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  1. I've heard a tuner is capable of doing that.
  2. £15 for an American Sound? Would like to see where that is.
  3. The59Sound

    Mosky B Box

    It is indeed, another plus point.
  4. I don't know why but I've never listened to a Pink Floyd album. Come to think of it, the only two songs I have heard by them is 'Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2' and 'Comfortably Numb' which has one of the greatest guitar solos ever recorded IMO. I still don't know why I have ignored them? 😕
  5. The59Sound

    Mosky B Box

    £17.37 with free postage on fleabay... I really liked the Green Rhino so have high hopes for this.
  6. The59Sound

    Mosky B Box

    No worries. So essentially, it's a Tubescreamer that retains low end for bass? Sounds perfect.
  7. That's why the covers band scene is so big - bigger than it's ever been in the UK. People want the same old rubbish played over and over and over... People don't like change. Never have and never will. The people who say "Those were the days".
  8. The59Sound

    Mosky B Box

    Have you played an Orange Burst? Could you compare the two?
  9. I tried the MojoMojo and thought it was a bit 'farty' for want of a better word. The Orange Burst to me was similar but not voiced as dark and the break up sounded more natural. Great little pedal for the money.
  10. The59Sound

    Mosky B Box

    Orange Burst in a different pedal? Or something entirely different? Sounds good either way!
  11. Isn't that the case with any pedal maker?
  12. Blueberry, OD Glove, Orange Burst are the ODs I have used. Would something like the Octave Multiplexer be any good? Or should I still try using a boost?
  13. How about an octaver; an OC-2 or similar for example?
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