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    Barefaced Machinist

    I don't think it is going up against the Helix. There are still a lot of people who would prefer to use quality stompboxes in favour of digital effects, whether it's because they prefer the tone or they just don't want the hassle of having to use a computer to get the most out of it. In fact, I've seen and played with more than a few people who use digital gear, but will still have a standalone Tubescreamer or similar. I'd like to hear the new Barefaced before commenting on it, but it's a crowded area with a lot of good pedals already available. Good luck to them, though.
  2. Patronising - It means to talk down to someone.
  3. 100% a good player will sound good on any bass, and that a good bass doesn't make a good player. The rest I completely diagree with. Calling US Fenders and those 'entry level pro' is successful marketing and in reality, total bull. They aren't inherently any better or more professional than their Mexican or Korean counterparts, especially because CNC machinery is so accurate and consistent. It's like I said earlier- in the professional world, no one cares what make your bass is as long as you sound good and play well. Don't get me wrong, I love and play expensive basses but ultimately no one cares if I turn up with my F Bass or my Sire. In fact, I know of 2 of the busiest bass players in London, one regularly uses Sire basses, and the other often uses an old Hohner B2A.
  4. This sounds awful, although it's not meant to be, but the whole 'pro gear' designation seems to be aimed at the Blues Lawyers. I started to notice it in drum shop adverts a few years ago, where everything that was classed as professional cost over 2 grand. I always found it odd, because I knew of far more professional drummers who were using what was classed as 'intermediate' gear. I've also lost count of how many pub bands you see looking for musicians , who specify 'must have pro gear'. It's funny, I've never heard a professional talk that way. As long as you sound good and can play, no one cares if you're using a Sadowsky or a Sire.
  5. Is a Fender Jazz not a pro instrument anymore? It depends what you call a pro bass, I guess. Is it about the cost of the instrument? The quality? Is a Sire (for example) classed as a non pro bass, because it's in a relatively low price bracket?
  6. Mine is the first one without the tuning option. It's still really subby but not quite as much as my OC2, although there's not much in it.
  7. I've got one of the original models which I got pretty early on . I love it, and I've used it on nearly every gig in the last 5 years or so. It might not be quite as subby as my old OC2, but it's the closest octave pedal that I've heard. I like that I can have use it for that classic Pino style sound and then solo the sub without having to turn anything. I normally have it on the OC2 side but I was talking to Tim, and he said that lately he'd been using it a more towards the Mutron side, which gives a grittier sound. It's my favourite pedal by a long way.
  8. I thought it was pretty good. I like seeing and hearing people like Stanley talk about some of their ideas. It was good to see Carlitos Del Puerto on there too. I think he's one of the best bass players around right now.
  9. Doddy

