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  1. My Sandbergs really like GHS Pressurewounds especially when worn in.
  2. Yeah it's great. The tilt EQ I'm finding really useful. I like it better than my Lehle Basswitch Dual comp and Markbass Compressore. It sounds especially great with the Dual comp and Basswitch Classic boost before it. A definite improvement to the tone and I wouldn't consider not having it always on.
  3. I've only custom ordered one Sandberg but I didn't pay a "Custom shop price" at all The configurator said a particular price and it was discounted by Bass Direct to a price equivalent to the regular stock. I personally think Sandbergs are incredible value for the quality. Not all dealers discount the regular stock either (mentioning no names).
  4. I think that the configurator is there to display aesthetics more than to include every option (there's no Umbo for instance!). When the range of custom options is so varied then choices have to be made and one pickup looks much like another of the same shape.
  5. My first Sandberg was a TM4 with Delanos followed by a VM4 also with Delanos. These were great until I fancied something a little more vintage sounding but preferred the Sandberg feel to my Fenders. I then bought a TT4 with the intention of swapping the pickups (Delanos). I didn't bother for quite a while as it sounded great but eventually succumbed and put a set of Nordstrand in. It sounded good but eventually I moved on all 3 and bought passive only Sandbergs. My Umbos have that vintage jazz vibe with extra tonal variations due to the pickups (Haussel Alnico2) and passive electronics. My passive California II TT4 has Sandberg Alnico5 pickups which are great too. If you like a modern sound with a kind of Stingray-ish character the Delanos are the ones to get. The newer VM's have big pole Sandbergs in them and are not quite as modern sounding as the Delanos to my ears. It wouldn't surprise me if these are custom wound by Delano to Sandberg's specs for the VMs. With Sandberg there are a lot of options and it's just a matter of choosing what is right for you. Waiting for a custom order can be agonising though so swapping pickups out is a choice too..
  6. I'd beware that those instruments actually exist and won't just be ordered from Sandberg with those specs with long lead times. I actually ordered the Masterpiece 8 months or more back but BAX could give me no guarantees that that was the actual instrument I'd get, or was in stock at their suppliers even, so I chickened out and cancelled. It was a slightly higher price then though.
  7. +1 for the Geezer. It's a great vintage sounding passive pickup.
  8. The neck size and shape is perfect for me and enables me to go from VS4 to TT4 etc. without having to adapt too much. The California 1 series tend to be heavier and have a tighter bottom end (possibly due to the 6 bolt neck) in comparison to a Fender. This can affect string choice, especially flatwounds IME. The California II series seem to be lighter with a more open sound (and are less fussy regarding flats). I personally think that the California IIs are a step up in quality. Individual basses vary though and this is just my experience with the Sandbergs I own and have owned. I really like the Sandberg Alnico5's in my TT4, possibly even more than the Alnico2 pickups in my Umbos.
  9. I own 5 Sandbergs and have sold a further 3. The 3 that I sold all had big pole Delanos. They were great basses and there was nothing wrong with the sound but I prefer vintage tone so I have gravitated towards Sandbergs with small pole alnico pickups. Big pole pickups have a particular tone and you either think it's for you or you don't.
  10. The prices look normal to me. The premium prices tend to come with the dot markers, matched headstock, ageing etc. The £ to euro rates are also a factor if buying from a European shop. My bog standard VS4 (except for dot inlays) came in at just over £940 a few years back and that was from a UK shop.
  11. Mine's going nowhere 😁. Choosing which great sounding setting to use might take some time though.
  12. Damn! My VS4 weighs a whopping 7.5lbs ☺️
  13. This is why I didn't do any more examples. Everyone's a critic 🙄😁
  14. I will also add that putting my Broughton HPF before the Becos doesn't have the same effect!
  15. Not exactly. A HPF will remove the very low frequencies whereas the Dual Comp compresses them at a higher ratio than it does the higher frequencies. The changeover frequency for this can be set on the Dual Comp. The Becos on the other hand can be set to ignore the low frequencies using the Side Chain Filter, preventing the lows from triggering the compression, ultimately leaving the lows uncompressed. The end result of combining these is a very full punchy, articulate tone that has a fantastic feel under the fingers.
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