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    The 'buyer' refused the eBay refund I sent and insisted that I send the bass, so I have refunded him directly through PayPal (and have an acknowledgment from eBay that he has now received it). I'm guessing from his tone that he'd already sold it (eBay listing closed early), had seen a nice £600 pay-day coming his way, and is now rather miffed. What goes around comes around eh
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    Bedroom: Lovely, bass-rich, slightly mid-scooped tone with a hint of top-end 'air' (sniffs cork, quaffs, spits) Live band: Mids-boosted clank, leave everything under 100hz to the kick drum
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    Quite. After many decades and thousands of pounds, it's become obvious that all you need is a Harley Benton P Bass and a 1990 Peavey TNT Combo.
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    Don't forget to check out the Ashdown RM500 and RM800. I compared the former with an old but respected Trace Elliot head at a recent bass bash, and it was in no way inferior. It has a well considered feature set too.
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    ooo lots of different opinions Im sure, I've had both and TBH never really noticed much difference, different story on a wooden stage!
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    Console yourself in the fact that Mr Vanderkley's technique is SO different from/better than yours that you probably couldn't make it sound that good even if you did have the time to practice enough... No wait, that's what I'm doing...
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    Thank you, that's one I made
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    I think I read somewhere (probably EBay) that the internal dimensions are approx 83mm (W) x 64mm (D) x 24mm (H) for a standard size bridge cover.......
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    Welcome! and don't sell yourself short! Nice basses :-)

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