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  1. Di, for bass, is the best way to get a clean, powerful, full signal to the PA. And, can be done at any volume. Guitar frequencies are different, and so much of the guitar tone is speaker break up and cab structure. Bass is bass. The cleaner, the better. Even when it's a dirty tone.
  2. So, my pickups showed up today. I dig'em. They kinda got a solid modern tone. Like, a "studio tone" if you would. Slightly scooped. But, not dull and honky like other noiseless jazz pickups. Where they sound more like splits or humbuckers. And, they are very responsive. Fender done did pretty good with these guys. Check it out. Oh FYI, Apparently you do not need a ground. Like, at all on your bass. It won't hum any more or less than normal, and it will work perfectly fine all in all without it. Because, as it turns out, my bass didn't even have a ground connected at all. No wire ran. Whatsoever. And, it worked just fine in all aspects. Weird right? Learn something new every day.
  3. They don't cancel eachother, there's a "phasing phenomenon" that occurs in all instruments with two pickups. In most cases, the hotter one wins (whichever reads less ohm) and you retain more of that one's character. But, the end result is ultimately determined by how those particular pickups work together. A PJ set (from one manufacturer, sold as a set) will work the best together. In all cases. Mixing and matching (either entirely different makes all together, or even purchasing a set as individual pickups) is always a crap shoot. Sometimes, you get straight garbage. Sometimes, you can't hear any difference when adding the bridge. Sometimes, it works out great. Phasing is a funny thing. When a set works together well, you'll retain the majority of the split mid range, and just add the treble and definition of the single. Or, manufacturers will make them scoop more mids out to simulate a jazz bass set up. It all depends on the pickups. But, to answer your question simply, Phasing JN
  4. It was a 30 day ban for "trolling." someone responded to a post of mine, and I replied back. They called that trolling because it was off topic. I had a few points on my record already, so that one probably just put me over the "suspension" limit. That's all. Ban was lifted on the 23rd.
  5. I jumped over here when they banned me a month ago. Now their building burned down. Coincidence...? I gotta say, I have had a good laugh, and a nod since finding out about it.
  6. Pfft...bass players (shakes head disappointedly)
  7. Yup yup. I just can't leave it alone man
  8. Oh, check out my new one man. 60's jazz. You'd never know there was ever a chip in the paint.
  9. Yeah dude, it was so stupid too. But, you can't fight about it when they don't let you on to respond to their email.
  10. Sup Murphy? Yeah, they banned me from talkbass, so I searched around for another forum, and stumbled across this one. Basschat seems pretty cool. Same deal, but I have noticed that there seems to be an overall better attitude here. But, less interaction at the same time. But now, talkbass caught fire, so who knows when they'll start back up either?
  11. It was warped bad dude. Truss rod was maxed, and I couldn't get it to bend back at all. So, I just ordered a new neck. Better anyway really. It'll last me longer that way. Plays like a dream now.
  12. JeezyMcNuggles


    Fender 60's jazz. Came like this, Little elbow grease, and a new neck, and she turned out like a brand new beast. Sounds killer too.
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