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  1. I’ve had very good experiences dealing with BD up until early December when I placed an order for a Gator pro double gig bag.. Normally, my orders have turned up within a couple of days, after 10 days of not hearing anything, I phoned to be told that they were out of stock (still being advertised on their website?) & they wouldn’t get any stock until January? Disappointed at no courtesy information on this front, I cancelled my order & got a refund..To find elsewhere that everywhere else was out of stock in the UK… I ordered again from Andertons, £30.00 cheaper & e-mail updates on availability….
  2. Leave it as is, You can tell everyone it’s a Sire then? 😂
  3. Got to agree with BigRedX here.. I’ve encountered the drop out problems with my Smoothhound system a couple of times recently & it’s not much fun at all reaching to plug a lead in,Halfway through a song, in front of 30,000 people at a festival? I still use my Smoothhound on my pedalboard at pub & club gigs, as I’m unlikely to have interference problems from wi-fi signals & multiple IEM systems. For my bigger stages/gigs, I’ve gone back to my Sennheiser system..
  4. I have a Bart MM in my ‘87 Stingray 2 band eq. IMO it provides just about the right level of mids, sometimes missing from the eq? Set both the bass & treble to halfway allows some wonderful midrange ‘honk’ through?
  5. The original era speakers were made by Celestion & were Kevlar impregnated, with the Trace Elliot branding on the (was rather small?) dust cap..
  6. Amp? You’re lucky…. My main gig is without backline, IEM only, I use my multi-effects board but that’s providing the feed to the D.I. I’m not using much in the way of effects but I do have a small amount of Compression & a Pre-amp sim. I couldn’t do without the tuner function & volume pedal.
  7. Never was impressed with the original BBOT, that moves about & digs in the side of your palm when string muting? I have one of each on my Fender’s.. Gotoh on my Jazz Fender Hi-mass on my PJ Can’t hear too much of a difference, but I find the Fender Hi-mass, more comfortable?
  8. Isn’t that the Mono gigbag that Bagsieblue was selling on here?
  9. Following…I’m in a similar situation, I do use a dual bass gig bag,a Warwick Rockbag which I’ve had for about 10 years now? It’s done me proud, but the zips are starting to go.. I’ve been looking at both the Mono (Pricey, Less storage) & the Gator (5kg empty!) as a replacement..
  10. My recent addition to my bass family, a Squier affinity Precision.. I needed another inexpensive bass to take out on the road with me, that would suit the music I’m currently performing? It scratches so many itches I’ve had regards to a wanting a P.bass, something with a maple neck for a change, & white in colour.. The build quality is quite surprising & it sounds like a ‘raspy ol 70’s Precision’ thanks to the ceramic pickup somehow? I’ve taken it all around the country since I got it & it’s now part of my main armoury, I love it although it’s now created GAS for a Maple necked Jazz bass with a PJ configuration? Not a ‘worst’ purchase but I bought a Smoothhound transmitter system, which although great, has let me down on a few stages with interference issues…This has mostly been down to multiple in-ear systems & our string section using wireless systems ( I play with an ELO tribute band & we tend to move about on stage?) so I’ve had to return to my old faithful Sennheiser ew100 system, running on non wifi bands… The Smoothhound is great with my other bands doing pub/club work, So I’ll keep it for now..
  11. I wanted a pedalboard receiver & ended up going for a Smoothhound system. I know you stated you don’t like the ‘dongle’ type transmitters but the Smoothhound easily converts with a female-female converter & a short lead, to a strap mountable alternative?
  12. Not my cup of PG, Really not into the retro styling but I’m sure Mr Pratt will sound wonderful through it?
  13. Sorry to dispel the myth, but the S3000 & Energy are totally different. The 3000 necks were black in colour (& outsourced from a moulding supplier), The circuit was a PS1 which was an active treble boost only, they also came with polished gold hardware. When Status started to produce their own graphite mouldings, the series4000 was the second of their bolt-on neck models. These came with a moulded body, Status moulded graphite neck (where you could see the weave) & the same PS circuit. By now Status were spraying their hardware with a matt gold finish.. The Energy series was brought out as a more cost-concious instrument, being passive toned by nature with an op-amp to raise the gain of the pick-ups, these came with the first headed option bolt-on neck & were available only with a Walnut body. What’s on offer in the advert, looks like a special order, Check the serial number out with Status themselves if anyone is interested in buying, this will prove if it’s legitimate or not? I only offer this information as another ex Status employee…
  14. Looks to me like it has a stacked bass/treble, so not one of the original Energy series?
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