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    I was a founding member, and spent 26 years, with a KISS tribute band. We wore the full outfits and boots (custom made and VERY expensive), had custom guitars made (and existing guitars customised) and took the musical/vocal/arrangement accuracy very seriously. To me, that's what makes a 'tribute' band, rather than a 'cover' band. I even went as far as to learn firebreathing and we filled our performances with the expected pyrotechnics too.... It all paid off though... We were the first KISS tribute to perform all over Europe & Scandinavia and played numerous international fan conventions too. Over the years we played with, played for and/or appeared with almost all original and latter members of KISS as well as appearing on both of Gene Simmons worldwide TV shows. We performed for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Def Leppard, headlined festivals and launched products (Volvo etc). We also performed at music 'trade shows', played Halloween at the Cafe De Paris in Monaco and toured Japan with The Bootleg Beatles, Counterfeit Stones, T-Rextasy and Royal Family (Queen show), gaining endorsements from Washburn, Ibanez, Cort and Spector along the way.... We even discovered that KISS were keeping up date with our performances and later found that a mid song breakdown/arrangement I had created had been adopted by KISS themselves in their live show! It was very hard work, but great fun and gave me life experiences that will stay with me forever. I also spent spare time in originals bands and cover bands over the years so have seen both sides.... Tribute haters gonna hate...... usually from their bedrooms...... but I guarantee I worked 10 times harder during every 2hr tribute show than haters ever have onstage....
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    The 'buyer' refused the eBay refund I sent and insisted that I send the bass, so I have refunded him directly through PayPal (and have an acknowledgment from eBay that he has now received it). I'm guessing from his tone that he'd already sold it (eBay listing closed early), had seen a nice £600 pay-day coming his way, and is now rather miffed. What goes around comes around eh
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    Bedroom: Lovely, bass-rich, slightly mid-scooped tone with a hint of top-end 'air' (sniffs cork, quaffs, spits) Live band: Mids-boosted clank, leave everything under 100hz to the kick drum
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    Like New Condition Sadowsky Model Will Lee MV-5 Bass has Ash Body, Maple Neck with 22 Frets, 12" Radius. A Pair of Sadowsky Single Coil J Pickups in the Classic 60's Position. Sadowsky Preamp, Controls are Master Volume, Pickup Pan, Vintage Tone, Stacked Treble and Bass Boost and Mini Toggle Switch for Midrange Boost. Hardware Includes a Quick Release Sadowsky Bridge and Hipshot Tuners, with Sadowsky case.
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    Anyone notice this trend? The BBC seem to be major offenders. Anything that's not serious drama, such as a programme about shopping, or a fluff-doc about some family business in Kettering, always has a constant moronic soundtrack throughout - usually featuring plinky pizzicato strings for a 'lighthearted' feel, or possibly an aphasic idiot whistling a merry tune accompanied by some jolly ukulele chords... and it's always too bloody loud! I get the impression this drek is to keep the population calm and sedate... much like the sort of easy-listening prevalent in the nation's secure units, loony bins and associated banana cabanas. Crime drama and other 'serious' programming is even worse. It's got to the stage where I cant even tell if something horrible is about to happen without the obligatory 'low synth drone', presumably intended to instil a sense of foreboding in the viewer... Any other feckless time-wasting, square-eyed, slack-jawed quinquagenarians agree..?
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    I’ve just realised, @mcnach, part of the reason for my purple wood grain bass GAS was seeing your Maruszczyk “JazzJake” custom. To be fair I was already GASing for that colour/wood combo but you added fuel to the flames
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    Ok mate no need to shout, I heard you this time. Maybe you EQ’d those out of the bottom end......
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    It's a shame that there has been a post belittling tribute bands , music people love is heard everyday through headphones on the move and LPs in peoples homes so why would the visual and live performance recreation not be a next step for some fans. The one thing I love about the musicians I know and call friends both weekend warriors and pros is their love of life and tolerance of people just being into whatever it is they love, be it tributes , originals or running a Sonia fan club
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    How about posting a live video of your band and let the ridiculous tribute band bass players see what makes you so much better.
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    Dear Dan Dare, The word 'tribute' has nothing to do with 'fake'. A 'tribute' is actually what is correctly known as a 'paean' - meaning 'a creative work expressing enthusiastic praise' or ' an expression of praise or exultation' (Wikipedia) This may all sound a bit nancy noo, but that's the way it is. By the way, I personally am not a huge fan of tribute bands, but, hey..........................
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    I don't think I particularly looked like one, but the smoke machine definitely helped!
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    Anything by King's of Leon just awful
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    This poem was in the order of service at a memorial service for a young Bass player I knew, taken too young. I appreciate that not everyone shares the poems view on bassists "place" in a band, but the sentiment was definitely shared by the young lad.🙂 Thought I'd share it.
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    Seriously? That's a bit off mate. A lot of BC members play in and get pleasure out of watching tribute bands. This thread was started by a member who is into it and wants others to share what they do, not knock the crap out of it. Furthermore, if you're going to transfer the analogy to 'tribute' food and 'tribute' cars, a hell of a lot of time and money, not to mention a large portion of this site, are wrapped up in 'tributes' to the trusty old Fender P and Fender J bass shapes/sounds/legacies.
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    Was 1979 really 39 years ago??? Thanks....I'm now feeling so much older...
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    Monster amp.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/trace-elliot-amp-and-flight-case-smx-ah-400/112990606996?hash=item1a4ec3d694:g:GnwAAOSw0SJa9~WD
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    I have to say that your bass is much more to my liking. As you may remember, I mis-specced the colours on mine (ended up with a redder purple than intended because of a mistake I made, and I specced the 'vintage tint' when I had in mind the 'yellow tint')... so while yours wasn't either exactly the combination I was after, I think it looks fantastic. If it plays just a fraction of how good it looks, it must be amazing
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    Welcome! and don't sell yourself short! Nice basses :-)
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    OK, lets have a go at uploading some piccies Seems to have worked, old pictures sorry and forgive the album cover it was something daft I was posting on Talkbass
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    Good evening, Christine, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share. The name rings a bell...
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    Thanks for your kind words, they really add something to this thread.
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    I'm in a Police tribute. We take the whole thing seriously. I look quite a bit like Sting, I try and copy how he moves on stage and play replicas of his basses, matched with the outfit he mainly wore with whatever bass I'm using. Guitarist has a Telecaster that has been 'Andy Summers' by 'The Painted Player' guitar company Drummer has old Tama kit, in one of the colours that Stewart used, octobans too. Live, we play the studio versions but sometimes make them longer, depending on the length of the show. One of our first gigs was at a festival in Crete. Matala. We played to thousands of people with a back drop of caves. I've included a few pics, it was THE most amazing gig of my life. We went on at 1.30am just after some big Greek star. Obviously the guitarist is playing the Red Strat (like Andy's) but not the Tele.
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    9. Your band. Oh wait...
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    I'd vote for something MIJ, be it Matsumoku or FujiGen. Had a few really nice MIJ guitars from that era, no basses though unfortunately.
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    This and their new singer is just fantastic too!