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  1. I'm another Skoda Octavia driver. I can get 2 1x12 cabs, my amp, a 2 or 3 accessory cases, instrument, mic, and music stands, suitbag, Gruv Gear Club Bag, and 2 basses in quality gig bags (iGig and Reunion Blues) , all in the boot and out of sight.
  2. I've got an old HS410, that I got from Bass Direct before Mark had the shop. I don't gig it much anymore because its heavy, and I keep thinking that I should get rid of it for something more lightweight, but it just sounds so much better than any other cab I've ever played.
  3. I think everyone has moments in their life that make a huge impact and changes their course. Why can't it be music? I'd only been playing bass for a few months, when I was taken to see Marcus Miller in concert. The next day I went to the local record store and ordered all of Marcus' solo albums, I started to learn to slap, and I got my Jazz Bass later that year. That concert blew me away, and made me realise that that was what I wanted to do, and I got my act together and really studying and playing the bass seriously after that.
  4. But if you'd have said yes to their rehearsal schedule, then the "split loyalties" quote probably wouldn't have come up. If they have their pre arranged band schedule, they want someone who can fit in with that. I don't really see an issue here.
  5. If you start talking about alternating weeks with other bands, then a lot of people aren't going to go for it because they want weekly rehearsals. Personally, I'd have either said "Yes" then spoken to your current band about possibly moving your rehearsals, or mentioned to the new band that Wednesday is awkward and is another rehearsal day viable.
  6. I find it interesting that Fender keep introducing new finishes, rather than keep classic finishes like Sonic Blue, Fiesta Red, Shell Pink etc. It seems that most of the people who are buying high end Fender style bassees are going for these types of finishes, and I think Fender are missing out.
  7. Donny Hathaway Live. Willie Weeks put's on a masterclass during that albums, and plays one of the best bass solos ever.
  8. Fantastic player, and was really nice when I briefly met him. Such a shame that he's been suffering with dementia for a few years now.
  9. The thing is, sites Basschat is a microcosm of the bass world. The vast majority of players, especially at the beginner to intermediate levels, are familar with Fender and Gibson and they are still seen as being the instruments to buy. So they will buy a Squier or Epiphone to start, and progress to Fender and Gibson. A lot of people aren't aware of brands like Sadowsky, Lakland, and Sandberg.
  10. At this point, I'm generally really uninspired when I'm looking at the bass section in most music shops, and I'm rarely interested in picking up an instrument unless it's something pretty special. I've played Fenders in shops that were probably nicer than my Jazz but I've had mine since it was new back in '95, and it just feels comfortable to me now. Other than that, most shops don't usually stock anything that compares to either my F Bass, Roscoe, Tobias, or Shuker.
  11. Because your tone is one of the most important and unique aspects of playing your instrument.
  12. Personally, I'd hold out for a used OC2 or an Octabvre. The OC2 is the classic octave sound, and the Octabvre adds the versatility of having a seperate footswitch to solo the sub. The MXR vintage should come close, as it was cloned from one of Janek Gwizdala's old OC2s. I like the EBS Octabass too. It's got a smoother tone than the OC2, but it's not quite as cool. I'm not a big fan of digital octave pedals. I find them too clean and they don't have the glitches that are part of the charm of an analog pedal.
  13. Doddy

    Deciding on a filter

    There's nothing wrong with the down sweep on the EMMA, I just really like it's upward sweep. It's that classic, quacky filter sound. The Seamoon only does a down sweep, but it just does it so well. It's that great sound that Neil Jason used to use a lot.
  14. Doddy

    Deciding on a filter

    The Discumbobulator is one of my most used pedals. I love it. It plays nicely with my basses and sounds killer after an octave pedal. I've got a load of filters but this is my go to. I only ever use it in it's upward sweep mode. For a killer down sweep filter, I love the Seamoon Funk Machine.
  15. Fair enough. The punters might not notice, but I will, and usually so will the person paying. I've used multi effects before, and I always found that no matter how long I spent programming patches, I always needed to do little tweaks when I got on a gig. I find it so much easier to just bend down and tweak a knob. The big thing for me though, is that I'm just not a massive fan of the drives and octaves on most multi effects.
  16. Wouldn't a better answer just be something like "Not to me", and leave it at that? I'm not vegetarian or anything, and I have a bunch of leather products (straps, gigbag, shoes, jacket) but who really cares if someone else choose to eat meat or own leather, or not? Anyway, those Couch straps look nice. It's just a shame that their coolest straps aren't any wider.
  17. Even in a situation like that, I'd rather have a bunch of decent individual pedals than a multi effects. Yes, a multi will generally be a cheaper way of getting the sounds, but I've always preferred the sound of standalone pedals and find them far easier to use, especially on the fly. If you're going without an amp, it's easy to put a decent DI box at the end of your pedal chain, so that's not a big deal really.
  18. I didn't think that tone was a bad word? I need my cabs to be able to handle anything I throw at them, from a flatwound strung Precision to an active 6 string, heavy effects usage (especially octaver), and even double bass and Moog bass. If my signal path starts with quality gear, and don't want the final part of the chain to negatively affect it. I also prefer the sound of an actual bass amp and cab, over the current full range/flat response trend.
  19. If you've got 2 instruments that don't particular do it for you, why not use one, or both, to part ex for something that you like the look of and makes you want to play? What attracted you to your basses to begin with, and what do you consider to be a more inspiring and better looking instrument?
  20. For me, picking a cab is still ultimately about tone before anything else. That's always the main thing for me with any piece of gear. Weight is definitely a factor when you have to carry your own gear, and unfortunately I prefer the sound of ceramic speakers over neo ones. That's why I've been using 2 1x12 cabs instead of my 4x10. Price can be a big factor but there are so many good deals on used gear, that you can get a quality cab for a very good price.
  21. I want a bass that plays great, sounds great, and looks good. It's all part of the package. I've played basses that I really liked but wouldn't buy because of something visual (I'm looking at you Ibanez K5, with that horrible inlay), and basses that look great but don't feel good to me (Rickenbacker). There are so many good instruments out there, that you don't have to settle for something that you don't like the look of. I'm interested to know what you class as boring? The look of an instrument inspires me to want to try it out in the shop, but improving as a musician is what inspires me to practice, no matter which bass I pickup.
  22. I'd have the Fwonk Beta if I hadn't already bought a new cab this week.
  23. It depends. All my heads are Ashdown and for the most part I've been using 1 or 2 Ashdown 1x12 cabs, however for big gigs I use a Bergantino 4x10, and I've just picked up a Schroeder 1210r to save carrying 2 cabs.
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