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  1. I use a pod X3 and HD and use digital connection (SPdif) so it bypasses the preamps and keeps the channels free.
  2. II have a fretless version, it’s a Tokai LXB nice bass with jazz type neck. I haven’t seen many on EBay but they don’t tend to go for much more than £200
  3. The Eq is quite subtle except the mid boost but it’s not really a problem has I tend to keep the Eq flat. This is the exact reply from Rob Green. The 1 / 2 batteries does not affect the tone it's just the 'headroom' on the EQ that is improved with 18 volts. It should be fine as long as the battery is good. Adding another is possible but some work.
  4. Contacted Status. I did not get any info on the bass but they assured me that that The 1 / 2 batteries does not affect the tone it's just the 'headroom' on the EQ that is improved with 18 volts.
  5. I think they are Status energy basses
  6. NIce! I had a energy a great bass . that only had a 9v pre (one battery}
  7. Has it the same preamp? Master volume? Pickup balance, Treble, Bass, Variable midrange, Midrange boost/flat/cut switch.
  8. I did post something a couple of years ago but I did not get many replies and anything useful, although I may try again
  9. Unfortunately there is no serial number; I believe this is not uncommon. I thought about contacting status but on their website it states that they cannot comment on older basses
  10. I have what I believe to be an old Status empathy 4 string It only takes one battery, Is this normal? Can anybody shed any light on why this is the case? The controls are Master volume, Pickup balance, Treble, Bass, Variable midrange, Midrange boost/flat/cut switch. Like the empathy the bass sounds great if not a little under powered
  11. I don’t think you can look at this in the same context has part of the band, he or she is a professional person offering a professional service so you have to pay the going rate, good PA hire is not cheap. Just sending one man keeps the costs down but If you don’t want to muck in then they can always bring someone else along at your expense
  12. [quote name='chris_b' timestamp='1453642451' post='2961289'] I don't mind a player with 1000 watts or a half stack. I mind when they can't get a balance, decent sound or play [i]with [/i]other musicians. [/quote] The words nail and head spring to mind. If the musicians are comfortable with their stage sound this will not only help them play well as an individual’s it will also improves the performance, tightness feel and vibe of the band. Has an engineer I can’t think of anything I could at the mixing stage that will have a greater positive effect on the overall sound, engineers want musicians to be happy on stage. The flip side of the coin is if musician insist on playing far too loud there is portably very little I could do without been totally incompetent to ruin the sound has much as they are ruining it for themselves and the band. So bring what you like so long has you don’t expect me to carry it and there is room on stage.
  13. I go by the old saying treat others as you would like them to treat you. If a family member sold one of your basses would you just let it go and put it down to experience or would you be very upset and want it back? Could you or would you report you own child to the police to get the bass back. I know I would be devastated so that why I would give the bass back but I would not want to be out of pocket has the buyer either. For me it’s not about getting away with it it’s about doing the right thing.
  14. I do a fair bit of collaboration online mostly mixing and production but some bass playing also. When providing tracks it very tempting to try and impress the recipient, with a great fat bass sounds and overcomplicated playing but when someone sends me stems to mix I like to receive them with has little processing has possible, no eq or compression. As long has the parts are well played and recorded there should be no problems. I like the freedom and flexibility to add my own processing. Try La2a emulation on bass it’s very easy to use and works well most of the time, I use the UAD ones but that needs a card and can work out expensive but the IK Multimedia is good. Native Instruments do one and I believe Softube do something similar.
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