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  1. Gibson never really cared about basses, chopping and changing year to year. Shame coz they made some good basses.
  2. I dunno, I prefer 1/4" connectors. No one walks behind my amp that can accidentally kick a speaker cable, it's only 2 feet long, doesn't hang. My amps are 500w or under, not really high powered. I too had a knockoff speakon stick in my amp. I have remade it with genuine Neutrik speakon but I rarely use it.In 41 years I have never had, or heard about , a speaker cable come out during a gig, never, ever. Speakons were made for high wattage touring PA setups, not for me with my 200w Elf , which, btw, doesn't have speakon sockets for obvious reasons.
  3. you asked for opinions, I gave mine. Don't like it? Don't follow it, pretty simple. tell you what, post it on FB. Then come back to me lol My thoughts are based on 41 years of playing and managing over a dozen bands, advising young bands on how to progress via community tv etc. I don't care if you take no notice, truly. You asked , I gave. PS and I was being overly kind about the recording btw
  4. my mate knows the owner of a pub I wanted our band to play at. So we went one night, and when it thinned out near closing time we had a chat. It went like this My mate introduced us,told him we want to play there. "SURE, SEND US AN EMAIL" that's what all the bookers here do now, lazy sods. SOOOO ring all the pubs, get their booker's email addy and send them links to your FB page, Soundcloud recordings etc.. Or look em up on FB and send a message. Don't have any digital media?? THAT'S your first task then. A poor quality rehearsal recording may not get you far but if that is all you can get together it's better than nothing. GO SEE OTHER BLUES BANDS , get to know the musicians,bar owners, fans. Eventually you can ask to open for one of the bands.
  5. bonus, he can teach you drumming, to play along with him
  6. Isopropyl 99% alcohol will destroy it with one wipe, or two. Apply to cloth, rub over the body.
  7. all this conjecture about the relief in the neck and NOT ONE PIC pointless
  8. some good points made I strengthened my pinky very early on and use it instead of my ring finger a lot,especially over the first six frets as shown in the vid. Just makes sense.
  9. it's not just you, and it's not just music books in my case. Got a stack of books to read, latest one is by Billy Connelly,all his "wee stories". gonna definitely read that one.....
  10. (51) Black Sabbath - N.I.B - YouTube
  11. Worst : Snark Supertight clipon tuner ,from the instructions "do not use on guitars with Nitro or Poly finishes"....ummmmm apart from oiled or stained finishes,what else is there? Piece of crap, not very fast,or accurate, junk. Best :HX Stomp........when I get up the courage to turn it on and learn how to use it lol
  12. +1 for letting him pick what songs to play. You can simplify the bassline to suit. good on you for doing this. PS keep us posted on his progress
  13. first gig was in 1979 for the Sturt Football Club Cheersquad's end of year party. We played, Communication Breakdown White Room War Pigs Bodies Living Loving Maid. Last gig was last month, an outdoor Vegan Festival. In between those two? who knows lol
  14. the first time you need to do this, you could just use toothpicks, but the wood glue makes it last for ever
  15. the clear majority say it's a stupid idea. THAT is your clear answer. what you really mean is that you didn't find the answer you wanted to find. move on
  16. just use a pick, sheesh, you might improve your playing, it certainly won't destroy your playing Only other way is to use your nail, but it's easier to use a pick lol
  17. very tasty indeed you should be very proud, great bass tone too btw
  18. dagnabit, won't play for me, I'm downunder
  19. where is the bass and the bass player, never saw or heard them. the band is right, you can't put this on FB. Too many people post their first jam, first recording etc and mostly they are crap. Your song and the playing and singing are OK, but where is the bass? And you CAN NOT show your singer reading the lyrics,can she not remember them? If it's a new song,then fine, but don't post her reading the lyrics. The song and band are good enough, the recording isn't. First impressions matter, a LOT in this business. Don't post something until it's really good.
  20. after trying tube preamps, and many bass pre amps, two different amps and a few DIs, and the BEST tone I get on my Scarlett 2i2 and 18i20 is by going straight in to the Scarlett, no pdals,no preamps, no DIs. Plug bass into Scarlett, that's it
  21. yep hehe . Next is not caring if I make a mistake....As IF I do lol.....
  22. I recently bought one used, wondering if anyone here uses one, in case I get stumped . Haven't used a Tascam since the 4 track cassette models in the 80s trying to avoid the glitches I encountered using a Windows 10 setup.At least I can record the stems on this,transfer into my pc running Reaper. The occasional glitch only occured when recording a track ,so using the Tascam should eliminate this from occuring....
  23. D'Addario nickel rounds and maybe Elixir Nanowebs work for me for mid punch, as I call it
  24. Pedaltrain Volto, thin, rechargeable battery power. Two 1A outputs.
  25. I have the MB Vintage amp and yes, it is a cut above the others. This pedal should be a winner.I'd buy one but I have the amp, still......
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