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  1. Cosmic CE6B's ordered, will report back once I've got my hands on them.
  2. Been sat staring at awaiting customs clearance all week 😭

    1. TheGreek


      Been there...and then HMRC send you a bill for you to have what's already yours....

    2. DanEly


      I’ve been sent loads of paper work for importing it now... I’ve never had to do this before.

  3. I'm looking for a clean and articulate modern rock sound. I'm currently using a Grabber with fresh strings, the 400+ model and the darkglass b7k sim. I'm looking for lots of zing with a nice bottom end. When I say I'm using headphones - I'm actually using IEMs. My real life rig is a Mesa 400+ trough a Fender 610 (tweeter off) mic'd with a 57. **I'm not using this with the helix**
  4. I'm not using it through a stack. Just through studio speakers and headphones at the moment. Has anyone else struggled with this? I did have the intention of knocking out my cab using this but I'm feeling a bit unsure...
  5. Has anyone actually found any of the bass cabs useful? I've found most of them put a blanket over my tone...? Does using your own IR's improve this?
  6. I caved and picked one up...
  7. Yep. Great plug. I built a huge pedalboard for a band I work with using these. I probably wouldn't use anything else now.
  8. Build yourself some proper patch cables and use these. https://custom-lynx.co.uk/product/kmmk-squareplug-sp400-the-smallest-solder-type-1-4-right-angle-connector-created-to-date/
  9. @Osiris I've got myself a set of AS10s that I've been using for work (I'm a backline tech) that I recently tried on a short tour with a full stack behind me - Fender 610 and a Mesa 400+. I'm looking at getting myself a set of Cosmic Ears as the KZ's don't have the greatest fit/seal and come loose a fair amount. I did like having the weight behind me though... I'm very very precious about my tone. I've been an absolute pedal whore over the years. Most of them are drive and synth based. I know the Stomp doesn't have a synth engine, how do the drives play with analogue pedals?
  10. I'm currently awaiting delivery of a very heavy bass so more weight is a no no at the moment, that and I move around a lot on stage! Less wires the better for me!
  11. Maybe I should take the plunge. Did you not miss the weight of having a rig behind you?
  12. I think I would have to try the Darkglass sims myself before I start ditching the pedals. The limitations of blocks are what's making more interested in mainly using the amp and cab sims... Who's gone down the IEM route?
  13. I've just started doing a bit of work for guy. These Jazzes are very nice and I can confirm he does gig them, completely stock
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