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    For anyone missing it, the Talkbass answer to the question you were going to ask, no matter what question it was, is P bass, tort guard and flats.
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    I noticed few years back when I didn't want to access it
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    Now sold. Newer motorbike purchase means owing money to the Mrs plus a bass has to go on sale. This is the best sounding most playable jazz bass I have owned by a country mile. Weight is under 8 lbs, Ash body, custom ordered Aguilar 60's pickups (AG4J60), maple one piece graphite reinforced neck, rosewood fingerboard (12" radius). Tortoiseshell pickguard, 2 tone sunburst, 34" scale, 21 frets, full electrostatic shielding, vol' vol' tone, Hipshot A style bridge (19mm string spacing) and Hipshot ultralight tuners. Instrument fully 'plecked' Protect case/gig bag. Bass and case in excellent condition, one very tiny scratch/dent on upper edge of body, barely visible - (tried to show in photo). Certificate of ownership also included. Strung with a set of DR Pure Blues with plenty of life left in them. Can set up to try bass safely with an amp at edge of my integral garage with door fully open, or can meet up socially distanced within about 20 mile radius of Daventry, I have a battery powered bass amp to use). I will not be posting this I would like the potential purchaser to play the bass and inspect beforehand.
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    Would now be a good moment to mention that I met and married @Silvia Bluejay as a direct result of us both being bass players? No? Alright ... as you were then.
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    Fender 60's jazz. Came like this, Little elbow grease, and a new neck, and she turned out like a brand new beast. Sounds killer too.
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    I've always been entertained by the irony that, since keyboard warrior is a pejorative term used to describe people who write in a pejorative manner online, it is impossible to use the term online without falling under its definition oneself 🙃
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    I felt inspired by this thread and after selling some bits, I bought myself a Harley Benton TE52 the other week. Cost £134 all in and I had enough for a second hand Orange Terror Stamp to go with it! I don't have a guitar cab yet and my bass cab is 4ohms, so can't put the terror stamp through that, but with a cab sim in a DAW, it's the sound I was after in my head. Two very good bits of kit!
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    I think Chris has hit it on the nail there. Having played bass, guitar, and done lead vocals in bands all whilst in the same clothes and body, the amount of attention I received from the ladyfolk whilst doing guitar and lead vocals for a short time far outweighs that of when I’ve played bass. Must admit I never got any attention from cats though.....
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    £200 neck.. £100 pickup... Triggers Broom?
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    @Jabba_the_gut Have you tried popping the strings off and seeing they've not twisted ? @hooky_lowdown 's advice might be the answer I had an overly quiet A string after installing the monster split single, wound to 29.9k ohm and up there in terms of mud 👍 Advice I got include string witness points, twists etc. @ezbass I remember those Artec/magnet posts, thought it was a massive problem as every mention of Artec had the magnet reverse post attached. Turned out the same 2 lads were on a global mission to warn all potential Artec buyers 🤣
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    Sad but becoming truer and truer
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    Well done, doesn't take a lot to look up these things..............
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    To answer your last point first, the idea of this video isn’t to find out the cheapest way to get a bass. But if you are up for making a video on that, I would watch it. I brew beer, and I’m pretty sure I can buy it cheaper, but I love the process and also enjoy picking the hop profile and malts for the final taste. That said, in regards to my bass, I knew I wanted Bare Knuckle pickups and if I had brought one of the brands you mentions and replaced the stock pickups, it would work out more expensive that way. Essentially you can get a bespoke instrument that doesn’t cost the earth with sentimentally as well, which is very appealing to some people. To start answering your other questions, I am going to hunt for my old neck and post a photo when I find it. You will then realise why I replaced the neck. I’ve give you one guess at what modification a teenager in the early 90’s foolishly thought might have been a good idea! 😂
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    Not enough cats and basses for me. 🤦‍♂️
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    Will do! I think I'll have to add some sound clips too- explaining myself about those pickups is going to take some doing! 😄 Andy did a build thread if you'd like some of the nerdy details:
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    You could send each other morse code messages via pop and slap
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    Great player for sure, but what has Ross King got to do with it? 😂😂
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    Just discovered this, it works on my phone and iPad. No more walking over to the pc to hit record and legging it back to the kit. I know I'm a Reaper fanboi but this is great.
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    Reluctant sale : Owned from new since 2010 my green tolex mark 1 GT200 and black tolex 610. Serviced regularly, reliable and runs like a dream. New valves and serviced by Jeff a couple of years back and used sparingly since. This amp does it all. I last recorded an album with alternative band 'this' called 'hoc est' if anyone wants to hear it. Comes with dust covers and a custom made wheel trolley to manoeuvre rig with ease. Collection only and not prepared to split. If it doesn't sell i will be kinda glad. It's a monster. PM for further details.
