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  1. Barefaced supertwin £666 Next to new condition but someone from basschat added a dolly, when I got it delivered the handle was broken but I’ve been too lazy to get a new handle. Cab is 1200 watts and a one arm lift. Travis Bean £2900 the holy grail, Tb2000 bass! The missing pickup is ready to ship from Travis Bean Designs so this will be installed early January. pickup was being re-wound to original spec with original parts. 10lbs in weight and it’s got a shim under the nut. I will buy a hard case for it to be shipped. jason Zdora 1979 preamp with a new 4u rackcase and a Peavey poweramp £500 all in. if you are a fan of shellac then this is the best tone ever with added low end, more gain, Di. Footswitch ect. The poweramp can’t be bridged but it never bothered me as it’s loud enough for me. selling to get rid of Debt..
  2. I got this from here about one month ago, it’s in perfect t condition with one slight bump on the metal grill I am guessing is from a microphone whilst the previous owner was playing live. 1600 watts of pure joy! Comes with a soft cover and I will ship this at your cost.
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  4. What speakers are in this? I know it’s 12’s but just checking if it’s the generation 3 ones?
  5. Back to the original price, in no rush to sell anymore.
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