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  1. just jammin with another musician is better than playing on your own, even if they aren't wanting to form a band. Play with others and things will fall into place, hopefully. go to open mics, it's a great way to meet other musos,and most won't have a bassist so you could sit in, or at worst, talk to them afterwards with a view to jamming or joining up with them
  2. the whole "only turn 1/8th at a time" is not correct.I think the advice stems from being given to beginners typically, thus turn a little bit at a time as they wouldn't know how much it needs. If it needs a whole turn, do it, why do eight 1/8th turns? Ease off the tension and give it what it needs. Of course, you have to know that it needs a whole turn or not , that's experience.
  3. our gig Saturday went alright,so we are told. We missed it, I developed trigger thumb, our lead guitarer got an infected prostate and was peeing blood, then the day before our other guitarer got an infected root canal. Our drummer was OK and filled in for us with one his other bands,he is in 5 or 6 lol booker wasn't happy, oh well, scrub another venue off our list hehe
  4. my backline WAS Markbass, verses a SMALL stack of really LIGHT Trace Elliot ELF stuff how times change, AGAIN hehe
  5. and if you only play originals, you don't even get paid much. we're gonna try live streaming as a way of performing live, people can leave a tip if they like us. Anyone tried this yet?
  6. If your amp and cabs have speakons, use them , coz 1/4" over 6 feet across a stage is asking to be tripped over and kicked out.
  7. route all the body wood under the pickguard?
  8. TNT130BW.......legendary. kept me going throughout the 80s and 90s thrown down staircases, never failed me
  9. when you are playing a cover, break it down so you understand what chord notes the bass is playing. After a while, all these riffs and runs will start to pop into your head when you're jamming. I mean, it only took me 30 years to get to this point hehe
  10. I play my bass at home thru my Yamaha HS5 monitors, via a Radial J48 DI into a small mixer for guitar, I'd add a Joyo American for $50 and be done
  11. I bought two Elf 10" cabs to go with the Elf amp, and the last three gigs I took only one cab, due to laziness, and it was more than enough. The sound guy loved the Elf's DI so I had PA support at one of the gigs. Carried the room just fine at the others, small clubs.
  12. to be fair, they themselves said they were punk, but they clearly had far too much musical ability to be punk, fart oo much
  13. At the price point BF are at I'd expect better quality, even my 70s Peavey TNT had bullet proofed covering......
  14. yeah they were awesome in that timespan. sadly I never saw them live.
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