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  1. Actually, the bridge PU is surprisingly powerful. The bass plays and sounds fantastic! edit: I did fix the string spacing too!
  2. Since it’s wired stereo, I can eq each PU as desired. There are no lack of tonal options with this bass. It’s exactly what I was looking for when I designed this PU arrangement.
  3. I finished my fretless Walnut/Babinga, stereo, heavy contours build. 9.8 lbs Yes, the A string is off in the pic...fixed.
  4. I finished it today. It still needs a little more tweaking though. First impressions, it roars! Those custom Tom Brantley tapped PU’s are powerful! And the PU locations are very distinctive. FULL bassey gobness! And treble crunch snd punch for days. With both PU’s on in stereo a very separated sound field. I still got minor problems, I have to expand the output jack route a bit...the stereo output jack is just crammed in there. Wire and connections are shorting. And...I did put in the stereo/mono switch. Very useful so far. Pics will come eventually... Union Break, sit in the sun, and maybe an adult beverage...where have I heard that before? Did I say it ROARS?! It’s just what I wanted!
  5. I put the switches in and wired up the stereo output jack. I have to enlarge the hole for the jack...it’s way to tight and it shorts out the jack if crammed in. I did give it testing though. It ROARS! Very distinctive sounding. Pics to come as promised.
  6. Yup , Ric 4005, some Horner basses and others too. I was shooting for the 4005 configuration.
  7. It will be wired stereo, and eq/vol will be set by me.
  8. I mounted the neck, bridge and pickups. I put an old set of strings on it, did a quick set up. Plays nice so far. Just the controls and strap locks to go. And lots of tweaking the setup. I only get one chance to put the controls where I want them...
  9. I am having fun. Being retired, I need projects to keep busy. After coffee and waking up a bit more. I’ll be working on it again l
  10. I did shielding, and got the neck installed. The PU's are installed too. Each PU has 3 wires. The wire routes were tight but I did it.
  11. Received today. It looks gorgeous! I started the assembly process. I had to plug the holes in the neck from my test fit on another bass. I installed the bridge and ground wire and I’m waiting on the glue to set up on the neck holes. Shielding is next. I’m very happy so far. The babinga neck looks great with the walnut. My lighting for the pictures is terrible...sorry.
  12. Yes it does, but mostly these days I use my mini GK stereo rig. It sounds great too!
  13. I did tighten up the machine head covers that are famous for exploding or coming apart. I used a small punch and tightened up the cover connectors. I need a couple more adjustments to the bridge but I’m very close to being done.
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