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  1. So I have a bunch of guitar necks that fit the body cavities, but the screw holes don't all line up. I' thinking I should use maple dowells to plug the holes in the neck and then re drill them? Any advice before I make a mess is welcome
  2. My issue is I want a pj one but with one of the pickguards from the jj ones, the burst with the white would be delicious
  3. If the 4 strings end up being light I don't think I'll be able to resist
  4. What's the weight like on these? They look perfect but my spine is fickle
  5. Is yours also 24 inch? The intonation on this thing is hilariously bad (when i can actually hear an audible note from the thing) I found some spare short scale strings at work amazingly, gona have a go at a restoration. Wish me luck, the electronics are DISGUSTING
  6. Found this odd little thing and got it for free. I think it's from catalogue in the 70s? The scale length seems to be shorter than a regular fender guitar which is baffling to me. I'm going to attempt to restore it, the electronics are really fragile and odd. Anyone know anything about it, and whether it's worth putting some effort into?
  7. Thanks for the tips! I have core exercises but I've been slacking on them. I have some general lower back problem, but the issue is I also have fibromyalgia ,so my brain takes the moderate pain signals from my spine and tells me that I've been run through with a sword during a flare up. I've been meaning to try out swimming for years now but covid threw a wrench in it.
  8. So through several conditions I as a 25 year old basically have the back pain of an 80 year old, which is obviously a slight issue on stage . My ibanez 5 string is luckily very light, and I wear a back brace thingy. Still after half an hour I'm struggling. Recently i've seen matt heafy from trivium has his own harness strap contraption which seems great, but is very expensive. I use just a basic nylon ibanez strap. Anyone have any experience with dual straps/harnesses? Or any lumbar tips in general
  9. Thanks people this has been very helpful! I'm in north Devon if anyone would be kind enough to let me experiment with theirs for a few mins. I think its gona be a case of waiting for one second hand to pop up now. It seems amazing just for bass, but the fact I can use it for guitar too is the real kicker i think
  10. Lovely bass, my btb is great, but did you find the sound improved much with the new pre? I feel like the preamp is the weak spot of these guys
  11. Hey guys, I've been getting the bits together to make a super super simple fuzz face ish clone as my first ever build. Any recommendations for beginner pedal projects that are more bass oriented? Also looking into some of these circuits, pedal companies must be making pretty tasty margins
  12. I have a very similar model to this. I can't see myself ever warranting getting another bass really, just so good
  13. After 6 or so years of not being able to play bass or guitar i'm back. And alot of the gear market seems to have changed. Primarily darkglass stuff and the helix. From what I can see is that at £400 ish quid the helix can do pretty much all effects, amps, and IR's for both bass and guitar, and well. I'm awaiting a darkglass B7k from a lovely gentleman on here. Would the helix do a similar sound quality? Basically, whats the damn catch?
  14. That eq pedal is so tempting my god. Please tell me there's a catch
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