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  1. Not if more than one woman can't be in the band!
  2. Unbalanced image? Two kids playing with their Dad! 😂
  3. The59Sound

    Yet another band dilemma!

    Kindly stick to managing your own band, please. You're starting to sound like the drunk punter who gives you tips on how to play.
  4. The59Sound

    Yet another band dilemma!

    We haven't played one gig yet but who the hell is going to want to see an unknown originals band perform two hours of material?!
  5. The59Sound

    Yet another band dilemma!

    This isn't a covers band btw.
  6. The59Sound

    Yet another band dilemma!

    That's what I've been trying to do for the last couple months but then both of them turn around and feel pressured into playing a gig to appease me! Not my words!
  7. The59Sound

    Yet another band dilemma!

    I forgot to mention - we had a venue get in touch with us to play a gig next Friday. That's when drummer said he needs cymbals still (had since June to sort this) and guitarist said he still doesn't know all the lyrics to the songs (lyrics he wrote). Neither of them have gigged before but both have said they want to. That being said, I have had to push them both to get in touch with venues. I feel as if I'm the only one who really wants to gig atm...
  8. The59Sound

    Yet another band dilemma!

    What would you do? I joined an originals band (power trio) at the start of the year and we started rehearsing the first week of February. We recorded in June and the EP went live start of July. We have also set up various social media and had a photoshoot, all done around the same time. Four months on though and we are still yet to gig. It will be at least another month because the drummer does not own a 'full' kit and needs to rent cymbals every time we rehearse. He has said he will buy cymbals come start of November. We have a nine song set but the guitarist said he still thinks we're not ready to gig. We have been rehearsing the same set once a week for four months. I'm at my wits end - I feel we just rehearse for the sake of it now with no end goal. We don't have any gigs lined up and that's the reason we recorded the EP, to get gigs! What should I do? What would you do?
  9. The59Sound

    Pedalboards... recommend a good, light one.

    I have the PT Nano. The Nano Plus might be what you're looking for? Some people do have problems with the velcro that comes with it but I haven't had any such problems.
  10. The59Sound

    Fender CS - No magic?

    So why state the obvious then?
  11. The59Sound

    I'm gonna be in so much trouble at rehearsal

    Start an originals band and make a better song then.
  12. The59Sound

    Fender CS - No magic?

    That makes no sense.
  13. The59Sound

    Fender CS - No magic?

    Not having a go mate, just don't need to spend several hundred pounds more to worry about dings.
  14. The59Sound

    Fender CS - No magic?

    I bought my bass brand new in a new condition. I don't care if it gets dinged and scratched or grazed at gigs. What's your point?
  15. The59Sound

    Best Warm & Funky Strings

    Flatwounds or pressure wounds.