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    I was a founding member, and spent 26 years, with a KISS tribute band. We wore the full outfits and boots (custom made and VERY expensive), had custom guitars made (and existing guitars customised) and took the musical/vocal/arrangement accuracy very seriously. To me, that's what makes a 'tribute' band, rather than a 'cover' band. I even went as far as to learn firebreathing and we filled our performances with the expected pyrotechnics too.... It all paid off though... We were the first KISS tribute to perform all over Europe & Scandinavia and played numerous international fan conventions too. Over the years we played with, played for and/or appeared with almost all original and latter members of KISS as well as appearing on both of Gene Simmons worldwide TV shows. We performed for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Def Leppard, headlined festivals and launched products (Volvo etc). We also performed at music 'trade shows', played Halloween at the Cafe De Paris in Monaco and toured Japan with The Bootleg Beatles, Counterfeit Stones, T-Rextasy and Royal Family (Queen show), gaining endorsements from Washburn, Ibanez, Cort and Spector along the way.... We even discovered that KISS were keeping up date with our performances and later found that a mid song breakdown/arrangement I had created had been adopted by KISS themselves in their live show! It was very hard work, but great fun and gave me life experiences that will stay with me forever. I also spent spare time in originals bands and cover bands over the years so have seen both sides.... Tribute haters gonna hate...... usually from their bedrooms...... but I guarantee I worked 10 times harder during every 2hr tribute show than haters ever have onstage....
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    The 'buyer' refused the eBay refund I sent and insisted that I send the bass, so I have refunded him directly through PayPal (and have an acknowledgment from eBay that he has now received it). I'm guessing from his tone that he'd already sold it (eBay listing closed early), had seen a nice £600 pay-day coming his way, and is now rather miffed. What goes around comes around eh
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    Bedroom: Lovely, bass-rich, slightly mid-scooped tone with a hint of top-end 'air' (sniffs cork, quaffs, spits) Live band: Mids-boosted clank, leave everything under 100hz to the kick drum
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    Like New Condition Sadowsky Model Will Lee MV-5 Bass has Ash Body, Maple Neck with 22 Frets, 12" Radius. A Pair of Sadowsky Single Coil J Pickups in the Classic 60's Position. Sadowsky Preamp, Controls are Master Volume, Pickup Pan, Vintage Tone, Stacked Treble and Bass Boost and Mini Toggle Switch for Midrange Boost. Hardware Includes a Quick Release Sadowsky Bridge and Hipshot Tuners, with Sadowsky case.
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    Anyone notice this trend? The BBC seem to be major offenders. Anything that's not serious drama, such as a programme about shopping, or a fluff-doc about some family business in Kettering, always has a constant moronic soundtrack throughout - usually featuring plinky pizzicato strings for a 'lighthearted' feel, or possibly an aphasic idiot whistling a merry tune accompanied by some jolly ukulele chords... and it's always too bloody loud! I get the impression this drek is to keep the population calm and sedate... much like the sort of easy-listening prevalent in the nation's secure units, loony bins and associated banana cabanas. Crime drama and other 'serious' programming is even worse. It's got to the stage where I cant even tell if something horrible is about to happen without the obligatory 'low synth drone', presumably intended to instil a sense of foreboding in the viewer... Any other feckless time-wasting, square-eyed, slack-jawed quinquagenarians agree..?
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    Well, you seem to have got an accurate picture of them then!
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    I’ve just realised, @mcnach, part of the reason for my purple wood grain bass GAS was seeing your Maruszczyk “JazzJake” custom. To be fair I was already GASing for that colour/wood combo but you added fuel to the flames
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    Ok mate no need to shout, I heard you this time. Maybe you EQ’d those out of the bottom end......
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    It's a shame that there has been a post belittling tribute bands , music people love is heard everyday through headphones on the move and LPs in peoples homes so why would the visual and live performance recreation not be a next step for some fans. The one thing I love about the musicians I know and call friends both weekend warriors and pros is their love of life and tolerance of people just being into whatever it is they love, be it tributes , originals or running a Sonia fan club
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    How about posting a live video of your band and let the ridiculous tribute band bass players see what makes you so much better.
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    Dear Dan Dare, The word 'tribute' has nothing to do with 'fake'. A 'tribute' is actually what is correctly known as a 'paean' - meaning 'a creative work expressing enthusiastic praise' or ' an expression of praise or exultation' (Wikipedia) This may all sound a bit nancy noo, but that's the way it is. By the way, I personally am not a huge fan of tribute bands, but, hey..........................
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    I don't think I particularly looked like one, but the smoke machine definitely helped!
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    Anything by King's of Leon just awful
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    This poem was in the order of service at a memorial service for a young Bass player I knew, taken too young. I appreciate that not everyone shares the poems view on bassists "place" in a band, but the sentiment was definitely shared by the young lad.🙂 Thought I'd share it.
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    Seriously? That's a bit off mate. A lot of BC members play in and get pleasure out of watching tribute bands. This thread was started by a member who is into it and wants others to share what they do, not knock the crap out of it. Furthermore, if you're going to transfer the analogy to 'tribute' food and 'tribute' cars, a hell of a lot of time and money, not to mention a large portion of this site, are wrapped up in 'tributes' to the trusty old Fender P and Fender J bass shapes/sounds/legacies.
