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  1. Unpopular opinions? OK...... Miles Davis' electric period is better than his acoustic stuff. It's all great but beaches Brew and Tutu are better than Kind of Blue. John Entwistle is the most overrated bass player ever. Bassist of the Millennium? Not by a long shot. There....I said it.
  2. Honestly, I think too much importance is placed on a clean blend. None of my favourite overdrive or fuzz pedals have them, and those that do I usually have it turned way down.
  3. When I first started out, the player association was important. The first bass players that I was aware of were Jaco and Marcus, so I wanted a Fender Jazz. Now, I wouldn't buy an instrument just because a certain player uses them but it would definitely influence me to check it out, especially if it's a brand that I'm not too aware of.
  4. I've made a living as a musician since I left school. I've never had another job.
  5. I mean how quickly and smoothly the pedal reacts. There are a lot of pedals don't work quite as well with a high output active bass, as they do with a passive instrument.
  6. I picked one up cheap a few weeks ago. It's a cool pedal. I haven't spent too much time playing around with it yet, but it's a far better pedal than the old Boss SYB3 & 5, and the EHX Mono Synth. Like most pedals, I think it triggers a little better with a passive bass (especially a Precision), but it worked absolutely fine with my EMG equipped Shuker.
  7. I know a lot of people like the C4, but the fact that to get the most of it you need to add a switcher and programme it via your phone or computer, puts me off it. It becomes expensive, and I prefer a pedal that I can easily tweak on stage. I think you've already got the coolest octave pedal, so I'd just look for a decent envelope filter- my favourite is the Emma Discumbobulator.
  8. I've found that all my favourite basses are in the 9-10lb range. I've never felt comfortable with super light instruments. The only time I had any discomfort because of weight was when I was playing 3-5 sets a night every night, but I sorted that out by buying a Gruv Gear Duo Strap (the Damien Erskine one). I find a decent strap like the Gruv Gear, or the 3.5" Levys leather straps, take a big part of the weight and make heavier basses much more comfortable to play.
  9. Honestly, I think the Sire preamp sounds really good and I wouldn't be in any rush to change it just because of the amount of knobs. If you were thinking of going passive, I'd keep the preamp and just flip it in to passive mode.
  10. I haven't had any problems with a Big Muff. The only time I've noticed an issue with a daisy chain is with certain digital pedals that have a higher power draw. Standard 9v analogue pedals have always been fine. I've never had the need to put a noise suppressor in my chain, no matter how many pedals I use. In fact, it's one of the few types of pedals that I don't own.
  11. Most of the time, I just use a Diego power supply and daisy chain everything from that. I honestly can't say that I've ever found it any noisier than using a dedicated power supply. If you're only using 4 or 5 standard pedals, a daisy chain from a decent power supply like the Diego or One Spot should be fine.
  12. Leave it for a few days to let it heal, then when you go back to using your fingers try to lighten your touch. Until then, if you normally play with a pick, just use a pick and let your fingers rest.
  13. That's one of the reasons why I don't have a board, and just put everything on the floor. It means I can take what I want/need, and swap pedals around depending on the gig.
  14. I don't know if I completely agree about bands not being worth it as long as they can sell meals. I've been putting a Jazz trio in to a few restaurants and bars, and everytime we play, the place is rammed and they make more money than they normally would on that day, despite me charging more than the average pub band. The last one I did was fully booked within a day of the gig being advertised. These places know that it's worth it to have live music.
  15. Eden amp aren't called David Eden. The cabs were called the David series. It always annoyed me when drummers called them 'Paste'.
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