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  1. Cheers for the link mate, found a site where someone has uploaded scanned in pages to it, looks good!
  2. On to the next hurdle then in my theory journey, quite simply what do you guys use to count triplets? I've tried "one - o - let" and "one - and - a" and they work fine when counting a full triplet but when it comes to rests in the triplet it all goes out of the window. So would like to know what other alternatives there are for counting them, or any tips?
  3. If I had the time commitment and space I'd buy a Nord and that would be it. I'm not ruling them out yet as I would prefer a slightly cheaper keys but if that proves a failure I'd bite them bullet and go for it. However if I do see one for under £600 that would seal the deal for me to be honest...
  4. Sadly my laptop is about 5 years old and while good I doubt it can keep up with today's CPU hogging software. I'd also prefer to have a standalone instrument that I can just switch on and go without having to involve my laptop. I do like the future proofness of having a master MIDI keyboard and just buying modules to fit the sounds I'm after but that can start adding up in £ and space. An almost all in one solution would be ideal like you said with workstations, I'll take a look into them thanks. Storage would be ideal aye, but also just preprogrammed sides would be fine as I'm not too interested in moulding my sound in the traditional analogue synth way. The CP actually has a hidden sound in it which if I recall correctly is an actual acoustic piano or similar sound. Mini keys aren't much of a deal breaker, neither are the octaves as I just want a keyboard to play some ideas on and keep it as a hobby. Do you have any experience with the CS then? I've been watching comparison videos and the DX looks like a good middle ground. While money isn't too much of an issue I will find it hard to justify the £ for a Nord, even second hand as like I said this is just a hobby and bass will always primarily be my instrument of choice.
  5. That's the sounds I'm after! Some one on another forum mentioned the Yamaha CP and I think it's a winner. Sounds good, right size and price, and then for the synth side just get the arp odyssey module, does that sound feasible?
  6. Looking to add some keys/synths to my repertoire. I'd want to recreate some nice piano sounds and then some pads and I've came across the Nord Lead 4 which seems to tick a lot of boxes. Question is though what else is out there that will fit the bill, the new Korg Prologue or the Korg Arp Odyssey maybe, I like the look of the Behringer Deepmind 6 too.. The one specification I have is that it is under 1 meter wide as space is limited. Kind of sounds I'd want to recreate is those found in Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, Tower of Power, and if possible John Carpenter..
  7. The first half of this makes a lot of sense thank you, the second half is a bit beyond what I currently know but hopefully this will change in the near future. Thanks for the replies guys, even the sarcastic ones
  8. Great little amps for smaller gigs or just jamming at home with the addition of the headphone output and AUX input. So small they can fit in a gear bag and they have an inbuilt tuner and effects, so perfect for those one amp solutions. Included in the sale is the footswitch, speakon cable and a cable for the footswitch. Only selling due to moving on to something new. Condition wise it is in great shape, no dents or scratches and comes with the original box too. Full description - https://www.andertons.co.uk/bass-dept/bass-amps/bass-amp-heads/solid-state-bass-amp-heads/tc-electronic-bh250-compact-bass-head Postage or collection from SW1 Feedback - https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/296670-westenras-feedback/ No trades
  9. Yamaha BB424x, heard good things online and when I went to pick it up it felt like it was made for my hands. That P sound really needs to be heard to be believed.
  10. If we can play any note then why are there variations in the chord names of when to play the 7th and above extensions? Wouldn't Cmaj cover all the Cmaj7, Cmaj9, etc variations? Or are they more so for the keys/guitar? I'm probably thinking too much into this!
  11. I know there's no solid "rules" in music and it all depends on the feel of the song, etc, but if the chord doesn't list it, can you play more than the triad or pentatonic scale? Example if I come across a C major chord, should I just play the triad and pentatonic, or could I slip in a 7th there? What if I wanted to add some colour with a #11th, would I be asked to stay in the realm of the chord or would it be encouraged? Hopefully that makes it clear...
  12. Selling the ultralite tuners...?
  13. Ha already got a BF One10 so it looks like I'm on the right track!
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