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    Yeah, I did kind of get that switched around
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    Didn’t get that far. 1. Check wallet 2. Check location of desired item... 3. Who do I know near location of item of postage isn’t an option... 4. What day do I sort delivery so Jen is at work... I fell at the first hurdle this time.,,
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    So far I've found Talkbass to be a very helpful and civil place.
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    Makes me miss 2 basses in one. My Sadowsky RV4 in 59 Burst and my old Lull V5 Gutted I’m currently skint.
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    I wouldn't, I would just be in counting the money coming in
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    Why not take the neck off and ship both parts in your suitcase ?
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    @Jolltax Spring for the JB-75 but have a comfortable chair when you practise, they are quite heavy. Never played the JB-20 though a friend in Kenya reckons it's just fine, he sold the 75 because of the weight. As for the JB-75, it's a rock solid bass and outstanding value for money. Looks like a jazz bass, plays like one and sounds like one 😀 If I was buying another it would be the sunburst/pau ferro again.
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    I've asked around some of my BC mates recently and very few of them are using the amp fx loop these days - "very last century" were a couple of the comments, lol! My understanding is that putting pedals in the amp's fx loop typically puts them in series after the preamp. I don't think it necessarily by-passes the pre-amp as such; you'll need to check the circuit diag. to see what's going on with yours.
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    Oh, come on - you could order a latte in Mongolian and it'd sound like a declaration of war; stand in front of a metal band and drop it two octaves, it's nothing short of epic... 😀
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    According to the internet 70s is 100mm and 60s 91mm apart
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    didn't know I was arguing,,, big willy,,, "Beat It" was about the closest jacko got to metal.
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    No mate, that's the Bank Of Nigeria.
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    I'm a simple guy. Give me double P's, and im all right.
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    Thanks @TheGreek Treble clef markers == no-go zone. Small joke for any bass players looking at it
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    Warwick 5th Anniversary Streamer - It may look like any old Warwick Streamer but there is no Streamer with a thinner, rigid neck (count the laminates) or a thinner, lighter body AND the pup combo positively growls... even though I play it 90% just on the neck pup!
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    You are correct sir - I now own one though, in this very finish. Won’t lie, I’m tempted to have a second!
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    Cool, I’ll put a video up on my YouTube channel soon - https://youtube.com/user/jamusbass
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    Could you spray a light coat of sealer on the routing before you pour the resin (allowing it to dry obviously?) might stop the bleeding. Matt
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    Now Below Booth Hall Hereford in about 1990
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    I tend to be very pessimistic about transactions like this. As Sarah? has many valuable guitars in her listings she may be willing to share photos of her with them and band web pictures of her maybe with contact phone numbers. also Linkedin business profiles etc to build confidence. I have tracked many a seller down to social and work events and location from photos posted on media platforms to give me confidence they are who they say they are. I often did this on taking gigs from people out of the blue, if long distance rather than turn up a postcode to find its an industrial estate and the bands out of pocket.
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    'Prolly just go for a Harley Benton or a Squier...
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    Not sure if this qualifies but the Sensational Alex Harvey Band did a tour and record as the Sensational Alex Harvey Band Without Alex. Bloomin' good they were, too.
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    Hello, just wanted to share the joy of getting the new (for me) Gr Bass amp and cab. I'm a 20 + bass player in the business (Europe) and had tried pretty much the "majority" from entry, mid and boutique amps. Said that, trying the Gr Bass was a whole new experience to me in terms of clarity, sound, ecc.. The amp is very clean, very responsive, does not "color" the sound at all regardless of which bass your're playing through. I've tested the head directly into my sound card and you can hear the sounds below. What to say about the cab though ? First of all it's ridiculously light. The new Aerotech technology gives the possibility to reduce the weight significantly without compromising the sound. We are talking of a 212 cab with 900w! Said that, as for the amp, the cab is very clean, powerful and fantastically built. Go check GR bass and their products!
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    All the options apart from series humbucking wiring will be significantly lower in output.
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    I must be so shallow. I look at a bass and think 'oh, it's just a Jazz' and then it's 'ooh but it's got a matching headstock'.
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    My US 2015 Fender Precision. I’ve done so much with that bass, recorded the last three albums, did my first Rebellion Festivals, first European Tours. It has so much sentimental value that I won’t gig it or take it out of the house as I’d be heartbroken if it got nicked. Here it is (and me) in action at Rebellion:

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