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    The 'buyer' refused the eBay refund I sent and insisted that I send the bass, so I have refunded him directly through PayPal (and have an acknowledgment from eBay that he has now received it). I'm guessing from his tone that he'd already sold it (eBay listing closed early), had seen a nice £600 pay-day coming his way, and is now rather miffed. What goes around comes around eh
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    Bedroom: Lovely, bass-rich, slightly mid-scooped tone with a hint of top-end 'air' (sniffs cork, quaffs, spits) Live band: Mids-boosted clank, leave everything under 100hz to the kick drum
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    Like New Condition Sadowsky Model Will Lee MV-5 Bass has Ash Body, Maple Neck with 22 Frets, 12" Radius. A Pair of Sadowsky Single Coil J Pickups in the Classic 60's Position. Sadowsky Preamp, Controls are Master Volume, Pickup Pan, Vintage Tone, Stacked Treble and Bass Boost and Mini Toggle Switch for Midrange Boost. Hardware Includes a Quick Release Sadowsky Bridge and Hipshot Tuners, with Sadowsky case.
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    I’ve just realised, @mcnach, part of the reason for my purple wood grain bass GAS was seeing your Maruszczyk “JazzJake” custom. To be fair I was already GASing for that colour/wood combo but you added fuel to the flames
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    Ok mate no need to shout, I heard you this time. Maybe you EQ’d those out of the bottom end......
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    It's a shame that there has been a post belittling tribute bands , music people love is heard everyday through headphones on the move and LPs in peoples homes so why would the visual and live performance recreation not be a next step for some fans. The one thing I love about the musicians I know and call friends both weekend warriors and pros is their love of life and tolerance of people just being into whatever it is they love, be it tributes , originals or running a Sonia fan club
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    How about posting a live video of your band and let the ridiculous tribute band bass players see what makes you so much better.
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    Dear Dan Dare, The word 'tribute' has nothing to do with 'fake'. A 'tribute' is actually what is correctly known as a 'paean' - meaning 'a creative work expressing enthusiastic praise' or ' an expression of praise or exultation' (Wikipedia) This may all sound a bit nancy noo, but that's the way it is. By the way, I personally am not a huge fan of tribute bands, but, hey..........................
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    I don't think I particularly looked like one, but the smoke machine definitely helped!
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    Anything by King's of Leon just awful
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    This poem was in the order of service at a memorial service for a young Bass player I knew, taken too young. I appreciate that not everyone shares the poems view on bassists "place" in a band, but the sentiment was definitely shared by the young lad.🙂 Thought I'd share it.
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    Seriously? That's a bit off mate. A lot of BC members play in and get pleasure out of watching tribute bands. This thread was started by a member who is into it and wants others to share what they do, not knock the crap out of it. Furthermore, if you're going to transfer the analogy to 'tribute' food and 'tribute' cars, a hell of a lot of time and money, not to mention a large portion of this site, are wrapped up in 'tributes' to the trusty old Fender P and Fender J bass shapes/sounds/legacies.
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    Was 1979 really 39 years ago??? Thanks....I'm now feeling so much older...
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    Ah good, another Caterwaul hater. I like Cigarettes and Alcohol, though!
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    Shwmae from the South Christine Banshees eh? Brilliant! Let me know if you're ever playing a gig down here Hwyl Fawr
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    14.8 if you sucked really hard!! :-)
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    Rehearsed last week without our rhythm g/keyboardist, so we weren’t trying too seriously. Jammed Brown Eyed Girl as we know he hates that song, but it worked very well. Texted him to say we wanted to work on it at today’s session, his reply? "I think I will have a migraine come on this afternoon". Hope he was joking.
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    Console yourself in the fact that Mr Vanderkley's technique is SO different from/better than yours that you probably couldn't make it sound that good even if you did have the time to practice enough... No wait, that's what I'm doing...
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    Oooo, if I had the cash I would be gigging that this Friday no questions!
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    Just remembered the Ibanez Roadster. Had one of these in the past and it was excellent. Mansons have this one for sale.
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    I do. It's weird, incredibly hot, and a lot of fun. We don't make much money - it's mostly just a laugh and a chance to play some nice venues for other fans who appreciate the music too. Got quite good at changing costumes in less than thirty seconds too.
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    Played in a Free tribute band for a few years, absolutely loved it. We ended up with Jeff Rich ex Status Quo on the drums. Used my by big Markbass rig and even bought an EB3 bass, bloody awful thing to play, headstock dive, but looked and sounded the part, I would have preferred to use my MM Stingray, but not authentic enough. We were fairly unusual that we were a 5 piece which included a keyboard player, about 80% of the Free recorded tracks actually contain keyboards, that gave us a live sound that was so close to the original. Would still be doing it now, but the vocalist decided to leave to form his own band with original material, the most difficult person in the band to replace, couldn’t find anyone else good enough and the band eventually folded.
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    I don't currently, but have a strong desire to start an Ian Dury tribute - as the vocalist
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    I have a tung oil finish in an instrument and wondered what’s best to clean it with? Any ideas? Seems like a damp cloth is good but perhaps there’s some nice product I can waste money on?