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  1. Bass Transcriptions

    Ah my apologies, I've been trying to up my sheet reading skills so didn't look at the tab, thanks for clearing that up.
  2. Bass Transcriptions

    Sorry for the amateur sight reading question but I assume during Eb bars you play E natural but I don't see a natural symbol by the first E? Unless your bass is tuned down a half step?
  3. If you really want low tension strings I'd suggest TI jazz flats, I've got them on my BB1024x and they are ridiculously easy to play. So much so that I had to raise the action because I play with a medium style attack.
  4. £500 - 1980s Washburn B20 sunburst PJ bass

    Snow bump!
  5. As the title says, really love the sound of the rumbles but the Rumble 100 was too big for my flat so just looking for the 200 head.
  6. Came across this little jam from way back when; Really like the bass and my ear is rubbish, anyone have any sheet music for them?
  7. Feedback for [email protected]

    Pleasure to do with business with.
  8. Source Audio nemesis delay pedal boxed

    On hold.
  9. £500 - 1980s Washburn B20 sunburst PJ bass