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  1. I remember being jealous that you guys get a Glastonbury every year, 1980 I think it was.....
  2. stage left not so I can see the drummer, he is always on beat BUT so that my headstock doesn't hit his cymbals, pure and simple logistics sometimes the stage is so small that I'd be hitting the wall with my headstock, so for these I'm on the drummers right side, but ever watchfull of where the cymbals are hehe
  3. I have two really good shops. Huge range of everything from SXs, Squiers, to high end Fenders, Warwicks etc. They both match the best Aus online price, and will order in anything I want. So I get the best online price....but save on the shipping, WINNER . I've bought three great leather straps, made in Oz. I could have bought them straight from the manufacturer, but I ordered them in to my two shops, gave them the business, saved on shipping AND their price was cheaper than the manufacturers price.
  4. truth ! we go out for a 5 min break, he'll stay there noodling lol
  5. close second to Lennon was John Bonham same year too. It meant I would never see Led Zepellin
  6. I know, and I LOVE Ringo, and my drummer, but out of the four, he was the most dispensable.
  7. lets see, one for lead guitarist, one for rhythm guitarist, what about the BASS ??? that is a fail in my book. Do they think every band is a power trio?
  8. John Lennon I remember seeing the newspaper kiosk billboard "Beatle Shot Dead" and hoping it was Ringo, I mean he's just the drummer, right?
  9. hehe ok I get that my solution isn't for you
  10. provide LOTS of alcohol because the more THEY drink, the better YOU sound. truth
  11. only seen them in one rehearsal space, and I've seen a FEW since 1979 lol
  12. Understood, for me it's about weight. When you have a bad back and shoulder problems you don't want to add even an ounce more than you need.YMMV of course the suede thing really works, trust me
  13. if people are waiting til they are in the studio to put new strings on they are wasting everyone's time, not only in installing them, but they have to play it for a few hours to get rid of the new string clank. Making sure they have the right snacks and drinks in the machines would be a better thing to work on, imho Things I like in a studio? GUITAR HANGERS ON THE WALLS FFS
  14. yeah coz basses aren't heavy anough we should add weights to them lol Get a leather strap with suede or upholstery on the underside. Neck dive killed forever.
  15. Headlining a 3 band show at a small club. Took my new Elf amp and one 10" cab. Set up on stage, plug my bass in, tune up, turn on amp, drummer counts in first song Me"Umm my amp's fooked, I'm out" Then I realise I forgot to plug the speaker cable into the cab, D"OH ! Halfway through our set, my amp goes quiet. Oh no, my new amp is truely fooked this time. I notice the 1/4" speaker plug got pulled out of the Elf a bit, it's a very thick, stiff speaker cable. Oh, and the real tragedy, the guitarist spills my nearly full beer..........onto my 2ft x 2ft patch of the stage too so I haveta stand in it. Living the dream, yep Hope tomorrow's gig goes better lol.
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