    Case porn

    @Baloney Balderdash Those Thomann gigbags are decent. The only thing I'd say watch out for is that on mine, one of the shoulder straps started to rip after less than a year. Otherwise, it's a good case, especially for the price.
  10. I've had this conversation with quite a few people relatively recently. I think it's interesting how things have changed in the last few years. Even up until 2 or 3 years ago, I'd never been asked for a showreel before being offered a gig. A couple of years ago I'd got a Macbook with Logic and Final Cut and all the stuff, and I pretty much never used it. When that died, I never replaced it because I never needed it. But, since the lockdown has started, I've had to turn down a few things because so many people now expect you to be able to record and film a decent quality video. It seems to be a thing that is now expected from universities, as most of the requests for showreels seem to come from people who have graduated relatively recently. Most of the musicians that I know who are mid 30s and up, still seem to go off reputation, recommendation, and experience.
  11. I'm sure some people do buy them as an investment, just like people buy old Fenders for the same reason. Are any of them actually better than new US models? All I can say is my '83 Squier Precision is my favourite P Bass that I've played, and I picked it up cheaply about 15 years ago. New Fenders don't excite me as much.
  12. The Squier JV and SQ series are considered to be better instruments than the US made Fenders of the time, so it stands to reason that they will command a higher price. Saying no Squier should be over £100 is kind of like saying that old Tobias basses aren't worth a couple of thousand pounds because the new Toby series is cheap and naff.
  13. You should do that as well, really. Like @TheLowDown said, go around the circle of 5ths and you'll be adding one sharp or flat each time you change key, with the order being the same as I said above. When I'm reading, I don't think really about the intervals. If I'm playing a C and the next note is E, rather than think 'up a 3rd', I just think 'E' and know the 2 or 3 places where I can play it. I know some people recommend thinking in intervals, but my head doesn't work like that when I'm reading.
  14. The old mnemonic for remembering the order of accidentals is.... Sharp keys- Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle Flat keys- Battle Ends And Down Goes Charles Father So for example, if you see 3 sharps in the key signature (A maj), you can think of the mnemonic and know pthat F, C, and G will be sharpened.
  15. I forgot that they went to Gibson first. I thought that Peavey owned Trace now? All the newer amps I saw (the ones from a few years ago like the 1215) mentioned Peavey on the back, and the Peavey website states that they are made in their factory. Even the contact address on the Trace website is Peavey.
  16. I know of a lot of guys who are using Mark Bass, but not half as many who are using the other makes. Most players don't hang around forums and don't care about the boutique gear as much. I've seen more old Trace and Peavey and Ashdown combos being used at small gigs than any of the boutique amps.
  17. Eden (not David Eden 🤨) were always a high end amp, but I don't think that Marshall really treated them as well as they should have after the buy out, and changed the line up. I still think that yhe World Tour series amps and David cabs are quality gear. Trace Elliot were super popular around the 80s and 90. The reliabilty issues only really came after they were bought by Peavey, who discontinued the classic amps and reissued them later on. There are still a lot of old Trace amps being used regularly. They were great. I don't think EBS and Ashdown have been left behind at all. You see a lot more of them out in the wild than you do Bergantino or Vanderkley (for example).
  18. I would assume so but if you can, see if you can try it out first. I don't know anything about the science and numbers, I'm judging purely on my long term experience.
  19. I push the amp quite hard at times. Most of my gigs have PA support, so I don't need to drive it too hard usually, but sometimes I have to crank it and it's been fine. I also use effects a lot, especially octavers, and it's always handled the subs well. For smaller, or double bass gigs I use a PiBass head with one of the cabs. I've never had any problems, and I've been using the cabs since 2012.
  20. I've been using an Ashdown Retroglide with 2 1x12 cabs for a few years now and I'm really happy with the sound. Here's the thing- My cabs are the old Mi12 which I got when I was using the MiBass 550 amp, and are only rated at 250 watts each. When that amp died, I bought the Retroglide but kept the cabs, and I've never had any problems with the speakers farting or struggling. I've got a very nice Bergantino HS410 sitting at home, which sounds amazing , so I wouldn't use the Ashdown 12's if they weren't performing well. Just out of interest, I pretty much always put both cabs side by side rather than stacking them.
  21. I've got a couple of older multi effects pedals, but I don't use them much anymore. I used a Line 6 M5 when I was doing regular cruise work, so that I could still have some effects without taking a bunch of pedals. I got some really good sounds out of it. I've also got a Roland V Bass which is really cool, but I've never really dug too deep in to it. That kind of sums up my issue with a few pedals right now. I'm interested in the HX Stomp, but I really don't want to have to hook a pedal up to a computer to program sounds and get the most out of. That's the same reason I haven't looked at pedals like the Source Audio C4 too.
  22. @CameronJ I've only managed to take it to a handful of shows, but I really like it so far. It's well padded and got a load of space in it- I've been using it for all my non musical accessories like my tablet, GoPro, chargers, and all those bits and bobs. It certainly beats the laptop bag I was using. I can even throw a couple of shirts in there if I don't need to take my full suit bag.
  23. I can't say that I've bought any bad gear this year. It's all been good. I recently picked up my new F Bass BN5 which is an amazing bass in every way. It's the best bass I've played by a mile. It came with an excellent F Bass branded case (made by Music Area) and a branded Levys strap. A couple of months back I got a Fender Deluxe Series Precision Bass Special trade for my old Standard Precision. I definitely came put best in that deal. Pedal wise, this year I've only bought an Earthquaker Devices Plume, a Rainger FX Minibar, and a Nine Volt Pedals Fishing Is As Fun As Fuzz. I would have bought more pedals but, you know....Covid. I has a couple of Accessories too. I had a Gruv Gear Club Bag to carry all my odds and ends, and a beautiful Reunion Blues leather gig bag.
  24. Doddy

    Preamp question.?

    I've never noticed any problems with my tone being killed or anything. I don't like fiddling with my onboard preamp to change sound mid gig, so I set my bass to where I want it (which is usually pretty flat) and then any tonal changes generally come from an outboard preamp.
  25. Pete was a great bloke. We used to spend a lot of time just talking bass, swapping albums/dvds, going to Bass Day, showing each other ideas, and discuss threads on here. It was always funny when he worked in the music shop and he'd phone me to ask what I knew about certain gear that a customer had inquired about. Anyway, back on topic.... Slap Bass is awesome.
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