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  1. Does anyone know where I could buy an ECG778 dual op-amp from? It's for a Dr. Q clone. The TL072 that I have in there just now isn't cutting it. Cheers
  2. Got a couple of pedals to sell... TC Electronic Nova Drive - £90 (SOLD!) Boss LS-2 (Boxed) - £50 EBS Fuzzmo (Boxed) - £40 £5 P&P Payment via PP or bank transfer Any questions or anymore pix are required then please don't hesitate to get in touch.
  3. It was the RC4558! Replaced and working a treat. Cheers once again pal 👍
  4. I'll check that out, cheers dude 👍
  5. Hi, Looking for some guidance here. My father passed on his Big Muff for me to have a look at as there is are loud whine whenever there is power to the pedal. This happens with both mains and battery. You can hear the effect through the noise although not in the video. Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this problem? Cheers cameringo_20200511_232657.mp4
  6. Hi folks, I'm new to this DIY pedal malarky, I'm finding it quite theraputic 😀 I'm putting together a Fuzz Face clone from a kit build and I was a bit overzealous while desoldering a pot and lifted a pad. Can i solder on a jumper wire from somwhere or is this PCB toast? 🤣 Cheers
  7. I think it's something to do with true bypass, is it not? My Neo Clone is the same.
  8. Can't go wrong with the Budda Chakra which there just so happens to be in the classifieds here...
  9. Is the 9v jack pin long enough? Sometimes - especially with daisy chains - you need to strip some of the rubber round the pin so it will seat into the socket properly. I've had to do this with Joyo pedals, not sure about Behringer though.
  10. Two pickups. The neck one is a 'split P' Sorry to be pedantic 😁
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