love T21, have many of them, VT, VT Deluxe,BDDI, Bass Fly Rig
  10. for a comp i recommend the TC Spectracomp because there are lots of presets you can load via your phone. Small footprint, one knob.You can change what parameters that one knob affects. You probably don't need a pre amp pedal as you have an onboard preamp and the amp's as well.
  11. B3n vote here too, then you will have a better idea of which individual pedals you want.
  12. if it's any consolation (and I'm guessing not), the DI on the new Trace Elf is fabulous. Some studios are buying them as bass DIs, apparently. I've used it DId once and it did indeed sound fab
  13. the cardiod pattern is different too iirc iinm
  14. wisdom says mixing 210 with 115 results in mismatched power to each speaker, as the 15 will get twice the power that each 10 gets but, bass wisdom says, if it sounds good, it IS good
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