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  1. That's exactly what the unit is. I don't know if anyone else has one but my experience with it is that it would be loud enough for many pub gigs. Bands vary though and so do venues so I would be uncomfortable using it in a band or venue where I did not know what to expect. I did some volume matching experiments last night verses the Quilter BB800 and it got quite loud and matched the volume with the BB800 set at about 120w which is quite loud. I've rarely gigged in a pub with the BB set higher. What I'm unsure of though is how this volume would stack up against a full band (Heft?) I have no reason to suspect that it would fare badly except the implausibility of so much volume coming from something so small.
  2. Wenbley Music Centre. They did have another one btw...😀
  3. I won't be able to provide gig experience as I don't have a band at the moment having just moved 150 miles away and quit my band of 10 years 😕. I have tried it through my Quilter BB800 via the balanced line out into the rear XLR in and also a standard jack lead into the front panel via the active input. It is quite easy to replicate the tone of the BB800 pre using the Interbass into the line in XLR, but the vintage cab sim engaged and gain at about 2-3 o'clock adds a whole new dimension. It's also possible to take a feed out of the send jack too which is post gain and EQ but pre master. And as an amp I can rattle my house with the master about halfway!
  4. Well, I couldn't resist. Boss pedal to show scale. The Interbass is smaller than I expected which is a bonus. There were 2 reasons that I was interested in this pedal. I like the Quilter BB800 but to get the sound I like (with gain at a setting where the limiter is working). at home it's way too loud. I had been considering an Ampeg PF2OT for practice and recording. Also, I've been using my Markbass TTE801 live as I've wanted a tubey sound and I haven't been able to find a preamp with the right qualities to go in front of the BB800. I've only had a quick go so far (as an amp into my Markbass 121HR). It is ridiculously loud for its size but it gives me plenty of tonal options at home practice level. The FR/Vintage switch is great and the Vintage position is exactly what I was hoping for. Gain settings above 50% result in increasing amounts of grit when digging in and the feel is reminiscent of the all tube amps I've owned or played through. The EQ section is really good. I haven't been able to turn it up for a long period yet but it seems that it's loud enough for a pub blues gig with a medium drummer and 2 guitars or would certainly make a good backup at least. All in all I am confident that this amp/pedal is what I was looking for and will sound great taking the balanced out into my BB800's XLR in.
  5. I think the Interbass can get a fair bit more dirty.
  6. Having read the manual for the proposed BB802 there appears to be a few differences in the concept in comparison to the Interbass. The BB802 has a standard 4 band EQ control as opposed to the 3 band Interbass (it has an added "Bark" 1k knob) and it appears that the 802 only does clean sounds like the BB800. I like the BB800 controls so probably wouldn't bother to upgrade to the 802 personally.
  7. I would imagine they use the same measurement parameters at various master points as they do for the maximum wattage rating. There's probably a broad manufacturers conformity to the criteria of rating an amplifier (TC excepted of course). From what I've read Quilter tend to rate output power quite conservatively.
  8. Yeah, dunno. Edit. If it's the same criteria as on the BB800 I'd be happy.
  9. I look upon it as a tubey sounding preamp with cab sim that can also act as a backup amp if required. I've done loads of gigs with my BB800 set on 40w and using one 8 ohm speaker. Or a small practice head. Being a Quilter it probably won't lack "Heft"
  10. The 24v PSU supplied uses a kettle lead connection so I'd be happy to run another kettle lead to the board maybe and mount the PSU under the board. It's not like it's a dodgy wall wart.
  11. Knowing the quality of the BB800, both the pre and power sections, the option with this and presumably the BB802 to go fairly dirty interests me a lot (or it would if I was currently in a band).
  12. I think that this is very cool. It can be used as an amp/backup, bass pre with speaker sim or with the addition of a balanced jack to XLR converter a tubey sounding DI. It appears that this is based on the pre section of an upcoming BassBlock 802. edit - I've seen a price in the US quoted at $250
  13. Not sure when I'd be able to get round to it atm. Just moved home to the York area and haven't touched a bass for weeks. I will be sorting out my "home studio" eventually but at the moment I'm desperately unpacking boxes.
  14. It has a lot of powerful options that all sound good, including the limiting, compression, parallel compression, tape saturation and tilt eq, and none of these take away quality from the original signal. All too often at a gig I eventually resort to unplugging a pedal in favour of going straight in to the amp. I've never had to do this with the Stella.
  15. Very much so. I can't imagine gigging without it.
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