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  1. gpw5150

    Lean back...

    Thanks Bill, any link - struggling to find it
  2. gpw5150

    Lean back...

    I am gonna be awkward. i want to lean back my 112 cab for rehearsals, but i am not buying a seperate stand. The miser in me says ‘stuff an old copy of ‘so long and thanks for all the fish’ under thr front of the cab, but this will look rubbish and i will forget to take a book with me. Any ideas on mounting a folding foot to the bottom of the cab? Would a decent spring loaded folding handle work? My SWR GoLights had one fitted that was excellent....kinda miss those cabs
  3. gpw5150

    The Police

    Starting to get a bit 1970’s maybe Sting, Andy and Stewart could live together and sleep in the same bed like Eric and Ernie?
  4. gpw5150

    Epifani UL 212 FS/FT - NOW SOLD.

    Now sold! Please remove!
  5. gpw5150

    "Jaydee copy?" - but not a Jaydee

    You win at mashups!
  6. I think this method of trading is unfair for a few reasons; 1, product mis-representation, as noted above. 2, I question the quality and work level that has gone into the overhaul to justify the price hike - change of string and fret ‘glaze’, whatever that is. 3, Buying an instrument should be an experience that leads to a life long skill, buying something like this can only dissuade beginners. Mr Philips may be the nicest bloke around to chat to, no personal sleight intended, but his luthery capability, methods and rhetoric are certainly suspect and to a beginner or someone on a tight budget I would question the realistic value add he provides.
  7. gpw5150

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    Please make them stop..... I thought it was about fishing in Norfolk using an old guitar as a fishing pole and loosing an Eel..... Since ma baby left me, Ay go fishin all the time I don't have no kit An ol' geetar done be my prime I caught me an Eel, slippery soul to go Oooooh Loose Eel.....Ooooh Loose Eel
  8. I hear you there! My rather labored point is that sometimes a small change in diet or lifestyle can fix things. My changes were quite extreme, go big or go home!
  9. gpw5150

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    He’s at it again, judging by a google search. Looking for bass and keys...
  10. gpw5150

    The Police

    I think Mr Sting sometimes has a sense of humour.....
  11. gpw5150

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    Yes, we must have. I managed 2 weeks - rehearsal at a run down rehearsal space in Uxbridge and then The White Bear pub 'gig/rehearsal'
  12. gpw5150

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    Yes, yes! It floods back! He drove a knackered old blue S class that the back doors were jammed shut on. It must have been 6 years ago I ran into him, we moved away. I remember him also insisting on doing a 'solo' gig, acoustic at a local beer festival - I cannot imagine the trauma suffered by the revelers. He used to do this thing when he played guitar of multiple downward strums on the syncopation at every opportunity, he really could not play the instrument and had little in terms of 'a sense of rhythm'. We should start a fund for musicians who have been affected by this guy.
  13. gpw5150

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    A few years ago, but yes, I think so.
  14. gpw5150

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    Worst, easily the 'something' Blues Collective in the Uxbridge, Ruislip area of greater London. The guy that ran the 'collective' was a prized 'cnut'. Anything you had or did he had 50 of or had already done. He was an ex school teacher that went to work as a school inspector, he had to leave his job at the local school as he did not get on with the pupils (i.e. he was a gypsy's kiss poor teacher....) He saw my Omega watch and claimed to collect Rolexes He saw my Mercedes ML and claimed to collect Mercedes S class vehicles He saw my Fender Deluxe Jazz V and claimed to have ~50 guitar's and various vintage amps but preferred his Fender Pawn shop model and Blues Junior amp I cannot describe the level of cnutness.....! The drummer was a pot head and had clearly achieved little in life, including the ability to wash The lead guitar player was actually a nice chap, but must have spent £5000+ on his kit - huge pedal board, vintage amp and PRS guitars, he was okay and rolled his eyes a fair bit at both the drummer and 'out leaders' capability. He was a pretty capable player. Anyway, I was not doing much else so played the first rehearsal and committed to a second. The leader was not specific on the versions of covers he was doing, so, it was all a bit of guess work at first and very loose in terms of changes and lead - far too loose for a set or a live gig. I was invited back for a second rehearsal at a local pub on a Tuesday night, I was told that the pub had a spare room and that the landlord let him rehearse there for free. Turns out the spare room, is in fact the bar. Alarm bells rang when he started to unpack a PA and setup a full rig. We were simply not ready for a gig, but the 'leader' insisted that this was a rehearsal......it clearly was not. I apologize to the 1 punter in the pub in Ruislip that had to put up with that unholy din whilst reading the paper.
  15. gpw5150

    So, I answered an Ad.....

    I question your usage of the word 'rehearsal'.....