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  1. The59Sound

    Big Muff advice needed

    Good tips. My GR Muff volume set at 9 o'clock is already past unity gain but in the mix is just right volume wise with the tone around 10/10.30.
  2. The59Sound

    Bass Player Magazine RIP

    So exactly like BGM 10 years ago? 😂
  3. The59Sound

    Medium scale strings on full scale?

    The E might fit but the rest will not wrap around the capstan.
  4. Which is still a £500 instrument.
  5. The59Sound

    What Strings Are Doing it For You?

    A new set of DR Fat Beams just came through my letterbox. If you want steels that are broken in but still retain all of their SS punch with the flexibility of roundcores then these are perfect.
  6. The59Sound

    New Fender flea MM Jazz announced!

    Cool. Modulus don't. Musicman for a long time didn't. Wal never have. Alembic never have. EDIT: Nice subtle change to your post there.
  7. What's that big gap doing then at the top of the control plate? It lines up at the bottom okay.
  8. The59Sound

    New Fender flea MM Jazz announced!

    Why are you being such a child over this? Did you want a 'kiddy' version of the Modulus Flea when that came out too? That's one of the best basses of all time for a reason.
  9. The59Sound

    Sovtek Deluxe Big Muff

    I have the GR Muff and I think if you bump the mids slightly on your amp, it doesn't get that lost in the mix, especially with the huge low end. Saying that, I play in a power trio so it's not hard to be heard.
  10. The59Sound

    Entwistle PBX or PBXN?

    I would say SD Antiquity if you're desperate for a pup swap. Entwistle's would be too modern IMO.
  11. I would definitely buy one of these amps blind. It's a Mesa, of course it's gonna sound ace.
  12. Kaish guards have been decent in my experience. I have a Fleor tort guard as well that is good.
  13. The59Sound

    Sovtek Deluxe Big Muff

    Nano Battalion also being released for you preamp fans.
  14. The59Sound

    Guitar Tech Pickguards

    Does anyone have experience of these guards? https://www.jhs.co.uk/brands/guitar-tech/guitar-tech-scratchplates