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  1. I wanted a pedalboard receiver & ended up going for a Smoothhound system. I know you stated you don’t like the ‘dongle’ type transmitters but the Smoothhound easily converts with a female-female converter & a short lead, to a strap mountable alternative?
  2. Not my cup of PG, Really not into the retro styling but I’m sure Mr Pratt will sound wonderful through it?
  3. Sorry to dispel the myth, but the S3000 & Energy are totally different. The 3000 necks were black in colour (& outsourced from a moulding supplier), The circuit was a PS1 which was an active treble boost only, they also came with polished gold hardware. When Status started to produce their own graphite mouldings, the series4000 was the second of their bolt-on neck models. These came with a moulded body, Status moulded graphite neck (where you could see the weave) & the same PS circuit. By now Status were spraying their hardware with a matt gold finish.. The Energy series was brought out as a more cost-concious instrument, being passive toned by nature with an op-amp to raise the gain of the pick-ups, these came with the first headed option bolt-on neck & were available only with a Walnut body. What’s on offer in the advert, looks like a special order, Check the serial number out with Status themselves if anyone is interested in buying, this will prove if it’s legitimate or not? I only offer this information as another ex Status employee…
  4. Looks to me like it has a stacked bass/treble, so not one of the original Energy series?
  5. Yes, The wharf. At least we’ve managed to reschedule for early December..
  6. We’ve had to cancel tonight’s gig in Tavistock due to fuel issues, we played Neath in south wales last night. The issue being, getting down to Devon & then the returns home. Anyone else having problems due to the current fuel crisis?
  7. More theatre dates for me last weekend, Friday night was in Telford & then we moved onto Stockport Plaza Saturday, A fantastic old theatre with beautiful decor….
  8. Had a busy weekend heading west for me. Friday night in Maidenhead, Then onto Exmouth on the Saturday night, A quick overnight stop in Bridgewater, where we managed to bump into Martin Fry & ABC, who’d been playing in Exeter, Then rounding things off with Sunday nights gig in Western-super-mare.. Heading North next week…
  9. Tbh, I can probably count on one hand the number of opportunities I’ve had to get away with driving a ‘Big rig’ on a stage? It’s complete overkill in club’s & pubs especially with decent P.A & foldback & almost every sound engineer I’ve met likes to keep a fairly quiet stage to avoid feedback issues? The outdoor events I’ve played this summer have had fantastic monitoring, both wedges & IEM. Over the years I’ve become less & less precious about my sound as what I hear on stage can be completely different to what an audience hears? My tone these day’s is down to the bass & strings I play & I certainly don’t miss the humping of gear late at night?
  10. No backline for my current gigging situation, Everyone’s using IEM’s. We’ve all gained an extra tablet to control our monitor preferences. So now it’s.. Basses Smoothhound Boss GT6B DI’d feed to desk It doesn’t half make set-ups & pack-downs quick
  11. Shattered today after two days of gigs & driving.. Drove from Essex to Aberystwyth to do a show Friday night, with an overnight stop in Walsall to do Saturday nights gig in Market Drayton before driving home last night. Still wouldn’t change a thing though 🙂
  12. Had a busy week, last week, with 3 festivals & an outdoor theatre gig. The highlight once again was playing to 30,000 people at Carfest South on the Friday..
  13. I use an IPad on stage most of the time for set lists & chord charts, scanning files & pdf’s. Last night, the mic boom gained another tablet for the bands in-ear monitor mixes. It’s all getting very hi-tech to a ludite like me?
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