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  1. quimbymeat

    Barefaced big twin 2

    I got this from here about one month ago, it’s in perfect t condition with one slight bump on the metal grill I am guessing is from a microphone whilst the previous owner was playing live. 1600 watts of pure joy! Comes with a soft cover and I will ship this at your cost.
  2. quimbymeat

    SOLD Barefaced Super 12T

    What speakers are in this? I know it’s 12’s but just checking if it’s the generation 3 ones?
  3. quimbymeat

    Ampeg B15n (SOLD)

    Back to the original price, in no rush to sell anymore.
  4. quimbymeat

    Ampeg B15n (SOLD)

    Trade for a barefaced big twin 2
  5. quimbymeat

    Ampeg B15n (SOLD)

    For sale is my lovely Ampeg B15n made in 1972, this comes with a brand new maplin stepdown transformer as the amp is on American voltage. I bought this last year and have only used it a handful of times... this deserves a better home. some of the Tolex needs a wee touch up on one side with glue if you want but I thought it’s fine, 1 x 15 original speaker and it’s front ported. The owner I bought it from said he picked it up from the Andy Baxter shop in London and he picked this out of the others because it was more punchy than the rest. I love to bridge the channels to get amazing tube grind. pickup in Glasgow or pay £70 to £100 extra for shipping( I can get an official quote once I get it boxed up) this amp is a bargin and sounds perfect. location, Glasgow
  6. quimbymeat

    Travis Bean TB2000

    I am thinking of selling one to get a 70's p bass and a Ampeg b15 just for a change edit, I sold the bean and got a b15👍
  7. quimbymeat

    Travis Bean TB2000

    I cannot recommend them enough! I own two and have had a few others too. They're all different in shape and thickness of neck and body over the years but all sound the same. The wind on the pickups is low at about 6k but because they sit on the neck it sounds like a piano with slight chorus.
  8. quimbymeat

    Rack Ears for GK 800RB

    Hey, Three years too late but are these still for sale?