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    Was 1979 really 39 years ago??? Thanks....I'm now feeling so much older...
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    Hi & welcome. Nice gear. When I'm not playing my bass I'm riding my motorbike. Wales is fantastic and it's ways good to ride up to the North end, especially Snowdonia.
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    I wouldn't have really thought of a '80s tribute group' or a 'grunge tribute' group as tribute groups, I would just take them as 80s or 90s themed cover bands. To me a tribute is a one group thing, beatles or oasis or whatever. We have an 80s themed cover group down here, and they are pretty good at at and always fun to watch.
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    If it were me I would look at it as it is. You are filling in for a friend that needs your help. The gig is a big deal and they do not want to pass it up. Do your best to keep it constant. Do not try to copy the other bass player exactly but do not try to put to much of your own spin on it. Make your friend proud that he chose you and the other band members will feel the same. Look at it like you are being hired for the night and you do what is best for the band as a bassist. If your friend has confidence in you and you are asking for advice then you are on the right path. Best of luck to you
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    Sometimes, you have to dress the part or it would be all wrong. I didn't replicate Jim Lea's bass gear.
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    They are just a very old design now. Go back 10 years or more, and there wasn’t much that could do what they do for the size and weight - now there are many small heads and cabs that can..and more. I also don’t think the later models added any performance...if anything they seem to have more circuit noise than previous versions.
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    The band I was in, Inter managed to get a record deal. We were part of the post brit-pop scene and worked our rears off playing as much as humanly possible to build up a following. Started to get a name for ourselves and released a song on the Pet Sounds label and then later on our first single, Happy Ending in 1997. This got noticed by John Peel who said it was his favourite single of 1997 and gave us our first John Peel Session. This promoted us even further and it got to the point where Virgin were trying to decide to sign either us or The Stereophonics. They chose the Stereophonics in the end but we still managed to get a half decent record deal. We were all about 28 and got about £36k advance each for 3 years plus £5k to buy gear and then royalties from merchandise, sales etc. Going to the Bass Centre with £5k to go buy whatever I wanted was the best feeling in the world. I bought a Stingray, a Status and a massive top of the range Hartke rig 😊 We recorded our debut album at Loco Studios in South Wales which was where Oasis, The Manics, Stereophonics and many others had recorded stuff. The studio was also owned by Geoff Downes of Buggles fame and John Payne of Asia who both played on the album. We lived at the studio for three months in our own cottage and even had our own chef 😊 Our producer was Mark Wallis who has recorded with everyone but is most famous for recording the IT Bites album, The Primatives album, The Smiths, The Travis album and was the engineer on U2's Joshua Tree. Prior to choosing this producer we came very close to going to Seatle and recording the album with Rick Parasher who recorded Pearl Jam's Ten album but we told the record company no as we wanted to sound English still and not end up sounding like an American band. The album, titled Got My Nine sold 7k copies in the first week and we released 3 singles, National Paranoia, Speed Racer and Radio Finland. All got mainstream radio airplay and led on to a second John Peel Session, a live Virgin Radio Session and an XFM session. Also one of our tracks was used to advertise Casio G Shock watches in an advert for Spanish cinemas. We also did other TV stuff with tracks being used on Eurosport and Rebel TV. Q Magazine gave the album 4 out of 5. We continued to tour which was amazing with our own crew etc. and were doing really well but then things started to go wrong. We were getting offered some big things like going on tour with Feeder in Germany, film soundtracks, gigs in the States but the record company was saying no to it all. To cut a long story short, we found out we were being ran as a tax loss so initially the record company were happy to pump money in to us (the album alone cost £120k to record etc.) but as we started to get more successful they put the brakes on. We were literally being hung out to dry and missing out on great opportunities which at the time made no sense. Anyway, they breached contracts so we sued them and won and that was the end of it. It was incredibly hard work, constantly recording, touring, song writing, promoting, photo shoots, interviews etc. but I have no regrets as I lived my dream for 4 years, the best time of my life with the most amazing experiences. Plus I still get the odd royalty payment now and again 😊 More details below. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inter_(band) Other things I've done is go on tour with Paul Weller in another band, supporting him for 4 nights at the Roundhouse in Camden and recorded an album at his studio in Ripley. He also played on the album and I had to teach him to play this piano part that we wanted. I've been the Bass player in a video for a charity song that ELO were recording. Played at Brixton Academy using The Levellers back line. Supported Cactus World News and Let Loose and best of all chatted to Andrea Corr whilst making a cup of tea 😍😍 Now I play in an amazing 50s and 60s cover band, doing about 100 gigs a year and totally loving it.
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    I was watching something on the Now TV box last night and then turned back to my normal service without remembering what channel I’d left it on previously. It was a music program with a band laying down some awesome funk. And what a mix, everything just right, with the bass nicely audible. This can’t be the BBC I thought to myself, wrong. Later is back and the band were Tower of Power. David Garibaldi back on drums with Marc Van Wageningen on bass (no Rocco but Marc is just as brilliant ). I’m now looking forward to the extended show on Sunday. Other acts included Snow Patrol & Plan B, TBH I just fast forwarded but the mix was still very good - about time.
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    I loved The Sweeney theme tune from the 70s, does that count as a groove?