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  1. Pictures from the luthier. Heavy contours. Still in progress.
  2. Special ordered J PU set is done, paid and soon to be shipped!
  3. I talked to him last night. The contours have been pretty much completed. Next up is the control cavity and wiring chases. We discussed doing a mortise on the end jack plate. Hopefully, I can post pictures soon, he’s having phone troubles. He’s supposed to send me pics soon somehow.
  4. Thanks! I’m supposed to talk to my luthier tonight. I haven’t heard from him and need a progress report.
  5. The neck plays so nice! A full and partial neck shim. I wish I had more to report waiting on parts and the body...
  6. Some will describe this better than me, but... Assuming it is a fretted neck, the distance from the nut to the 12th fret should be equally the distance of the 12th fret to the bridge saddles. The saddles should be in a position(the mid way of travel) so they can be adjusted either towards or backwards, for intonation adjustments. Use string( the E and G) from the machine heads to the bridge to line up the position of the strings. Take your time and carefully think this out. Possibly YouTube has a video?
  7. Here’s my ACC Acoustic rig. The 301 cab I bought new in 1973 w/cover. I was in the 11th grade. The 370 head I got a couple of years ago. It a terrible brown tolex recover. I re-did it with Duratex. I had the catalog pic on my bedroom wall as a teen...amp porn.
  8. I played the neck for a bit. It plays so nice! Still making adjustments. I would recommend these necks to any one. Not affiliated. Freestone guitars on FB I couldn’t post a FB Link?
  9. My babinga fretless neck is done and temporarily installed on my MIM Fender J body. The nut(not glued in) is also temporary. I’m putting a babinga or walnut nut on it. The neck is for my walnut build thread.
  10. Until my custom body is built, the new neck is on my MIM Jazz bass body now. I installed the string retainer, I might tweak that a little. I’m had to raise the saddles quite high. I’m letting it set a bit under tension before giving it a serious tryout. Right now it seems to play better than the Fender neck that was in the Jazz.
  11. After rubbing out and waxing the neck, I installed the machine heads and a temporary nut. I’m going to put the neck in my MIM J body for a rest run.
  12. Yea I mentioned it to the luthier. It’s going to have generous body contours..
  13. ‘98 MIM jazz body. Wired stereo/mono. ‘78 USA fretless p neck. Put together just before Christmas. Custom wire harness. VVTT(pull up on last tone for mono). with my mini g/k- MB-200 stereo rig.
  14. I notice it being slow to post at times too. But more importantly, sometimes there’s not a lot of posting going on...🙄
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